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photography tumblr 1,684,590 followers
Wishbone is a chick magnet
Jk im just in my backyard behind a tree but I was pretending
I cook. I clean. I chill. I do it all baby
Went to a water park. Failed at taking an underwater pic.
O2L's got a secret project up our sleeves & it's gonna be amazeballs when it's time to show u what we're workin on😍
Looks like I gotta do this ice bucket challenge thingy....Gotta do it big tho. I wanna dump a small kiddie pool of ice cold water on me😁❄️
.. @CamDallas143 aahhh shi get yo good hygiene on😁😁
Wuz gucci mah killas
I want a cool icon but I can't take a good pic of myself gosh dammit im not cut out for this sorry ive failed u all
@cottoncaylen: i want to adventure with jc caylen” lets go on one
Gosh I feel so lame rn I needa jump over a car goin like 30mph to get my cool points up or Somethin
Yum yum. Water's good.
.. @KianLawley damn didn't see this one coming! Lasted about 5 days..almost a week! That's like a record for u
Maybe it's what I get for not hiding what I really say, like or do. I don't sugar coat shit. So...ehhh. Whatever :) judge me world.
I make myself happy. & I was blessed w people who actually get me & roll w what I do. That's satisfying .. :) thank u
If ur not cool w the things I do, or how I act, it's alllll good. I don't put myself on a high horse. Im 21. Im human. & still learning.
Saw a couple comments about how I'm a bad role model... Honestly Im not here to be a role model. I just do what makes me happy
I said eff it & went way over 20k. It's cuz u guys are amazing I really appreciate everything y'all do for me, honestly.
Almost at 20k🎉🎉 still following #JcsSexualNewVideoeo 😁✊
Tweet #JcsSexualNewVideo w the link.. Im following right NOOOWWW 😈�
Following so many people on twitter today..until I hit 20k on my following list. Look out for my tweets👽
Im so close to following 20k of uuu😱 let's get to that number today, shall weeee?😋