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No one can time the market, the best thing to do is be active constantly--doubling down in down markets.
I'd really like to do a unique wearable for the 10,000+ people coming to the @Launch festival in March -- thoughts on providers/tech/use?
NYC Mayor @BilldeBlasio says the patient is in isolation, assures the public that there is not cause to be alarmed -…
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What a nice touch. Other conferences should take note! #launchscale
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Closed a $300k and $1m angel deal today... While hosting an event for 900 founders. Never stop the hustle!
Justice League of Angel investors would be @tferriss @kevinrose @garyvee @Jason @mcuban @sacca; imagine that tweet storm for a new app!
Just told @ProductHunt is driving much more traffic than @TechCrunch -- which says something about quality, doesn't it?
The dream team you want in your angel round: @tferriss @kevinrose @garyvee @Jason - aka 'The Kings of Content' / first 100k download club
Nick Bilton pokes fun at CNN's Ebola coverage following a New York doctor's diagnosis.…
A man attacks two rookie police officers with a hatchet when they stop to take a pho...…
Founder warning: do not trust @TechCrunch with an embargo -- ever. They screw founders over constantly, costing them other press.
With my greek/geek brother @DemitrisMemos! He came from Athens for @LAUNCH_Scale
I keep hearing how awesome LUXE is; I'm going to try it strictly because they wash your car while you go to yo
I told you so: $MSFT got it right in v3: Surface made $908m last qtr! don't sleep on MST -- crushed their reve
Story of @Tout CEO @Tawheed using @foursquare to stalk @Jason was applause worthy. Thx @LAUNCH_Scale for the much needed afternoon giggle.
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Hysterical! @TechCrunch getting worse & worse every day. @SlackHQ raising $$ in 6 years!
Funny how Bezos refuses to show a profit but AMZN keeps taking market share, launching new product lines &
thank you @messagebus for supporting me & the 900 founders @LAUNCH_Scale -- amazing, epic event thanks to you!
Bad pic of @dhchait giving AWESOME insights on how to recruit great candidates @LAUNCH_Scale @Greenhouse @Jason
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HomeHero founders Kyle & Mike share their experience working w @Jason
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Loving @Jason's interview with @samshank at @LAUNCH_Scale. Top notch @Launch event so far – and I'm thrilled to be hosting the tech track.
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"I've learned more since I've been here than I have so far in college..." quote from a guest @LAUNCH_Scale cc @Jason - amazing conference.
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@Jason thank you for having me today at #launchscale . Great event, great interviewer!
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wow @destraynor just rocked the @LAUNCH_Scale conference!!!
Excited to talk about scaling Internet startups tomorrow. See you there, hustlers! cc @Launch @LAUNCH_Scale @Jason
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At this point we need to start shooting the folks who jump the White House fence -- or maybe get a bigger fence?…
The optimistic, flexible, open Europe that uses @Uber and @Airbnb needs to talk to the ones afraid of the digital future.
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Pay for @NBA league pass, no preseason @knicks -- wildly frustrating! Fix this for the fans.
Congrats to @twitter on reengaging the developer community today with @Flight! Feels right!
Formerly known as @Mailbox! -- brutally blatant knockoff / sad @google@gmail: Please welcome @inboxbygmail to Twitter :-D”
Score one for the landlords in San Francisco / get ready for more protests…
Wow: "let's replicate swipes and snoozes, pick as close of a name as possible, oh and do a waitlist..." #photocopy…
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Joan Didion is one of the most unique and powerful female voices to ever exist.I hope this doc gets funding.
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That racial profiling video that was so shocking? Looks like it was staged/fake -- wow.…
Let's do a long bet @BenedictEvans & @cdixon: sales of VR headsets in 2019... You pick I will do over and under.
“Silicon Valley’s Embracing Mindfulness. Not Everyone’s At Peace With That” by @nishatjaan
.@yelp at @launch_scale rehearsal -- awesome information!
The @kyork20 on 12 foundational elements to scaling gtm -- @LAUNCH_Scale rehearsals are going awesome
From @kyork20 - 12 foundational elements to scaling - @launch_scale rehearsals
Nothing makes my day more then battling @a16z partners on twitter: taped last 1 w/@BenedictEvans & @cdixon are u not?
the thing about virtual reality, 3D & augmented reality: they all change what you see, consumers hate all 3 & they are overfunded & hyped.
@Jason Let's train all @Uber drivers in #CPR, put an #AED in their car, and put PulsePoint on their phones. #forcemultiplier
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