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This speaks volumes! Don't let NObody or NOthing break yo stride!
How to Successfully have a Convo w ya Boi without ya girl Understanding Sheeeeit!!! @TheKing_Ali is a DayuM fool for thissss!!! HaAAAAA!!!! #Hilarious
MFs Always sayin sheeit bout selfies, but if U Shoot a Video of Urself... NEEGRO! thats a MF SELFIE!!!
HaaaaAA! Wish I could tag all my day 1 Dawgs! Hilarious!
Just me being honest...
The sooner U do it, the happier you will be! #LivingWitness
WhatTfULookinAt??? HaaaaAA!
Funny AF!! Best Unnecessary Censorship Of 2013 Compilation! (Jimmy Kimmel Live Skit) | New Video… #WSHH via @WORLDSTAR
Congrats to my lil bro @Jacquees on Signing to #CashMoney #RichGang My Lil G Everything is timing and U Grinded Hard 2 Get Here! Proud of Ya mane! TurNUp! #GreatDayInMusic #GodIsTheGreatest
Thanks @iamdiddy Fo the #CirocPineapple I'm PineApply Pimpin & Lamadosin' Sippin on a Double, Finna sit back Wit deze Pineapple kicks Up & Watch my lil girl blow bubbles! HaaaaAA! @Iamkoolace @bigZakAtl #icebox would Appreciate
If it don't sell at 1st.... Maybe U gotta Re-Package & Re-Sale!!! Just Keep Slangin! Hustle Smart!
Takin my ass to bed! Smh
Git Cho Auntie Mayne!!! DayuM!!! Sad part about it is she probly thought it was 94 Thousand!!! #StayInSchoolPeople #DumbAss
HaaaaAA! U a fool... @therundown
Ladies & Gents Go Get my lil Bro @theofficialwash New Single on iTunes ASAP!! "Can't Trust THOTS" feat @FrenchMontana S/O @iamkingcheftone @maejorali #AyeGirl #CheffreyTone haaaaAAA!!
By all means, keep Movin! Just when U least expect it... Gods gonna work it out! #GodIsTheGreatest
{#NEWVIDEO} @lnsaon Drops #Video to Hot New Single "Euphoria" Off His Debut Project #InDueTime Watch It Here Now -->
Word on the Skreets is Phenzel got the Best Hookah on the Planet! Ask @therealbigboi We Be On It!!! @HazeTobacco @Mikeupscale @JCJewelry @jevonsims @Duprano #SmokeSxxy #OhBoyExplosion #PantyDroppa #CandyAppleLove Get it At #HookahHookup or Online at #TheRockStarBrand #ShonuffDigi
HaaaaAAA!!!! I love this!!! #hilarious #sidechickblues
Everybody needs a glass of water today, to chase the hate away! #Andre3000
My bro @Jevonsims is looking for a Band!! If You have the talent, can travel and play the hell outta that live instrument you possess, I'm talking to YOU!!! October 6, from 7 p.m. to 10pm also looking for singers male and female from from 20 to 40 all ethnicities welcome!!! Need to be able to travel
Tonight was Epic!!! I can't Remember the Last Time I sang a Whole Show Word fa Word! These young MCs Ain't aware if U ain't Seen Outkast LIVE!!! @TheRealBigBoi @ErykahBadu #Andre3Stacks #outkastatlast
Classic Sheeit 2day Mayne! We Went in at Outkast Show!! Me @8ightBall @pimptypemjg @telaofficial @DjGregStreet @duprano @DjKrills #ShonuffDigitalMedia #Memphis #OhBoyExplosion #OrangeMound #SouthMemphis #BlackHaven
17 Years Ago Today My Young Genius was born! Son, Words can't explain how proud I am to be your Dad! I'm Excited but not Surprised at the great God fearing family oriented smart & considerate young man you're growing up to be! You're Way smarter than I was at 17 lol! You're My Hero! Daddy Loves U an
@TheLaunchMag @MissyElliott @Ludacris @jazzepha I Will Be Forever Thankful 2 Everyone 4 Believing In Me Since Day 1. TheirCosignWasMajor❤️
HaaaaAA! Nah TurNUp to Dat!
Deez Mfs don't think I know what @thuggerthugger1 be sayin... But I do! I jus personalize my sheeit! HaaaaAA! GM!
Sometimes Ya gotta remind Ya Dayum self... (Tip Voice) Where She at Doe? Probly holdin down a job at a bank or walkin thru whole foods or sumthin....hmmmm
WellDayum boo! HaaaaAA! #LemmeGitOneLastLookAtDatAss
Me @wandasmith_atl @wandasmithv103 & @TheRealBigBoi on @V103Atlanta Turnt this Mawnin! #outkastreunion #OutkastDay #SmokeSxxy @HazeTobacco Happy #InfectiousFridays
Wake Yo Azz Up & Turn Ya Radio On! Me & @WandaSmithV103 @WandaSmith_ATL @V103Atlanta riiight now! @TheRealRC (Ryan Cameron) I'm Takin Over Ya Show Pimpin!!
#tbt i was actin a DayuM fool that day!!! I am Not Playin Bout my Money Biiiiaaatchezz!!! #IGotASpotToFill #SugaFree #DjQuik #AllThatCallinMeOutMyNameGoneHaveYoAssRunninDownThaStreetBarefootedAgainSayin #NotFareal #PimpinMane #MemphisMackin
Give her that good ole Presidential Bangin'! HaaaaAA!
HaaaaAA! Boi @isaachayes3 u been on A roll lately Hill_Larry_US!
I know I LOOK concerned but FRFR! HaaaaAA!
Yall jus takin this sheeit too Dayum far! HaaaaAA!
Dr Dre Becomes a Billionaire #Motivation ???? Y'all follow my IG Boo beautifullcurium and Sho Sum…
Check out my Nephew Brixton w/ His European Baby GQ Swayve Goin On! iamkinglos & theelolamonroe yall…
Yuup! That's why I don't argue on text...that sheeit get allll F'd Up!!
Usually I'd post something like this on a Sunday but Aint NO better time to praise him than the…
Don't question Gods work, you couldn't change it anyway so just Get ready to receive!! It's Coming!…
Bad part izzz, when u Drunk, u Donno who see U... Smh oh Well.....