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Please join me in wishing my friend of almost 25 years BB King a very happy 89th Birthday. #bluesiskingkingisblues
Ok here's the rest of it.. Thank you to the extremely generous and nice music store community in Adelaide. #nerd
Some daze you get the whole guitar other daze you get parts of them. #6263stratocaster
This little guy and the fact he first heard the blues from my Albert Hall DVD is what keeps me inspired.
Thank you Sydney... Great gathering of Blues rock enthusiast.
Great to be back in Sydney today for our sold out show at the State Theater tonight.
Rest in Peace Kurt Linhof...A true legend in the vintage guitar business.
I really don't like flying in small planes..
Geek Alert: Check out my friends over at The Les Paul Forum's new Facebook page... Really good stuff....
Immediately takes me back to my childhood. I love re-reading vintage @GuitarPlayerNow issues.
A little guitar safari in Auckland. Cool little shop called Bungalow Bills. He's a character but a cool dude.
I'm just being immature but I'm sure it is a great place to dine.
Auckland NZ here we are.... My first time playing in this fine country... #joeisfarfromlosangeles
This shirt basically says it all for a lot of us guitar geeks.
Aerial photo of some black guard Fender Telecasters 51,52,53,53....
Tons of work today but tons of great geek buddies over to the house. I'm ready for tour and uber tired. #geeksrule
Better than using the fireplace I recon.
Thank you @KevTheCave for the commemorative wolf..! I would not of gotten there without your production and genius.
Something I will always be proud of... Please pay no attention to the mint and clean 53 Les Paul Set.
Thanks to the fine folks @guitarcenter for the good deal on the 72 ES-345! Fits in nicely with the decor I say..
Thank you Red Rocks! The gig of a lifetime.
The calm part of the day before it gets loud.
Mom and I at dress rehearsal last night. For some reason I am holding a quartet of 5881 Tung Sol valves. #nerd!!!
My massive extremely complex pedal board.
Muddy Wolf!! What a gig before Red Rocks!! Thank you Beaver Creek CO.!
Road to Vail... Thanks to Eliot at Rumbleseat Music for loaning me this 58 Tele just like Muddy played at Newport.!
@gibsonguitar @JBONAMASSA Love to see you teaming up to inspire the next generation. My son loves his JB LP!
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Aren't I glad I let my car salesman talk me into the upgraded mafia package. It's already paying dividends.
Here we see Mr Hickey restringing Magellan aka 9-0829
Kirk Fletcher and I taking a break from woodshedding the Muddy Wolf set the day before we set sail for Denver.
Guitar legend @JBONAMASSA comes to #RadioCity January 23 & 24, 2015! Tix presale happens 9/4; general tix go on 9/6!
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Today has to be the longest domestic travel day in my 25 years of flying. Memphis to LA should not take 11.5 hours.
Throwback Thurs: lets throw back to Monday and you will see Jimmy V and I rocking the hell outta Johnny Winter tunes.
The real Crossroads.. Highway 8 and Highway 1 in Rosedale Mississippi fulfilling a lifelong dream!
Going down to Rosedale take my rider by my side.
The scene of my worst ever gig in 2000. Nobody paid and working for the door!! Still looks the same but new name.
Blues from the bottoms. Great to be in Memphis again after so many years.
Memphis how have you been? It's been awhile....Spent lots o time here recording as a kid.
Thank you Jimmy Vivino and the Black Italians, Cadillac Zack and the Sugar Mill for some great fun tonight!
Honored to be a member of Jimmy Vivino and the Black Italians tomorrow at the Maui Sugar Mill in Tarzana. All in tribute to Johnny Winter.