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Awww my little baby boy is growing up aaaggghhhh😭�@TrevorMoranan HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE BROTHER. love u, punk👊
Add me on snapchat - chamclouder 👻
Snapchat - chamclouder👻 tell ur friends to add me & tell ur friends to tell their friends to add me & tell ur friends' friends mom to add me
@jccaylen snapchats are my favorite they always make me laugh I love him so much
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Nice seeing con tonight😊 Ive missed that coffee drinkin kid
@sexualexia: @jccaylen Kian's eyebrow is currently loading” 😂😂😂😂
Ready for the first day of school !!! Swag money 2k14
If u look closely at kian's left eyebrow half of it is shaved off. so funny😂😂
I like this pine cone.
It's hard to wait for something so exciting
Went rock climbing today🗻
Could it be?? Jb hittin the crab face @KianLawley
,, @o2liar wow come hug me maybe some of ur talent will rub off😍🎨 it's amazing, thank uu
FINALLY DONE @jccaylen ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍�
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Aaaahhhhh goodmorning!! Let's make today a good one my lil explorers😎🚀
Haha my little secret follow spree didn't stay a secret for too long😅
Hopefully this somehow gives confidence to those that are scared to be themselves - please watch!…
I can barely walk my legs are so sore😰
NEW VIDEO IS UuUuuUuup! Go watch & thumbs up & all that shiz :) - #JcsNewVideo
"JC" ...fake fan😳😉
On set, but im editing my video when I have video pretty soon everyone😁✊
About to play family feud for youtube😳 team name - Cabo Cantinas... Let's win
Editing my night away👓, new video tmrw morning!! & im actually wearin the pj's cuz its superduper coooold. Nite my little dreamers💭
,, @sampottorff hmm...makes sense.
I think about u all the tiîïíīįìme
Color me innnn, bring me to life in this black n white world.
,, @kingsleyyy I actually only have 2 penises but it's ok I hide the other one really well
Screw all the bf/gf shit..I absolutely love her as a human being. She has an amazing spirit & it doesnt need to be put down by ignorant hate
Lia is a human too. She reads all this stuff.. People calling her a slut, one deserves shit like that..especially her.
Honestly so pissed off about the rude comments on this video
Just a boy & his dog
GUESS WHAT!!? 👽💭🚀🐝🍦👅
Feelin inspired & u guys are to blame😌🙇
Wouldn't trade this for the world
The power was out at our house & I jus fixed that shit all by myself hell ya im a lil technician over here👷⚡️
I think...ima film a little somethin somethin today😇
"I'm gonna make up random shit & just post it & say u said it hahahah" -kian
Sooooo I lost my phone & had to get a new one. Dm me for the new numbrrrr❄️