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Naughty jacket from lescottstewart 👍�
Tell ya what like @The_JamesJordan tells it how it is! Speaking up for @RicciGuarnaccio when he left! 👌
@Shuvles77: @JayGShore @dannywisk Getting too old for it boys! 😜” dnt be silly...I'm a pro! 👍😳🙈😂
@Shuvles77: @dannywisk @JayGShore 😂😂😂” am not the best like! 😂🙈
Oooooo FFs I do not want to hear your full conversation on the phone! I just don't! 🙈
Bb double eviction last nite! Gutted there out but AMAZING to see them both! 😘
Competition time!!! Visit our new look website and send us a screen shot to be entered to win a #jaytan product @JayGShore #jaytancomp
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Mate drop is a call wen ya can @RicciGuarnaccio My phone is fucked thanks to ee! AGAIN lol
Oi fuckin oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Just want to say a huuuuuuuge thank you to everyone that's supported me! It was an amazing experience 😘🍻🍻🍻🍻
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Gutted @RicciGuarnaccio is evicted 😓 done amazingly well! Buzzing to see him tho! Double trouble back in play 😂👍👌
Wicked delivery from @FaithlessCo this morning! Joggers & Tee 👍�
On route to London for 2nites @bbuk evictions! Everyone keep voting to keep @RicciGuarnaccio in for the Final 👍👌
@MuscleFoodUK: @JayGShore Cheers Jay!!” 👍👌
Huge order of chicken, burgers, bread and omelette mix from @MuscleFoodUK today! 👍👌
Morning all! Am full of cold, tired and on the move! 😓 x
@JayTAT2: @JayGShore Travie mccoy pencil drawing by me” 👍👌
Double eviction 2m nite! Everyone call to save @RicciGuarnaccio 👍�
Most emotional time in the @bbuk house! No doubts about it! Hats off to everyone there! 👍@RicciGuarnaccioo kept it 2gether for James letter👍
Celeb bb time! Every one tune in I see @RicciGuarnaccio #teamricci #cbbricci 👍
Everyone please keep voting to save Ricci for the FINAL of 'Celebrity Big Brother' 😊👍
@MissiEfc: @JayGShore @RicciGuarnaccio I think he's been one of the most genuine out the lot him or Dee get my 1st or 2nd” 👍👌
@RicciGuarnaccio Well done Ricci, standing up for Dee when Gary was in her face. Can't believe Gary just lied so blatantly! #GamePlan
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Best way to handle that situation with Gary mate @RicciGuarnaccio walk away coz it wouldn't of got through anyways 😊👍@bbukbuk
This is why the house mates have always had an issue with Gary! true colours coming through now!! @bbuk
What happend with putting the top 2 most nominated up for eviction! 1 nomination and ya up for eviction these days! @bbuk
😂😂😂😂 Gary does not give a flying **** 😳😳😳 pants straight dow@bbukG#wrong #wrong
Wow! You get shit coz you work your arse off in the gym and out! AND they look like they have never stepped foot inside a gym! #boreoff
Yes it's time! @bbuk let's see who is up for eviction! Everyone vote to save Ricci for the final 😊👍
Looking at old photos! Check my back when I was 21! #notbad
Ricci is nominated :( to save him please call ☎️landline 09020445813 📱mobile 6505813#savericcii#cbbriccii thanks!
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When are you guys releasing the iPhone 6?? @EE
Everyone save Ricci for the final! To save him please call ☎️landline 09020445813 📱mobile 6505813 thanks! 👍�
@DarrenGormley: @JayGShore @ScottSpringham yeah on a plane” and if I throw you out of the plane?
@ScottSpringham: @JayGShore nothing's impossible if you keep working at it princess” can you fly?
Who sent me this leg workout last week? lol the number of reps on leg press is virtually impossible on set 3 and 4!
Ricci's such a lovely lad and so kind,he deffo needs to win big brother like!😘✊🙈@JayGShorer@RicciGuarnaccioio
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@RicciGuarnaccio is such a lovely lad.. He defo deserves too win.. #CBB @JayGShore
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Dee knows the dance! 😀👍@RicciGuarnaccioc@bbukbuk