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Jay Rosen
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Real Reporting Is About Revealing Truth; Not Granting 'Equal Weight' To Bogus Arguments - @mmasnick w/ @jayrosen_nyu
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“The more people who participate in the press the stronger it will be.” We've seen it in #Ferguson, @jcstearns says.…
The bottom drops out for the Murdoch newspapers in Australia. 18 percent drop in revenue.… In a year.
...@pwthornton People at Vox say: yeah, our CMS is big, but that's because our people made big demands on it, and the developers responded.
When I hear "... but where do you draw the line?" or "who decides?" I know the conversation is over. No one ever answers either question.
Tip: If everyone you follow on Twitter is linking to something you also want to recommend, just wait 3-5 days. Most will not have seen it.
A start-up that places women in tech jobs (with flex time) plans to have a journalism vertical.… via @MCeceliaBittner
"Perhaps Chorus should become a tool for more than just those of us employed at Vox Media."…
The co-author of the Facebook happy/sad study thinks we may be beyond that whole idea of "consent."… Good to know!
Just quoting opposing sources is malpractice when hard evidence is in reach, sez @jayrosen_nyu
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Why Facebook is for ice buckets, Twitter is for Ferguson. With some data.… via @dtapscott
How to cover will be a big problem for the political press in 2016. Climate change denialism in the Republican field.…
One of the great moments in recent broadcast history. @jaketapper: "This doesn't make any sense!"…
"Twitter marches in a straight line with time, like a novel or cassette tape or, most similar of all, television."…
BuzzFeed and Vice have less in common than you'd think from all the trend-surfing press accounts you see about them.…
"War is fought by human beings" was the subtitle of James Foley's blog -- and what he sought to show through his work
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Explanations exist for all of Al Jazeera America's problems but when you add them up, the venture doesn't make sense.…
My new post at PressThink: When quoting both sides and leaving it there is the riskier call.…
@jayrosen_nyu truth: publishers no longer create audiences. They create content that audiences discover on social
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Ever get the feeling that publishers aren't trying to keep you on site so much as prevent you from reading the article you came there for?
Was the CNN 'town hall' — an inherently fake form — on race in America as bad as I thought it would be? (Didn't watch.)
When quoting both sides and leaving it there is the riskier call.… My new post.
"...'Leaving it there' amounts to malpractice, even though it still feels like normal practice and the safer choice."…
When quoting both sides and leaving it there is the riskier call.… I just posted this at my site, PressThink.