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Jason Ramsey
Pink Floyd's New Album "The Endless River" Out in October #pinkfloyd
Triberr's Top 100 Bloggers [INFOGRAPHIC] via @DashBurst
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Falling asleep at keyboard. I think I have a new iPhone but nothing is working so I have no idea. Will cry self to sleep.
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:( RT @ijustine: Falling asleep at keyboard. I think I have a new iPhone but nothing is working so I have no idea. Will cry self to sleep.
I'm going to sleep but it was good to see some friends at this hour @MartyMcPadden @TheOnlineMom @AnnTran_ @mistygirlph @blogomomma #VZWBuzz
I think this is going to be so big, VoLTE the sound quality of our calls is 100 times better @MartyMcPadden #VZWBuzz
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"@yumio: the plus will play U2 longer because of longer battery life" That's a good selling point, yeah?
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Trying to #PreOrder ? Verizon is up and running for the #iPhone6Plus - #VZWBuzz #ad
holy smoke batman, but I'm with you, that's what I got RT @HilzFuld: Did I say 64? Yea, meant 128GB. :-) Goodbye storage issues...
in your mind, enjoy ;) RT @TheOnlineMom: stop - I'm heading over there for crepes!!! @MartyMcPadden @mistygirlph @bebizzy #VZWBuzz
I'm glad "Cupertino Time" only applies to me once a year #justsayin #tired #VZWBuzz
Rock on! RT @HilzFuld: iPhone 6 Plus 64 GB in gold: ☑️ Now to sell my 32GB iPhone 5s...
Have you seen these 11 Sleek iPhone 6 Cases and Accessories ? #VZWBuzz ll RT @zanymomintx
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BREAKING: Oscar Pistorius found guilty of culpable homicide in the death of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.
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The Apple Store app on the iPad may have some access to #iPhone6 Plus for order. But stock going super fast. Good luck! #iPhone6Plus
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The judge should order #OscarPistorius to take an elevator ride with #RayRice. Case Closed!!
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Cases,cases everywhere! 11 Sleek iPhone 6 Cases & Accessories OR go OEM! #preorder #VZWBuzz
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RT @BuzzEdition: ♦When someone does a small task beautifully, their whole environment is affected by it. ~ Jerry Seinfeld #quote
great, now I'm hungry RT @TheOnlineMom: where is @krispykreme when you need them? @blogomomma @TheAngelForever #VZWBuzz
The most stress I've felt in my new found 30 + days of "retirement" has been trying to purchase the #iphone6plus I'm ridiculous & ashamed.
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lol, the pre-1985 model RT @kim: I'll take whichever model has the fewest U2 songs. #iPhone6Plus #iPhone6
rock on RT @MartyMcPadden: @Jason__Ramsey Just ordered the 5.5 for me and Misty!! #VZWBuzz #preorder
Plus, how bout you? #PreOrder RT @kim: Are you buying the iPhone 6 basic or the iPhone 6 basic deluxe plus?
lol @TheOnlineMom nope, but maybe I'm psychic? #VZWBuzz
shhhhhh RT @TheOnlineMom: Apple Pay + 10 selfies per second - this iPhone is a teen girls dream come true #VZWBuzz
just out of curiosity, how many of you are laying in bed on your laptops right now? #VZWBuzz #PreOrder
GREAT post RT @TheOnlineMom: This Cult of Mac post is super useful on the top features of the iPhone 6 #VZWBuzz
great for action shots RT @theCouponista: @MartyMcPadden Gotta say - I love burst mode! #vzwbuzz #preorder
iPhone6 Plus =dedicated virtual buttons for cut, copy & paste AND split mode to show you more information - YES PLEASE! #VZWBuzz #preorder
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touché RT @bebizzy: RT @momsreview4you And we all know how important that perfect selfie is! @MartyMcPadden #VZWBuzz
pretend it's 1985 and you don't have a phone RT @sarah_berryman1: How do I delete this U2 crap off my phone?!
What do you HOPE it was? RT @ijustine: I don’t even know what I just ordered
Another reason to choose the iPhone 6 PLUS ....if you need glasses #ahem it's better for reading #VZWBuzz @AnnTran_ @mistygirlph
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RT @SurfnSunshine: . #LikeaBoss RT @SilviaOnlineMom: Could not get on the Apple site, so went through Verizon - no problem #VZWBuzz
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RT @bebizzy: .@MicheleL812 Still opens right up here. Best suggestion is to keep trying! #ad #VZWBuzz
Ya, it's pretty big but I L💞VE it!@writetojohnmakk@SnowinRII I'll go for 4.7" Over 5" for me it's not smartphone but a "phablet"... HUGE! :D
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it rhymes with 'snapple' & the hashtag is #PreOrder RT @ijustine: So.. what’s everyone doing right now?
the #Verizon store is up, #justsayin #VZWBuzz RT @ijustine: LOSING MIND REFRESHING APPLE
@Jason__Ramsey Yes, for sure. The camera looks like a huge improvement :)
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very RT @katiesheadesign: How cool is this--> Reading "Your iPhone Can Replace Your Wallet" #PreOrder #VZWBuzz #ad
the #Verizon store is open #VZWBuzz #justsayin RT @mostlylisa: @Jason__Ramsey Apple store is still down in the frozen north :(
#VZWBuzz RT @chuckgose: Looks like @VerizonWireless might have gotten its act together before some of the other iPhone 6 options.
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Screen size is the biggest upgrade to me, and the camera is probably 2nd cc @katiesheadesign @MartyMcPadden @TheOnlineMom #VZWBuzz
so useful RT @blogomomma: Great article to help you decide which iPhone 6 is right for you! #preorder #VZWBuzz
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