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We received a scholarship for @LAUNCH_Scale (Oct 23-24)! In the land of tech giants, one individual has been most helpful. Thanks @Jason.
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They are doing parachute jumps now
Guy jumped out of plane with a flag!
Turns out I have a deck with a perfect view of Alcatraz -- so I should be able to see blue angels yes?
If only this letter from sean Connery to Steve Jobs was true
Best email subject line I've gotten in a while.
Was offered $250,000 for @TeslaMotors Model S 0000001 this week. Cash offer for 2x purchase price -- didn't take it.
You will hear @mattcutts tell you to trust Google you will never hear him discuss
Portrait of the artist, as a young girl [pic] —
Legal? Police in St. Louis, Missouri encrypt radio communication, preventing protesters from
Google should pay, yes “@averyj: @Jason @mattcutts they should pay the source on each display.”
Horrible: If you go to the bathroom at a 49ers game, you might get beat up, paralyzed, or killed:…
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6/ @mattcutts stopped speaking @pubcon after 10 years when I pointed out the lies--month later he retired. @rupertmurdoch was right #irony
5/"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.", The Usual Suspects (1995) / @mattcutts 2000-2014
4/that folks is how it works:put a nice guy like @mattcutts out front, lie to partners for a decade & then literally steal their businesses.
3/of course, @mattcutts personally made $100m+ (estimate) to double cross partners--so can we blame him? Would you turn down 100m+ pay day?
2/@mattcutts lied to partners saying 'we're in it together',studied our traffic & stole @Yelp @shopzilla @moviefone etc content &innovations
So, @mattcutts told us to trust @google, to run @googleadsense & that @rupertmurdoch was crazy: then this…
I love @HotelTonight: Use promo code jcalacanis & get $25 off your 1st booking:
Question for @garyvee for his awesome ask garyvee
“Most [founders] are so desperate for money...they just take [it] from whoever they can get it from - and that’s the huge mistake.” -@Jason
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Did you miss our opening ceremony with @Jason and @chamath? Don't worry, the video is now live on @TWistartups…
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VCs keep in investing in bitcoin startups despite no consumer adoption of cryptocurrency. VCs should stop fund
Every landlord should know this: @CozyCo made its core rental tools (payments, tenant screening, applications) free:
Every landlord should know this: @CozyCo made its core rental tools (payments, tenant screening, applications) free:
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How to behave in business: always put out a little spread when you host a meeting. #howtobehave
We have a couple speaking spots left for this incredible event. If you have a recommendation for growth or Infrastructure speaker hit us up!
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@SamHarrisOrg wants to reclaim liberal values against the norms of political correctness:
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Stoked to attend @LAUNCH_Scale in SF, Oct 23-24. Join me by signing up here: @Jason
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Ice Cream? The Ice Cream Bar Soda Fountain cc @jw
We're excited to share what we've building the last few weeks. Meet Goji — the keyboard for fun: 😎🌴
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Coolest shit ever --> Goji - A Keyboard for Fun by The Last Guide Company
Microsoft CEO apologizes for 'inarticulate' comments on female pay gap…
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Sorry, I need to move on “@ljulia901: @Jason Derulo come on jason fight for jordon she is great for you u are #super couple come on!”
My favorite moment from the dinner last night: @Jason: "what's your favorite ingredient?" @massimobottura: "my mind"
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The first mind-controlled prosthetic arm allows a Swedish truck driver to keep his job.
Malala Yousafzai delivers her Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech.…
Celebrating my friend @robhayes 56th birthday! How old does he look?!
THX @GoToMeeting for supporting @Jason & @TWistartups! Sign up before 10/10, get another Citrix product FREE for 6mo!
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BONUS TWIST! @Jason & @singularityu students talk angel investing, employment, 3D-printed Nutella & world domination.…
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Inside's audience surveys provide a new level of interactive user experience.
I just voted on a poll on @inside: Should police officers be required to wear b...…
Where do I send the angel investment)!?! :-) “@markpinc: Looking for rockstar ios developer to work on new products with me.”
Awesome... @Bourdain in San Francisco episode has 23 minutes left and he's clearly bombed already. Slurring words & cruising like a sailor
Ballon-based drones--love it: Ohio will begin using drones to monitor prisoner activities