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JD Roberto
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"Roast Beef" and "Ice Cream" are both names of food items, but are also the cooking instructions for those food items.
Childhood dreams come true today as #WonderWoman herself, @RealLyndaCarter, on @BetterTVshow + actor @AmirArison & I talk @NBCBlacklist!
RT @Sports_Greats: If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.
Judge @LaurenLakeEnt takes us to @PaternityCourt on @BetterTVshow - find out all about thew new season plus fun facts about the judge.
Today on @BetterTVshow Charisma Carpenter talks about the new season of her hit show #SurvivingEvil @AllCharisma
Imagine the amount of self control required to work at a bubble wrap factory
RT @TeeAngie: @jdroberto iAgree w/your final comment after the Tacky/Tasteful Q&A. The focus SHOULD BE more into the marriage! @BetterTVshow
RT @KrisJenner: Excited to show one of my favrecipes from my new book on @BetterTVshow with @jdroberto and @KristinaBehr today!
RT @DrRoshiniRaj: Great chatting w/ @KristinaBehr & @jdroberto on @BetterTVshow about extreme celebrity health trends…
RT @BetterTVshow: Today on Better! Suzanne Somers, @jdroberto & kristinabehr make Friday Better! #bettertvshow
Much love to my @BetterTVshow family for the surprise bday cake #bestcrewever
Can you spot a fake? #PawnStars guru Rick Harrison can and he's telling us how today on @BetterTVshow @GoldSilverPawn @KristinaBehr
Want to hear amazing, behind the scenes stories from the making of Princess Bride? @Cary_Elwes says "As You Wish!" today on @BetterTVshow
Today on @BetterTVshow the lovely & talented Madeline Stowe talks @Revenge + a live performance from @LizzieSider!
ESPN should have a segment sponsored by Digiorno about players that didn't deliver
Schrodinger's iPhone: If you drop your iPhone face down, the screen is both in tact and cracked at the same time until you look at it.
Today on @BetterTVshow singer and actress @JordinSparks talks about movies, music, love and why she'd really like to be an FBI profiler.
Fake living rooms at IKEA should also have a couple in them trying to assemble IKEA furniture and fighting.
RT @BetterTVshow: @AndreaSyrtash tomorrow with dating on a budget tips, @GinoCaccavale Rezists with @jdroberto & spooky holiday recipes!
RT @DARRINOTTO: Just caught @metheridge on @BetterTVshow! She killed it! Both as a survivor as well as the new song! @jdroberto @KCBetter
The one and only @metheridge talks about her new album "This is M.E." and performs today on @BetterTVshow @KristinaBehr
Great morning at the SI Half with @nyrr
Two guys base jump off skyscraper and stick the landing in a high-rise rooftop pool #GoPro #Yolo #BallsOfSteel
More Americans have been dumped by Taylor Swift than have died from Ebola.
RT: Watch @BetterTVshow TODAY as The Men of @Chippendales show @jdroberto & @KristinaBehr signature calendar moves!
RT @JaymesV: Y'all don't miss @BetterTVshow tomorrow. I'll be stoppin by with the guys of @Chippendales to do a little #CalendarShoot101...