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I think I may have a big ass.
,, @heroicfranta awwwwhawaghw 😭😭😍😭😍
,, @welovejccayIen skuuurrrttt negative captain. I follow everyone I notice, including u 😉
someone rt me onto jc's timeline please
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,, @1DIsJustPerfOK oh god yes if Kian doesn't follow u after this he's a shmuck
@jccaylen that means you have time to stalk your timeline 👀
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It's a stay in bed all day cuz this cold got me feelin some typaaa way kinda day😴📺
,, @twinklecaylen they haven't made teleportation devices yet but happy bday twinkle 😊👋
I need to get over this sickness😪 Nneeeedddd sssoouuuuppppp
She likes to get in my pants when im on the toilet idk if that's cute or not but shit is cute to me so
Be nice to everyone. Be extra nice to the people who aren't nice back, they hate that shit.
I sometimes don't realize im doin somethin wrong until someone tells me im doin somethin wrong.. Does that make sense..idk. I suck.
,, @cocainezaynx u guys are w me w any adventure I go on 😉🚀
In need to take a spontaneous trip somewhere on earth to fulfill this wanderlust maaan. Been awhile.
Gonna try grillin today🔥🍴 The trial & error process to one day having the best grilled up food starts today😁
Can this dirty blonde chick who's name rhymes w sia please come home from san diego imy & im bored without u thx
New video is up on my channel me luuuvz✊👅
New video where I literally almost smash Hazel's head in w a sledgehammer check it out wooo yea!! 💥🔨😁
Pajamas all day I don't give a what
Im editing my new vid for today but I take my time I like to make it perfect chu know almost like the Picasso of our time jk but I am editin
Somethin about being up there made me want to travel the world & experience everything that is humanly possible
i can literally smell the shit on @jccaylen snapchat story
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Editing a sexy video for u all...Cuz tmrw's thursday...& I upload on yeah super cool dude💢🔨
Shoutout to @josephcaptures for helping Kian n I put together some awesomeness this past week. U guys are gonna luuuuuv it😁✊
December needs to hurry up amirite
I luv u guys more than u luv me jus sayin
Halloween costume // captured by @josephcaptures
@creativeavon: Jc do you see this” I think so... Do u see this?
,, @jcismysunshine but chu are my sunshine🌻
I wish I was the only person in the world named Jc cuz when I go & check indirects...
I made Kian soup to be a nice roommate & he didn't trust me enough to eat it wow k bitch stay sick then.
i just want december to come because of kian and jc's secret project
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Ricky's new song just dropped !! Ess really catchy I would go get it if I were u🎈�#BuyNobodyOniTuneses !
3,300 ft. in the air
,, @sampottorff miss traveling & goin on adventures w u little shit. Hope ur having a good 19th bday brotha✊
I rode on that. 😁🎈
Workin on our secret project today hmmm😉❓@KianAndJcc
Being in a hot air balloon was always on my bucket list & being in it today was so so so breathtaking.