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5/ if you don't acquire the skills, put in the hours to build important things then you have no one to blame but the (hu)man in the mirror.
4/ your age, background, hometown, gender, preference, race & religion don't matter -- what you build matters. World needs great builders.
3/anyone with skills can start a business with just one client & one skill -- then build it up into something meaningful. I see it often.
2/education is available for free / close to free online. Americans watch 40 hours of tv a week instead of acquiring skills in large part
Many people will tell you the game is rigged, you're an outsider & you'll never make it. Ignore them, they're wrong. Keep acquiring skills.
Not cool: Two kayakers in Argentina get lifted out of the water by a whale.……
Horrible/loathsome: @CNN's John D. Sutter argues in favor of eating dog meat.
nice landing! “@ericvishria: Humbled, honored and overwhelmingly excited to be joining incredible @benchmark team w/ @bgurley @mattcohler
The sign-up page is open for the Mac OS X Yosemite beta.
9/9 Need #SCALE speakers for @LAUNCH_Scale conference in SF:
8/9 When I don't know how to do something I Tom Sawyer it:…
7/9 I'm struggling w/#scale right now @inside: sticky product that needs to grow from 10ks of to 100ks of weekly users.
6/9 Question: what are the top 10 most important topics in scaling a startup? Sales? Infrastructure? email? social? PR? hiring? Culture?
5/9 Startups like @Uber, @Airbnb, @Yammer, @Dyn, @Dropbox, @box, @twitter, @AngelList have all figured out #SCALE
4/9 This leaves one final, elusive goal: scale. How to take: 100 customers to 1,000? 10 sales executives to 200? 20 servers to 10,000?
3/9 Product design (@dibbble, @Behance), marketing (@facebook @twitter ads) & hiring (@LinkedIn) are all 100x more efficient
2/9 50% of startup process now productized: MVP, testing, angel funding (@AngelList), mentorship (@founding @techstars @ycombinator)
1/9 Submitted for Discussion: Startups Today are about #scale because 'startup alchemy' has given way to 'startup science.'
1/10 And #1: Exoskeleton by approved by @FdA; paraplegic kick at Worldcup
2/10 Guns will be child/badguy proof: #smartguns w/"Dynamic Grip Recognition" (finger print of your grip)
3/10 Sweating @Blackphone_ch: doesn't allow @google Apps, encrypts calls, emails & searches; our future privacy depends on these projects
5/10 When the Zombie/Ape appocalypse happens will save us
6/10 Cambrian Genomics is printing living things, like DNA; Blade Runner shit:…