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Jay Rosen
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In case you missed it, my new post at PressThink is on the launch of Nate Silver’s for ESPN.
"The Dorian Nakamoto story is a Dewey-beats-Truman moment for the Internet age." @arstechnica calls for a retraction.
"For a lot of people in journalism, launch manifestos are on their face ridiculous."… My new post on @FiveThirtyEight.
Morale buster: What the Chairman of Bloomberg, L.P. really said yesterday is that Bloomberg is not a news company.
New at PressThink, my round-up. Review and comment on the launch of Nate Silver's @FiveThirtyEight for ESPN.
Dear @nytimes: In 2014 it's considered a best practice to link to a blog post that's the topic of your article.…
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Mildly interested in the life and times of @FiveThirtyEight: my new post is probably not for you... Very interested?
...@davewiner I replied to your "there’s cobwebs in the blogosphere" post.
"The quest to understand is even more involving than a need to know. And mystery is the most engaging metric of all."…
My new post at PressThink. Review and comment on the launch of Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight for ESPN.
NBC News 'Doubling Down' On David Gregory As 'Meet The Press' Expands. by @mlcalderone. They're very happy with him.
My friend @jeffjarvis is too dismissive of the non-profit model for news companies. Steve Waldman joins the argument:
The set of everyone's "don't show me news about this person ever again" picks would be fascinating to scan. Top of mine: Winklevoss dudes.
I'm a recent convert to @JasonHirschhorn's MediaREDEF newsletter. Finding it really useful. Share of items in it I'd already seen? Only 40%!
One of the many, many things wrong with saying, "people should pay for the news they get online." They already do.
The way to succeed in the news business: "relentless focus on a specific audience." Are you listening, Newsweek?
@jayrosen_nyu If you remember the earth-shaking C sections that 'saved' the NYT in the 70s (food, style, sports), they all sucked at first.
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I pass this along without comment because if I commented... Newspaper biz should have collaborated sooner on digital.
I assume that a news start-up starting in a different place is probably going to suck at first and improve over time. What do you do, sir?
People are trashing 538 using an embarrassingly small sample size. It's been up for two days, right? Relax.
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"The intimidation by quantification practiced by Silver and the other data mullahs must be resisted." —Wieseltier
If you hated that interview in Time with Apple’s Vice President of Design Jonathan Ive — and it was weak — here ya go…
So @ryanlcooper says Nate Silver is trying to bring the View from Nowhere ("just do analysis") back and it won't fly.
"As the [news] industry shrank, perhaps, at the very least, what was left might become smarter."… Recommended essay.
AnonyWatch will point out "some of the more regrettable examples of anonymous quotations in The Times." —@Sulliview.