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The TRUTH About Jc Caylen😰
New video !! Link in my bio😂👍
We have some crazy things cookin up for #INTOUR !! This Sept. 13th, be ready to party🎈🎉 Get tix here - be ready for hugs on hugs on hugs
Can't wait to perform for u guys at @theINTOUR!! I wanna meet all of u Sept. 13th😛✊ Get tix…
Im on my way to a photoshoot guyzz😁. So I'll follow a bit of people now & follow more after ok? OoohhhK👽#DirtyWhisperChallengenge
Follow spree when this vid dropsss, im close to being done 👌
I forgot almost everyone is back in school this week, friggin yiiikkeess😷 Don't worry my spicy enchiladas 2 new vidz tmrw when ya get home😁😘
Idk what to film for my main channel😥 same ol same ol jayseeee😆
Im not havin a good day if ur not havin a good day
Perfect stream of water💧👌
Found a stream of water comin from the ground
Breakfast at 9pm. Damn.
Definitely gonna be comin on here a lot more & interacting w y'all cuz ur the koolest katz I know stay hip babies💭🚀
,, @tryhardfranta imagine that..damn💭
,, @twinklecaylen cheer up buttercup ur not u when ur hungry
,, @newyorklukes haha ! that's jus a lil insider w y'all. Jc, JC, jC, jc it's aaalll the same :)
@jccaylen does anyone else love JC's snapchat stories ?? 😁
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,, @StilllKidrxuhl goooodnight to wherever u are in this world👽✌️🌎
If someone hates u for no reason jus be like aawww das cute.