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저의 새 노래들 We Gotta Know 그리고 Fly Away 두곡이 오늘 음원사이트에 발매됬습니다! 많이 들어주세요 🙏🙌
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ATTENTION KOREA! Come to my show tomorrow @CakeshopSeoul and have a drink with me!
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Peterpan lol ㅋㅋㅋ
who's seen that nick minaj - anaconda video? .....dayum.... #dirtythoughts
@JAYBUMAOM song is dope!! 'Promise' 약속해~ i was waiting for this to come out!!!!
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약속해 랑 ariana grand- almost is never enough 표절의혹이라고? ㅋㅋㅋ 존나억지다 ㅋㅋㅋ잘한다고생각하면 그냥 잘한다고해~ haters be trippin lol... @callmeGRAY is shittin on you
Highcut #aomg #followthemovement
#highcut #aomg #followthemovement 낼나와요 ㅋㅋ8월21일
잴잘생긴 잴나가는 프로듀서/아티스트 @callmegray Copped a MUHFUCKIN ICED OUT ALL GOLD ROLLIE!!! #aomg #followthemovement #levels
The homie @JAYBUMAOM just dropped that new single… yeeee! Get that! See you in Korea this week bro!
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9월 13일 #BACKnFORTH !! 사진을 터치하면 라인업이 뜹니다 #???????? at Q-vo
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약속해~좋다!!! RT“@AOMGOFFICIAL: #??? Jay Park - #??? The Promise Official Music Video [AOMG]
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@fareastmovement: Supportin the homie @JAYBUMAOM he just terrorized iTunes…” all love!! Thank u!
제가 사용하는 페이스북 계정은 이 두개 뿐입니다!
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뮤비랑노래나왔습니다~ its out~! #aomg #followthemovement mv directed by @jinooyamakes song produced by @callmegray… 약솟해(the promise) OFFICIAL MV~~
댄싱9끝나고 영시간자고 비행기타서 중국와서 공연두개나합니다...하지만 갠찮아 난 AOMG 니까 사랑합니데이... Friends,Family, and Fans i do this for yall~ nobody else... To all my loved ones stay safe and be healthy #aomg #shanghai #followthemovement
#aomg #prepix 조만간리얼앁보여줄게 기대해~ let yall know whats good soon
Dancing9 blue eye 우승~. 축하드립다 그리고 모두 수고하셨습다~ !