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It's such a shame when people show such disrespect for something so important to other people's identity.…
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ESPN goes deep on the Goodell/Rice investigation & the evidence is damning. The owners love him but Goodell has to go…
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I feel you Tay Tay “@SwiftOnSecurity: Saving humanity from extinction doesn't pay the bills. 😐”@taylorswift133
Today, we're pledging to empower 50,000 members of the military community as partner drivers—
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Columnist @AlexwilliamsNYC argues the Paleo diet is not just a diet, it's a lifestyle.
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They should have this at @Coachella & da club.
@Jason FYI, at @wpengine 2/4 C-level execs are women, 1/2 VPs, and 2/4 dir-level in engineering. Without that being the goal.
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5/fat, rich white males in Republican Party are exact proof: They can't win anymore, so they are suddenly pro gay, immigration & Hispanic
4/a fully coordinated cishet, white, fat, balding male star chamber plan to stop the shift would fail [ they told me in star chamber ]
3/doesn't mean there isn't work to be done, bad actors or other problems, but demographic shifts are undeniable & unstoppable.
2/developer populations are shifting massively & developers are taking over c-suite & venture ranks. In next 20 years it will flip.
1/People upset about diversity in tech take heart: 80%+ of developers at #HackTheNorth not white males. Global trend > than old boys club
2/the company now benefits or not from performance not excitement. For @google @TeslaMotors @zynga @facebook would be much smoother.
Regarding IPO pops that take profits from company & give to speculators: do 100 week IPO auction w/2% sold each week. Cc @sama @DavidSacks
No need to mention you're invested in a competitor @BenedictEvans? Or are you using @Uber because you prefer it?
Note: OH = over heard
Truth “@Hugh_W_Forrest: "It's bribery." Web founding father Tim Berners-Lee slams the idea of Internet fast lanes.…
Porn. #obviously@waltmossberg: What's killer app for VR? Maybe not games, Oculus developers say. via @HeyHeyESJ
OH: 'folks say I have a big ego, which is understandable since I've done so many great things in my life in such a short period of time'
on the edge of my seat “@maxkeiser: Looks like I'll be interviewing @lindsaylohan next week on @KeiserReport about her new Bitcoin startup.”
"I think Wealthfront can be a huge part of the solution.” -- Ronnie Lott, Pro Football HOF'er
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let's get @BenedictEvans on @TWistartups news round table soon Emmy award wining producer @JacqKD -- too smart / smart looking to ignore.
If you missed the @nflcommish press conference, here are some screen grabs. Went as well as you might expect
How @DavidSacks wound up working @PayPal with @peterthiel -- from episode 5 of @TWistartups
Material science is amazing... New nano wire taking braces from 3 years to 3 months!
This room allows you to study electromagnetic signatures of... Anything. Cars, phones & antennas for example.
Electromagnetic research lab in Waterloo. Insane thz frequency.
.@espn's "Outside the Lines" finds "misdirection" in the Ray Rice case from the Ravens, NFL. @DVNJr @KVanValkenburg…
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I'm at Waterloo, Ontario in Waterloo, ON…
+1 “@zlurie: Translation of Goodell's statement: TMZ, Twitter & videos mean we can no longer sweep stuff under rug. Oh, & I'm not resigning”
Has #Alibaba bought @Yahoo US yet? Seams like a steal at negative $2b.
Hey @nflcommish here's your real issue “@frontlinepbs: #NFL’s concussion problem persists.
A Texas standoff ends peacefully after the suspect documents the encounter on @Whisper. @caitlindewey @washingtonpost…
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This Wednesday LA people come see me and @JuddApatow at @TheComedyStore to benefit MS (My dad has it!) fix here…
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Swedish company Radinn sells an electric, jet-powered wakeboard for $19,000.
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3/email jason at inside com if you have built a solid app before and are interested in fame trade / fan of the show
2/I would like to do this for trade (exposure in app, tweets, conference sponsorships etc).
Wonder if there is an app developer / shop who wants to build the @TWistartups app for our 100k fans?
Slowly but surely we are getting to home screens with @inside --
Just upgraded @Jason's @inside news app from the 'tryout' folder to my iPhone's home screen. Too many good updates.
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The valley hasn't changed much in the last 20 years.
Quick speaking gig (@ The @RitzCarlton, Toronto in Toronto, ON)…
Thirsty Thursday hot tip: follow @Jason @TWistartups and myself on Instagram and @twitter for literally everything that matters. #truth
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Reading: Scots on hookup app, Grindr, are polled for opinions on Scotland's independence
That time @pmarca was the best dressed guy... & @larryellison wore a tie
Join us for @Jason's fireside chat w/@tferriss in SF 9/26. Workshops, office hrs & live show @pivotallabs! More here:
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