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Quite possibly one of the coolest posters I've ever seen. If u look closely, that's wishbone :)
,, @o2lmisfits that's actually so dope :) haha
They tell me not to jump off stage, but y'all yell so loud..So I did it anyways. Y'all are my number 1
I get it.. Y'all have opinions...views...ur all ur own person. I stated mine. Believe what u want. Do not send @o2lmisfits hate please.
I'm just being real about it all....
These events barely pay me, barely have benefits. But I could care less about any of that, cuz im always there to meet all of u
The real moment is when I have one of u in my arms bawling & telling me how much u mean to me. That shit's real. I hug tight & don't let go
Met more people than I signed up for at intour...& I absolutely loved meeting every single one of u that was there
,, @o2lmisfits I left for a moment to go to the restroom, saw her, & came back into the m&g & met EVERYONE that was waiting. U werent there
So so so so sooo much fun dancin up there on stage holy moly that was a RUUUSSHHH. Ima beginner & shiz but I think I found a new hobby💦
🔥Jc Caylen has the hottest dance moves.🔥
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INTOUR TODAY!!! Come chill & hang w us! Pretty sure u can still get tix at the door. 11am-5pm at the Pasadena Convention Center
AHHH Con! Its now my turn to wish u very happy, cat-filled, warm coffee'd birthday. I love u mah brother @ConnorFranta 😸☕️ Enjoy it !
Rehearsing all day for Intour...U guys better come out & chill w us tmrw :) 11-5pm COME BEFORE THE 1D CONCERT HOMIES…
Where am I ... (Captures by @josephcaptures)
Aaghh..not again.. A hobo snuck in our house last night😨😰 ...Not sure if it's alive or not but idk what to do w
Yesterday was good t me :)
I read so many bday tweets today, even if I didn't respond, I read. Thank u, everyone! Great birthday. Here's to another year w y'all !
Luv my 3 F's. Friends, family, & fans. I hate calling y'all fans, but the 3 F's was just too smooth, I had to say it... 😁
No better moment then NOW ... :)
My heart goes out to the thousands of lives taken that day & all the families that were affected by it.
Although it's my bday I will never forget what happened 13 yrs ago. The look on my grandmas face when I came home from school that day..
Y'all got me smilinnnn :) I feel old, but I still got the youth in meee. Today's goooood🚀🚀
Wishbone left me bday gifts all over the house wow what a thoughtful little shit he is🎁
Today...I wanna do whatever tf I want. :)
Tf some of y'all are like ...nah. Field trips were my shit back then. Mini adventures. Now my field trips are on planes, growin up😍✈️
Remember when u were younger & on field trip days u woke up early as heck that morning no problem cuz u were excited as hell. ME TODAY🌞🍃
Ahhhh the bday wishes are comin in from the my east coast peeps & back at hoome, good ol Texas. Thanx urryone😁🎉
Went to an abandoned mall today @kikilawl @weeknds @josephcaptures @romanroyale
We got kicked out, but good adventure indeedy
Goin to an abandoned mall😳👻
Really luv just staring at lia. That might sound weird but she's beautiful..
4 days till InTour😁😁 I signed up to meet people who just have GA tix. I wanna meet as many of u as possible mmk…Pu
If ur a photographer in LA let's set somethin up I wanna have some pics of meeeh. I haven't done a shoot in awhile & Im in the mood tooo😁📷
If u call me crazy cuz I wanna experience everything the world has to offer. I'll call u crazy for not wanting to do the same🚣🚁🐪🚜🎪
Wishbone gets comfortable in the weirdest ways... Ha😂
Who is comin to hang w/me @theINTOUR? I'm having a meet and greet for general admission (GA) ticket holders!! It's first come first serve, and I'll announce the time later this week on Twitter! Ticket link in my bio! #AreYouIn
Sayin that, I wanna follow some of u. No hashtag..u dont gotta fav or RT or anything lame. Ima jus be all up in my mentions. C ya there👽💙
It's honestly y'all that kept me up. U all make me wanna better myself. So much love is given & all I wanna do is throw it back at ya
Remember when I didn't keep up w my vids? 1st thursday I've missed in almost 3 months. I've kept up. Proved u suckas wrong😏 easy peazy💨
Sry there was no vid last thurs, shiz happens, I got busy. But this week I have somethin special for anyone that wants to start makin vids😎🎥
Tyler Oakley is THE man. Mcm even tho it's Sunday night