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Want a page like this?
Jared Padalecki
I was talking to this person and i couldn't stop laughing and then my ipad crashed... Who is you?
It's been a while! Let's do this! Omegle text okaaaay
He's staring at the lips! SOMEONE GET ME A RECORD DEAL! Okay thank you!
I tried to do a thing but I couldn't do the thing cuz Misha lol
This song is so hard to sing like why?
Only having 15 seconds sucks
Ellåh!! So, song requests? I might do a few more but I bet my neighbor hate me cuz it's 5am lmao
LAST ONE I promise , plead the fifth
Had to speed it up a little to get it all lol
Cuz this song makes me cri
I. Found. A. Account. With. THIS. Name. I. Love. This. Account. Okay. Baiiiee.
This is what I love the most about iBooks. It actually turns it into an actual book. Like you turn the pages and it looks like this and I just love it! Like gaaaaaaah!
If someone hacked my phone and could somehow see through my camera, this is what they would see... Worth their time.
This is the face of a girl who had to work this Sunday
The best part of being a girl: boobs
{{ original pic: tag }} These men... I can't... Gahd... Been at work today... It's Sunday... Why?! Fuck me right in the pussy!
Some T&S feels for y'all // made by @lord_of_the_winchesters ✌️💕
When I show someone a picture of Misha and they say he's not cute nor hot ⬆️
This drawing is such wow. I want it! On my wall! No! In my bed!
This is the thing. A tiny bag of tobacco that you put under your upper lip. It's called Snus and I believe it's swedish...
Ask me anything and I will give you an honest to god answer!
This is love, this is life. Well, technically it's death cuz it's cancer in a box and it's expensive cancer, but it's love.
I explained supernatural to my friend who is christian, cuz she asked, i might also have mentioned that I want to wrap satan in a blanket and cuddle with him. There was nothing but fear in her eyes.
List of people I want Misha
I just checked my soundcloud and wtf this is cray! It's amazing! Omg! So much happening on this! So much wow
My iPad be like I see you're having fun It would be a shame If I Died
I believe this is the series of faces Misha makes when he takes a shit.
Do u know the band Black Veil Brides? Well, when I started listening to them I only knew what the word Black and Bride meant, I was clueless to the word Veil, so the name made no sense to me.. Now that I know what a vail is, i feel so stupid cuz bride.... Like wtf brain?
About the BDSM part of 50 shades of Destiel: I see some of you are asking if it's going to be safe practiced or an abusive relation ship and I just want to answer that question for everyone to see. I have done my research and I've read at least a 100 articles and factpages about BDSM. Both parts,
So because of things happening in my life the publishing date of 50 Shades Of Destiel will not be September 6th. I don't know what the new publishing date will be, but I will keep you updated! I am very sorry! #50ShadesOfDestiel #50SOD
what are you reading? "unpublished stories from independent writers online"
This is my face now cuz it's 7am and i haven't slept and I have to leave for work in 5 hours. Luckily it's only a 4 hour shift... So yah.
Castiel! He's looking at the apps!
How I read my books. I have this app called iBook. I don't know if you can download it. It just happened to be on this iPad. How to download books to iBooks? I use AO3 (archive of our own) to read fanfics and I have them all in this app. You go to AO3 Fin the book you want to read Click downloa
So it's only 7 chapters and i'm on chapter 5.... I'm scared... I don't like the change! It's hurting Cas and I don't like when Cas is hurting and i can't and all my feels but gahd... I will finish this and I will probably die cuz I've read your comments and I'm scared okay!
How long until heartbreak?!
Asgdfshakalahsh!!! So cute!! But I'm scared...... I'm scared of the hurt....
.@ATT hey geniuses, if UR gonna suspend my service and tell me to call, make sure someone is there to answer it!
I've written two songs so far, this is the third one I'm working on. I'm in the fucking zone! Haha