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Jay Bilas
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Welcome Seth Greenberg and Jay Williams to College GameDay! Hey Seth: light starch, folded.
Watching "schooled" couldn't agree more with the points @JayBilas made throughout the documentary
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UM AD releases lengthy statement at 1am, Hoke wasn't told of concussion: Wow. Are players allowed such excuses?
I'm Michael Jordan in his prime, the rest of ya'll Scottie Pippen. Tryin' to out-ball MJ? Scottie trippin'. I gotta go to work.
Just finished reading "Toughness" by @JayBilas, but I will always be improving on the concepts. Worth the read.
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Is this really the best pose for a physician advertising prostate health services?! Cue Chevy Chase...
Just got this year's Blue Ribbon Yearbook: The best college hoops resource! Instant expert...
Touching story of Dick Enberg and his brother: Enberg is among the greatest ever. There's no finer pro, or person.
"Responsible to the element, accountable to the mission." Big thanks to @JayBilas, speaking today at #Conference14.
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When you see me, I'm getting' dough. And, I'm fresh, from my head to my toe. I gotta go to work.
Those in charge of American golf should call Jerry Colangelo. Ryder Cup is like USA Basketball was ten years need of a "program."
Louie V loafers, D&G on the sofa. Hundred dollar bills on the table like they're coasters. I gotta go to work.
When a concussion is the second worst injury....
Allow me to introduce myself. At the same time, introduce my wealth. I gotta go to work.
This is the BEST book I've read all year. Go get it. Thanks @JayBilas for the challenging read!
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Tell them fake trappers, stay outta my lane. I ain’t dead or in jail, I can’t complain. When they gone, I shall remain. I gotta go to work.
Great feature on Dean Oliver, our analytics superstar at ESPN: Dean and his team teach us all more about the game.
Ice tray on my wrist, yeah, it shines so bright. Make moves in the day, and I ball by night. I gotta go to work.
Why do coaches, captains say "my players" or "my team" so darn often?! Given how coaches preach "team," why not "our players" or "our team"?
Power Positions by KU's Andrea Hudy is a remarkable book! Great guide for any coach, athlete to improve performance.
Want to assassinate my character, but I ain't acting. It ain't adding up, so you all subtracting. I gotta go to work.
Wonder if NCAA will require a "cease and desist" letter to author of Biomechanics book for exploiting Dez Wells:
Player, coach & @espn analyst, @JayBilas, says @DukeLaw education "one of the most valuable experiences of my life."
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RIP Jason Rebedeaux, former UTEP head coach, OU and Marquette assistant:
Nothin' in your way, so what the hell's blockin' you? Can't worry 'bout them haters, homie, shake 'em off of you. I gotta go to work.
Kansas celebrates 60 years of Allen Fieldhouse on 10/27. What an incredible line-up of coaches! #bewareofthephog
NCAA Prez says handing of PSU case "has gone really well." He also says the Titanic voyage was "pretty darn good."
It ought to be a crime just to feel this good. I swear, it ought to be a crime just to be this ‘hood. I gotta go to work.
I'm the last man standing, bruh, I need a trophy. So much bread in my pocket, I'm feeling toasty. I gotta go to work.
So many great quotes & words of wisdom in Toughness by @JayBilas , and I'm only a couple chapters into it. Gotta go to work to get tougher.
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Project Greenlight looks for the next great director: These videos are tremendous.
RIP Jerry William Davis. A gentleman, always.
Wait a minute, everybody pause for the photo. Somebody tell these local haters, I'm global. I gotta go to work.
Duke's Mike Krzyzewski responds to the recent assertions regarding USA Basketball and recruiting advantages:
Congress asks NCAA Presidents pointed questions: Let's not hold our collective breath waiting for acceptable answers.
I’m so cool, but I’m so hot. And, I’m so fly, and you, you’re so not. I gotta go to work.
Heartwarming story: Of course, the NCAA on the wrong side of things when both brothers were in college. Ridiculous.
Gangsta of the World, you know I'm nominated. I bring it home every year, you know my own mama hate it. I gotta go to work.
Jon Solomon on multi-year scholarships: But, schools can still "run off" players anytime. They need contracts.
Great piece on 'sustaining success' & @steve_wojo written by @JayBilas. Must read for all coaches.…
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And maybe I’m trippin’ and maybe I’m not. Maybe it’s nothing, I just hope it ain’t the cops. I gotta go to work.
Tough players understand the difference between being in the right spot & being in the right spot w/ intention of stopping someone.@JayBilas
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Great commentary by Vonetta Logan on NCAA and college sports:
I’m prayin’ when I’m drivin’, it’s making me religious. In the headlights behind me, it’s making me suspicious. I gotta go to work.