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If @marissamayer wants to make a true power move, @BillSimmons would be amazing get for @YahooSports paired with @WojYahooNBA #FreeSimmons
So @espn banned @BillSimmons from using twitter... Can he favorite or retweet? Can he post to vine? What if he uses @tiinyapp? #FreeSimmons
ICYMI: @altschool is reimagining & revitalizing education w/mission & tech savvy. @Jason is w/Founder @ventilla
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Every single CFO, finance & many journalists will get a @BlackBerry password. Great for writing/spreadsheets
That's just BS @espn -- @nflcommish has certainly lied in all of this. #FREESIMMONS
WOW! @tferriss breaking all records for @TWistartups live... 260 RSVPs. About to close! this friday...…
I've been playing with the @BlackBerry #passport for the past three months -- it's AWESOME. especially for email/writing/spreadsheets
Anyone who launched @Launch festival in past 8 yrs (including @TechCrunch 50) can come to @LAUNCH_Scale as my guest! jason AT launch dot CO
more hotness from the awesome team @Circa including @mg & @AntDeRosa… excited #angel investor!
we need 10 more CTOs / VP of engineering to speak @LAUNCH_Scale -- security, CDNs, hosting, building teams + pitch @BDavidsocraveit now!
other domain services folks liked hoover, @Namecheap @namedotcom -- testing @google domains, but Google is tough to trust today.
Protip: @marissamayer can win huge if @Yahoo focuses 100% on building a @YouTube competitor / Video…
In very few startups can a JOURNALIST or WRITER be the CEO/STAR. My request for prototype is one:
OK, in @googledomains -- very slick, not a lot of upselling, $12 a year -- bought for 10 years for $120.
whoa! @GoDaddy wants $14.99 a year for domains... even if I do 10 years?! What's the better option today? Feels expensive no? #domains
.@InVisionApp: Thanks for building a great #product and supporting @TWistartups! :) // CC: @Jason
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J.J. Abrams has released a video of the new Millennium Falcon, w/ a tribute to the Batmobile
Really excited that folks are coming back to @inside apps at such a high % Android: iPhone
.@altschool is reimagining & revitalizing education w/mission & tech startup savvy. @Jason talks to Founder @ventilla…
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Wait a second... is that a batmobile on the bottom of the Millennium Falcon? I'm confused -- it's a joke? #starwars
Bedtime last night -- James and the giant peach is intense!
Groovy video game wallpaper @WeWork
Could use a tech writer in SF to work with me every day on @launchticker , the fund & @TWistartups - any writers out there available?
Today I've checked my phone 1 time. How about you? Find out with Checky
Very proud #angel! RT @JoshConstine:500K signups & 50% of users active each day, RobinHood makes investing viral
“Lessons from Hack The North — Fireside Chat with Chamath Palihapitiya” by @AliJiwani1
Kris Jenner divorces Bruce Jenner over irreconcilable differences, and they will split their assets.
Still so relevant 3 years later: @gavinandresen and Amir Taaki interviewed on #Bitcoin by @Jason Calacanis
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MILESTONE: My @AngelList syndicate has closed 10 deals -- a first!… Thanks @naval @nivi for support!
Sweet! I made @Jason's Launch Ticker email (which you should subscribe to). #bucketlistcheck
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@Jason @LAUNCH_Scale How do you scale an enterprise sales team? Build superb team and s/ware? Sure. Sales? Well, that's the key.
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If we love your question we will give u free ticket to @LAUNCH_Scale! $5k value because you contributed to agenda!
Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti: "Nobody's losing their job. I'm very confident of that." He says "we can't please" everyone.
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Founders:please post a Question about scaling startups you think folks would want to have answered… for @LAUNCH_Scale
Helpfill this @inside iOS position& I will take you courtside w/me @warriors game this season… or $1k @raise gift card
Are you an iOS dev looking to join a fast growth startup backed by @elonmusk @sequoia & @mcuban?… @inside is rocking
Need a podcast for the commute? Listen to the new @TWistartups where @Jason interviews @navdyInc + we get a shoutout
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Europe needs big minds taking risks! "@tcoppel: Mosaic Ventures Launches In Europe With $140M Fund Aimed At Series A"
Here's an approach that might just work. #isis #ShareACoke
Finding who all my secret @HowardStern fans are tonight with sad news that 'eric the thespian' passed -- @sacca @Jtillathekilla2 @pud