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Jared Padalecki
RT: "@Apple: We now offer the new iPhones in many sizes. We have the 6.2", the 6.85", the 7.32", and the new 7.5" We hope you enjoy!"
I bet that when Jensen is feeling down he calls Misha cuz he's the only one who can lift his mood back up.
Watching supernatural with the bae 💕
Guess which song I'm listening to! Lol so hard!
This is me. Everyday. When I have to leave the house.
In summer from frozen! Just made it destiel. #sorrynotsorry
#Destiel Sometimes I like to close my eyes and imagine what it will be like when Destiel does get canon. Kiss and fluff, kissing and hugging will never stop. This will happen when once Destiel gets canon. A drink in his hand, a Cas up against his body again. Probably getting very turned on when
This is beautiful! Idk what else to say!
This Sunday is me and my husbands one year anniversary! 💕
Goooood morning Vietnam! So now I'm awake and ready to drive around town. Just have to wait for my husband to come home.
Demon eye! Gotta sleep now! Gonna drive tha car later and I need to be focus for dat!
Idk if I want Misha as my dad or my secret lover. The struggle.
I just realize I have no caption..., the struggle
Take selfies or sleep? I choose selfies!
When I don't sleep my eyes gets brown circles around them and my nose turns pink.. • sometimes I find accounts on here and they have selfies and my brain goes "damn that girl is cute. I should flirt" and then my brain goes "you're married" and I go "why must I like both genders?" Haha the struggle
I suddenly started craving potatoes... Like wth?! Why? Potatoes? Off all things! What the actual hell?!
So I've spent some time getting caught up on this story between Katelyn and Bailey and I'm sick. Why can't people just let people be happy? Like just.. Don't know. Okay. I hope this all works out okay and that both of them gets to live happy life together or apart preferably together tho. I'm postin
While looking for tattoos I saw this and I just "wow" maybe I should get "Misha Collins" tattooed on my back lol
I can't decide which type of tattoo I should go for. It's gonna go from my shoulder and down my arm as a start for a sleeve in the future. Hmmm....
This is so fucking hot!! I've decided to pierce my tongue again, even tho it hurts like hell. I also decided to pierce my bottom lip and nice. Ima have those rings in my ear 5-6mm and Ima pierce the top of my ears, two on one side, three on the other. Also, new tattoo soon, on my right shoulder! Ye
How does one make punk edits? Teach me someone! Is it like photoshop or is there an app or what?!
Punk!Cas. Ima go study religion now and learn more about angels. See yah!
Explaining my username: Destiel ... No need to explain.. We all know Destiel. Dean + Castiel. Nochester. Now this I see needs explaining. It's basically their last names or Cas' vessel, jimmy, 's last name. Novak + Winchester. No(vak) (Win)chester = Nochester You're welcome.
Okay so I had a thought. And don't hate me cuz I'm just thinking out loud (on text whatever). What if the world is like spn, heaven like. That God created earth but disappeared and left the angels alone. And when people pray they pray to God but he's not there so there's no answer, but if you would
I'm conflicted about dying. Like. I wanna go to hell, but if it's not Mark greeting me when I arrive I'll be disappointed. But I also wanna go to heaven. But if there's no trench coat wearing angel or no trail of candy leading to Gabe I will be disappointed. But if I don't go to any of those and
So Cas is not real? Well, my life is a lie....
This is a question to everyone who has read the bible: Is Castiel a real existing angel? I've never read the bible or anything and I know nothing, so please tell me, cuz I ain't gonna read it... To long and not enough Destiel.
I just wanna drive my baby all night cuz when I get something new I have the urge to use it... Problem is: I don't have my drivers license yet so I need a person that has one with me, and it's 7am and my husband is sleeping... I mean, I could go yolo, but the police scares me! Haha #TheStruggleIsRea
Touch screen on computers is the best thing to ever happen in this world! #Bless #Technology
Everyone I know has hated on windows 8, but tbh I love it. Especially now when I have touch screen on my computer.
HOW DOES ONE ART ON COMPUTERS?! Everything I art ends up looking extremely creepy like it crawled out of the pits of hell! I'll stick to pen and paper where I actually have control over what's happening! Lmao
I tried to art on this art thing on my computer cuz my phone died, but it ended up looking super creepy! I regret my decisions! Lmao! I can't!
Hey y'all, we just donated to this fantastic cause and y'all can too!!! #Even1DollarHelps…
He loves "humanity" even more now.
I didn't see Dean's face at first but now I'm laughing and I can't stop!!!
We know Misha. We know...
I'm confused.... What are we celebrating today? Destiel day? First Misha appearance day? First Castiel appearance day? Getting a vessel day? First day in Jimmy? Castiel a birthday? If I were to make a cake WHAT WOULD I WRITE ON IT?! #TheStruggle
Cas!!! 💕💕💕💕
Now it's up! Jesus. It's a little shorter than the first one but I think this one is better actually. Search: DestielNochester to find it. #happy #destielday2014
So I have to re-write the whole shit.... Well.... Ugh...
So I checked AND THIS?! I wrote like three pages! Wth?! This shit?! I'm done! Fuck that!
Here it is, just search: DestielNochester and you'll find it! HAPPY DESTIEL DAY #destielday2014
To celebrate #destielday2014 I'm writing a destiel one shot on wattpad! Yay, it will be posted soon.
Got a "new" car today! Been driving for 2 hours now. Yaay! #HappyDay
Okay, stop! I posted the Destielday 2014 picture cuz it's destiel day not to promote my scars or show them off or whatever. But they will of course be in the picture because they are scars, they won't go away. It's simple as that. And don't tell me I need help, I got help, and these are scars, not
The first thing I did after waking up was eating chocolate... I regret my decision... I feel like throwing up! What a horrible candy! #Destielday2014
He knows he celebrates he's in a good mood cuz #Destielday2014