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Jay Bilas
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I'm a winner, if I make it across the finish line. I'm putting food on the table like it's dinner time. I gotta go to work.
.@JayBilas & @patrick_hruby Georgia legislature moves 2 protect college athletes? Or protect Dawgs' business model?
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Hey @JayBilas: It's raining at the @ThisistheIZZONE campout & a few thousand students are here! That's toughness.
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See, I'm one of the realest that's walkin' this earth. You heard what I said, and that's the end of this verse. I gotta go to work.
Homie, just keep it real, I know what you was thinkin'. Between all the hater-aidin' and all that you was drinkin'. I gotta go to work.
Looking forward to @John_Danowski's keynote speech at #DukeForward in Charlotte on Nov. 1: @DukeU @Duke_ATHLETICS
Wait, what are you trying to say?
See, I'm sittin' here chillin' with this Roley on my arm. What I paid for it, it should have come with an alarm. I gotta go to work.
RIP Wayne McClain, terrific Illinois HS basketball coach, former assistant at Illinois under Self and Weber.
Coach Waters giving @JayBilas credit for TOUGHNESS as @CSU_Basketball uses it in their success class. Media Day chat on ESPN3 #wcam #hlmbb
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Gary Waters of @CSU_Athletics talked about Toughness by @JayBilas on @ESPN3 saying his team read the book and is, "getting after it." #HLMBB
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Bill and Jalen's NBA Preview on Grantland: Jalen has never seen "Rudy." Digger Phelps will be offended.
U.S. Army veteran Mike Krzyzewski to receive Marshall Award from Association of U.S. Army: Congrats!
Interesting federal court decision in NFL case could have implications in O'Bannon appeal:
Grantland on rebounding, impact of physics: Yet, Erwin Schrodinger was a soft rebounder, despite the Nobel Prize.
Mississippi State is No. 1, and gets a week off to enjoy it: No yell, just bell.
You fell victim to pressure, yeah, I know it can stress ya. But, you're only a man, homie, I can't be mad at ya. I gotta go to work.
She's cheering for The Bilastrator....OG!!
The saga of Daisha Simmons and Alabama: A deeper look into Curry's program seems appropriate, given Title IX claim.
Yahoo's Jeff Eisenberg on Daisha Simmons and Alabama's capitulation, lame as it was:
Alabama tells NCAA they now support an eligibility waiver for Daisha Simmons…
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It's about time: Alabama is making lame excuses and rationalizations but, at least, finally does the right thing.
The longer this drags out, the worse Alabama and its administration looks: Just send the letter, UA. End this.
Read that @SwishAppeal story on Daisha Simmons. Alabama athletics looking more shameful by the day. cc: @JayBilas
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This is my kind of office supply pilferer.
Alabama, Dr. Bonner, AD Battle: Please end this petty nonsense. It's so easy. Just send the letter. @UA_Athletics
It the subject is trapping, I'm at the head of the class. Heard you were broke, and you might need the cash. I gotta go to work.
John Oliver with epic, hilarious rant on Civil Forfeiture: Forfeiture is frightening, but Oliver makes it funny.
.@JayBilas on why he married ESPN for the longterm and @ShelleyESPN on her cancer battle. The @Si media column:…
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Great having @JayBilas speak and answer questions in today's class. Much respect!
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Alabama president Judy Bonner on Daisha Simmons: ‘Alabama considers this matter closed’ @richarddeitsch @JayBilas
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Mike Robinson on Daisha Simmons, Alabama and the troubling state of athlete rights: How embarrassing for Alabama.
@JayBilas still loves the 'Cats, despite recent disagreements. Thanks Mr. Bilas, awesome experience.
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For those that think @JayBilas is against K-State in anyway, just look at his attire. Great meeting with him today!!
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Bravo to Jeff Jacobs after "doubting" the UConn Huskies: Teams never do this when we believe and they lose, though.
Thanks to @JayBilas for leading a fascinating talk with our ECON 524 class this morning.
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'Bama prez won't reconsider Simmons' transfer: Respectfully, Dr. Bonner now has no credibility on athlete welfare.
RIP Bob DeBardelaben, longtime weatherman at WRAL. He was an exceedingly nice man, a real pro. Bob was cool before meteorology was cool.
RIP Tom Mulhern, the outstanding Wisconsin State Journal sportswriter.
A wacky week in sports but NOTHING CRAZIER than NCAA & ALABAMA in their treatment of Seton Hall's Daisha Simmons @richarddeitsch
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You step in my yard, I go to war for my turf. See, I'm one of the realest that's walking this earth. I gotta go to work.
.@JayBilas on why he married ESPN for the longterm and @ShelleyESPN on her cancer battle. The @Si media column:…
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Happy 42nd Birthday to @realgranthill33. One of the finest players and people in the game. A Hall of Famer in every way.
Congrats to @usabasketball Women's National Team and Geno Auriemma on World Championship GOLD!
Welcome Seth Greenberg and Jay Williams to College GameDay! Hey Seth: light starch, folded.
Watching "schooled" couldn't agree more with the points @JayBilas made throughout the documentary
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UM AD releases lengthy statement at 1am, Hoke wasn't told of concussion: Wow. Are players allowed such excuses?
I'm Michael Jordan in his prime, the rest of ya'll Scottie Pippen. Tryin' to out-ball MJ? Scottie trippin'. I gotta go to work.