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Jay Bilas
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@richarddeitsch @JayBilas This K- State issue is what an NCAA players union could fight for. It's not just about $. It's about rights.
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The big question is, what can I do for the youth? Everybody lying to ‘em, so I told ‘em the truth. I gotta go to work.
The definitive college sports economics reading list, thanks to Andy Schwartz:
Always a great time with @JayBilas #CUselfie @espn who knew w grew up in same area :)
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A powerful "must read" for every parent, coach and AD by Beverly Carroll, parent of a Rutgers basketball player:
Good for K-State recruits to note - KSU handbook says it will deny most transfers: EWAH - Every Wildcat A Hostage?
Fortunately, Adam Silver is set to serve as a change driver for NCAA policy, too: Someone in charge would be nice.
What an embarrassment for Kansas State. Hey @kstate_pres, let her go. She's just not that into you. How lame.
Twitter users are eviscerating NCAA president Mark Emmert via the #AskEmmert hashtag (via @SI_ExtraMustard)
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The absolute funniest dude ever to graduate from Duke. (Also pictured, Ken Jeong).
ESPN Radio interview with Mark Emmert: Quite interesting, but a lot of holes, contradictions in the "logic" used.
The #AskEmmert hashtag is a must follow. Hilarious that someone at the @NCAA is so out of touch they thought that was a good idea.
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NCAA president Mark Emmert took questions at #AskEmmert. It turned into a hilarious disaster:
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NCAA President says athletes are "taking seats from a paying student." Wow.
Ice tray on my wrist, yeah, it shines so bright. Make moves in the day and I ball by night. I gotta go to work.
Light bill, phone bill, plus my granny’s nerve pills. Feel like I should be takin’ ‘em, imagine how my nerves feel. I gotta go to work.
Thank you @JayBilas for allowing @TCUBasketball to participate in the Final Four on court demonstrations. You're the best!!! #espn #tcu
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NCAA transfer restrictions are ridiculous. Hey @kstate_pres, step in and give your athlete/asset her release.
Straight gangsta dog, we nothin’ but mobstas. How you think you gon’ try to rob the robbers? I gotta go to work.
U of Texas yard sale takes place on Saturday. There are a couple pairs of shoes available (via @UTexasEquipment)
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After 100 years, NCAA members can finally feed players what they want: We'll see if the Earth remains on its axis.
Patrick Hruby deconstructs Northwestern's laughable logic in its NLRB appeal:
I’m so hot, you know, you ain’t cool. The boy got new money like the first day of school. I gotta go to work.
I’ll sleep when I’m gone, yeah, I’m tryin’ to get to it. It’s like a Nike campaign, the way your boy just do it. I gotta go to work.
Just finished John Calipari's new book "Players First." Insightful and provocative. I learned a lot. Great read.