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New video is up on my channel me luuuvz✊👅
New video where I literally almost smash Hazel's head in w a sledgehammer check it out wooo yea!! 💥🔨😁
Pajamas all day I don't give a what
Im editing my new vid for today but I take my time I like to make it perfect chu know almost like the Picasso of our time jk but I am editin
Somethin about being up there made me want to travel the world & experience everything that is humanly possible
i can literally smell the shit on @jccaylen snapchat story
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Editing a sexy video for u all...Cuz tmrw's thursday...& I upload on yeah super cool dude💢🔨
Shoutout to @josephcaptures for helping Kian n I put together some awesomeness this past week. U guys are gonna luuuuuv it😁✊
December needs to hurry up amirite
I luv u guys more than u luv me jus sayin
Halloween costume // captured by @josephcaptures
@creativeavon: Jc do you see this” I think so... Do u see this?
,, @jcismysunshine but chu are my sunshine🌻
I wish I was the only person in the world named Jc cuz when I go & check indirects...
I made Kian soup to be a nice roommate & he didn't trust me enough to eat it wow k bitch stay sick then.
i just want december to come because of kian and jc's secret project
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Ricky's new song just dropped !! Ess really catchy I would go get it if I were u🎈�#BuyNobodyOniTuneses !
3,300 ft. in the air
,, @sampottorff miss traveling & goin on adventures w u little shit. Hope ur having a good 19th bday brotha✊
I rode on that. 😁🎈
Workin on our secret project today hmmm😉❓@KianAndJcc
Being in a hot air balloon was always on my bucket list & being in it today was so so so breathtaking.
Today im doin somethin that's been on my bucket list forever😍🔥🎈
2 beautiful sights for the price of oooonnneee. Oh lucky me🌞
i had a dream that jc retweeted me
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Rode bikes, went to a high school football game, ate nachos, met a bunch of u & played games at an arcade👾 Super fucking rad day🚀
I was at the arcade & picked Kian as my character for guitar hero
,, @lamecaylen it'll never work , I'll always be lame... Ur @ name is me
Damn I really did hurt myself on that scene where I ripped my shirt off ha
#JcsNewVideo where wishbone was like being an on fleek baseball bat was pretty great 👍�
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New video on my channel link in my bio, & follow people who tweet it on Twitter rn 😙👌 #JcsNewVideo (Edit from @_.mysecondlife)
@jccaylen When you hurt your neck it was the funniest thing ever 😂😂
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I wanna know what's ur fav part in my new vid, screenshot it , I'll follow some of u😉📷…k#JcsNewVideodeo
Im cheesy like a mozzarella stick but not the sucky kind , the ones where u pull it apart & the cheese is super stringy
See these fruit ? Everyone has insecurities...but somewhere out there ur someone's favorite fruit :)
New video I whipped up for u kool katz💀 fav if u enjoyed�…2r
Lemme cook for u👽🍴
Ya boy coooooks up the goods😙�