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Jared Padalecki
supernatural hunting 1,493,992 followers
Idk what to say. I'm so tired of people hating on each other, fighting in the comments, people making hate accounts. Can't we all just be friends? Why is that so hard? Why do you have to pick a fight with someone? Why do you have to hate. It's heartbreaking actually. Especially when I see you guys
My favorite contact! This is to awesome to describe. Keeping this forever. Lol #mishacollins ~Nathalie
Just casually left a message. Cuz yolo. The first time there was this woman. Didn't care. The second time I was actually to nervous to say anything. The third time I left a casual message like "heey call me back" kinda thing. YASS! But the voice mail is so freaking cute! Gaaah! #mishacollins ~Na
Uhm church maybe? Marry me maybe?
FOOD MAKES ME _________. 💕Lissa
I'm so sorry doctor who fans, I didn't mean to hurt anyone by saying th- Shit. I forgot.
Donna noble has left the library. Donna noble has been saved. I cried... 💕Lissa
Can anyone name the exact amount of times dean's died? 💕Lissa
If you understand this caption, I-
When bæ has food in their hand. 💕Lissa
He looks like a college professor who's completely out of his mind...that I'd bang. 💕Lissa
Tbh I kinda miss Gordon... 💕Lissa
When bæ chooses you over food....jk that never happens. 💕Lissa
.@WHotels I'll admit, its hilarious that u PUBLICLY say "DM us, lets work this out". And when I DM u theres no response. Despicable.
One more thing @WHotels , dont pretend to be charitable when, in actuality, you have no intention of honoring your "donation". You suck.
.@WHotels I MEANT to say that it's a trashy and classless move to make excuses as to why you "can't" honor the certificate. Class-less.
Hey @WHotels , thanks for honoring the one-stay-certificate that I bought at a charity auction... Wait. I said that wrong. I MEANT....
#tolatetoparty #bffintrouble #lovehim #havetocomforthim #byeinsta
Beer glasses #drunk #love #bestie #cray #yolo
Under the table people #yolo #drunk @piateed 🍺🍸🍹🍷❤️
❤️❤️❤️❤️💩 #loveu #drunk #besties4life @linenils1994
My girls @ginagyldenskog @linenils1994 #loveu
My best bae ever love you forever #besties4life #drunk @henningbergs
Okay so I'm somewhat back.. I'm starting to question the @officialmisha account. I'm not sure if it's real anymore.... I might have been wrong. Still gonna follow it doe cuz pictures of Misha. Duuh! Oh and we have @jrackles ... Hmm.... Don't think that's real. I want it to be. WHY CANT INSTAGRAM B
To @tim_cook & everybody who works for #apple or #icloud , why on gods green earth do you not offer a storage plan bigger than 50GB?