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Jay Bilas
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I’m so cool, but I’m so hot. And, I’m so fly, and you, you’re so not. I gotta go to work.
Heartwarming story: Of course, the NCAA on the wrong side of things when both brothers were in college. Ridiculous.
Gangsta of the World, you know I'm nominated. I bring it home every year, you know my own mama hate it. I gotta go to work.
Jon Solomon on multi-year scholarships: But, schools can still "run off" players anytime. They need contracts.
Great piece on 'sustaining success' & @steve_wojo written by @JayBilas. Must read for all coaches.…
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And maybe I’m trippin’ and maybe I’m not. Maybe it’s nothing, I just hope it ain’t the cops. I gotta go to work.
Tough players understand the difference between being in the right spot & being in the right spot w/ intention of stopping someone.@JayBilas
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Great commentary by Vonetta Logan on NCAA and college sports:
I’m prayin’ when I’m drivin’, it’s making me religious. In the headlights behind me, it’s making me suspicious. I gotta go to work.
If you can watch this without laughing, especially the Instagram, check into a hospital. (h/t The Big Lead)
The article "Defining Toughness" by @JayBilas never gets old. I encourage every coach/player to own it and apply it.
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USA Basketball stars in FIBA World Cup celebration Vines: Pretty cool. @usabasketball
Skin tatted up, draped up in this gold. Three words for the way I do it, “out of control.” I gotta go to work.
USA Basketball is now the first in FIBA history to win four consecutive major titles. Incredible accomplishment, high level consistency.
Another tremendous job by @usabasketball: No. 1 in the World. Proud of how they played and represented the USA.
Congrats to @usabasketball, Jerry Colangelo, Coach K, Jim Tooley, Sean Ford, players and staff...FIBA World Champions...again. Back to Back!
Artistry is playing to your strengths, and taking away the strengths of an opponent. @usabasketball plays the game beautifully.
Wow. To score over 100 points by the end of the 3rd quarter? What a performance by @usabasketball. Amazing program has been built.
Last possession of half wasn't ideal, but another terrific performance by @usabasketball against Serbia. 20 minutes from "Back to Back."
World Cup Championship preview: Milos Teodosic is Serbia's best player. Tip at 3pm EDT on ESPN2. @usabasketball
USA v. Serbia today for the FIBA World Cup: @usabasketball going for Gold, again!
Wesley Snipes, this is the money train. I swear the work came faster than the money came. I gotta go to work.
Cut the music down, ‘cause my cell phone ringin’. From what I just heard, I think my cell phone dreamin’. I gotta go to work.
ESPN's Top 100 is out! Our recruiting experts @PaulBiancardi and @ReggieRankin put out amazing scouting reports.
Just finished reading "The Blue Divide" by Johnny Moore and Art Chansky: Terrific book! (Foreword was incredible).
World's Baddest Pick-Up Game going on in Barcelona. And, damn, the Air Forces they're sporting are even badder!
Amazing event by Finish Line in raising $1.2 Million to make a difference in the lives of kids! Top quality people.
Finally, college rankings that really matter, and that I will use:
Terrific book by John Feinstein, "The Walk-On": Supposed to be for "middle grade," but I loved it.
Interesting insight into how Coach K reaches players with "moments," to "feel it" instead of being told it:
USA Basketball Men are one game from Gold, USA Basketball Women are fifteen days from FIBA World Championships:
First I bust a right, then I bust a left. Music’s so loud, I almost went deaf. I gotta go to work.
A remarkable, thoughtful essay by Masai Ujiri, Toronto Raptors GM:
Jimmy Fallon and Meghan Trainor sing "All About The Bass" with kids' instruments: Phenomenal.
Any confusion on Cam Newton's main focus?
Alright. I'm sold. The endorsements of "Toughness" by @JayBilas are overwhelming. Add it to my end-of-year leisure reading list.
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Making the stairs fun: Pretty cool.
Dropped so many Lambos, thought I was a Lamb-bassador. Dropped so many Roleys, thought I owned the Roley store. I gotta go to work.
Amazing to listen to and Bucket list material. Selfie with @JayBilas ✔️
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I appreciated hearing the panel discussion with @JayBilas tonight re: O'Bannon v NCAA! #Igottagotowork
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If you couldn't make it tonight search #ObannonUNC to see the great topics discussed! Thanks @BarbaraJOsborne @JayBilas @PaulPoggeUNC Hammer
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Pleasure to meet @JayBilas tonight and hear a lot of good insight on the O'Bannon v. NCAA case #GottaGoToWork
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Yet another reason athletes should be allowed compensation, and via contract: Contracts protect both sides.
Jeremy Lin shows fans he is not made of wax: Very funny.
Becoming a Falcons fan watching Hard Knocks. Respect the approach, loved seeing Osi Umenyiora mentor young guys. Great leadership.