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Cab drivers and civilians in Russia all have $99 dash cams -- American police force?! Many considering it!
Excellent NYT article on hospital room design:… Read between the lines on the difficulty of making change reality.
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now I want to buy game; paid Product placement? Lange Fallon Laurentiis play Catchphrase…
Mountain biker Cam Zink sets the Guiness world record with a 100-foot backflip.
I just figured it out, @alexisohanian joined @ycombinator as partner because they're going to open up in silicon alley! @ycombinatornyc!
The @NewYorker cover on #Ferguson -- reminds us of when magazine covers were a high form of art & commentary.
Burn! @hblodget@ggreenwald: @businessinsider: Home of "I wonder" journalism .. classic trash on so many levels…
When I ask a startup what terms their looking for, and they say their doing a convertible note with no cap.
Today's App of the Day is Product Hunt, released today in the Apple Store.…
Kermit the Frog is the latest "celebrity" to perform the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.…
Or 25k pairs of underwear a day! - Under Armour sponsorship w/Kevin Durant worth $25m
The Second Circuit Court of Appeals refuses to hear Aereo's case to be treated as a cable co.
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@bracco @Jason @dhh This episode was exactly what I needed to see to start my tech company. I started it after I saw this episode 1 year ago
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Since I landed at Hawthorne airport, stopped next door to see an old friend... Who was in!
Drop everything, read @SamHarrisOrg chapter one:… wow.
#tbt I read news on ep 46 of #twist when @Jason interviewed @dhh. Still one of my fav episodes
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Flying @isurftheskies to Hawthorne -- home of @SpaceX, @TeslaMotors, @elonmusk & the double-secret mars mission!
Bacon And sausage from fatted calf -- who wants to come over for breakfast?! I'm on fire right now!
Favorite SF find so far: Fatted Calf, a store that has meat. A lot of it. Duck confit in duck fat? Yes!
3/absurdly difficult situation; perhaps they should have drawn stun gun first? But is that procedure with a person with a knife? Scary, sad.
2/I would not want to make that call as a police officer: guy is closing in with a knife (he had a knife drawn or not?)? What can you do?
About 6-8 feet maybe? Intense video. “@aseitzwald: Does this look like 3 feet away to you?…
Nice talk with singularity university class today