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Jason Kennedy
Watched E! news for the past like 10 years&tonight was my fav ep EVER @JasonKennedy1 @GiulianaRancic & @BillRancic can't stop laughing 👏😂
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Join @SofiaVergara’s fam! Follow @HeadShoulders, post a pic of your hair & tag #PartOfOurFamily #sweeps for a chance to meet Sofia! #ad
Ok now!->RT @aimeeedanielle: I think my favorite thing this week was @JasonKennedy1 dancing to Anaconda. Thank you @jessegiddings for that.
Senior picture day in my Structure sweater. #tbt
Anytime ->RT @laurenawelch17: Turning on my tv to see @JasonKennedy1 shaking his bum just made my day @ENews
Have you heard? Our show is moving to 7 & 11 EVERY NIGHT! Catch E! News at 7 and our ALL NEW late night time: 11 PM!
The excitement then immediate sadness when you find a parking spot then realize you didn't see the Mini Cooper sitting there!
Because life is short dude ->RT @MURENDERE: Why is @JasonKennedy1 Always Happy😡
And starting in sept #livefrome goes 3 days a week w/@JasonKennedy1 @helloross & I.thats live at 5pm pacific hope u all time in!:)
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Live right now on KIISFM with @RyanSeacrest
Likewise my friend!->RT @NanoTissera: Always good randomly bumping into @JasonKennedy1. Stand up chap, that guy
Laughing at or with me?-->RT @EvaLW: @JasonKennedy1 @jessegiddings this is the best thing I have seen all day.
Want to be a Vergara? Follow @HeadShoulders, post a photo of ur gorgeous hair w/ #PartOfOurFamily #sweeps @HeadShoulders 4 a chance! #ad
This was supposed to be a private performance @jessegiddings!
Thanks bro ->RT @lukeemerson: @JasonKennedy1 diggin' this live show. #LiveFromE
OMG!!! You guys are hilarious @JordinSparks @JasonKennedy1 @mariamenounos #LiveFromE I have to work at 6 but I can't stop laughing! 🐸🍸
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After Live From The Red Carpet keep it on bc we are about to get crazy on #LiveFromE. @JordinSparks @mariamenounos @kenbakernow
Yes! About to go live at 8/7c, come join us!-->RT @Keeks78: @JasonKennedy1 umm... No Emmy coverage with you?!
This is our "vacation is over" selfie.
Happy Birthday @IAmCattSadler, fun being next to you on the Telly. Love you!
So disappointed in our @RoyalCaribbean experience this past week. Worst customer service, we are people not numbers. @RoyalCaribPR
Thanks so much!-->RT @hlthygrocerygrl: Just watched #FoodEnvy with @CandiceKumai & @JasonKennedy1 on @ENews... Loved it!
U can be a Vergara! #ad Follow @HeadShoulders, post a hair pic w/ #PartOfOurFamily #sweeps & tag the brand 4 a chance 2 meet @SofiaVergara!
Fly boarding in St. Thomas
Leaving for 7 days on a cruise with these clowns. Apparently @richwilkersonjr is excited.
I can't sum up how much I love you in 140 characters @GiulianaRancic, have the best birthday! Thankful for your friendship.
Your video on the show this wknd meant the world to me!-->RT @brianandrews: @JasonKennedy1 congrats on all your successes! #bigstar
Feel better!-->RT @LaurenColetti: Thank you @IAmCattSadler & @JasonKennedy1 4 making me laugh while recovering!
@JasonKennedy1 all the way here in Bombay India, we were cheering you on in the ice bucket challenge. Good going dude :-)
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Do you feel better now?->RT @palmtreenick: @JasonKennedy1 you are the biggest tool I have ever seen on tv.
Thx! Got a towel?->RT @RealBrandonW: @JasonKennedy1 Nice job on the ice bucket challenge.
Tonight was fun!->RT @JMaC8313: @JasonKennedy1 @GiulianaRancic You guys crack me up everytime. Totally addicted to @ENews! ♡
I was called out by @patrickschwarzenegger & others so here it is! #IceBucketChallenge #ALS
I'm doing one tomorrow!->RT @Nicki_07: Ice challenge accepted by Heather for tomorrow! I wonder if @JasonKennedy1 has been challenged yet??
Thank you man->RT @iameldridge: watching @ENews and @JasonKennedy1 and their report on Robin Williams is refreshingly tasteful.
So happy for my friend @SavannahGuthrie, congrats on your beautiful little girl!
@ENews starts in 20 minutes, East Cost! @KrisJenner & @JasonKennedy1 are hosting and the @BellaTwins are in studio!!! #DoubleTrouble ♥️👯
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