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Jared Padalecki
supernatural hunting 1,363,288 followers
Are children who act in R rated movies allowed to see them? 💕Lissa💕
People say I'm still single because I have too much high standards. Oh please. All I want is a man that looks, smells, talks and shoots like Dean that really too much to ask? 💕Lissa💕
I'm 18. How old are you all? 💕Lissa💕
We're tagged in like 10 '20 facts' thing and I just can't think of 20 facts about myself. Not that anyone would care anyway😂😂. Anyway good morning/ night 😊. 💕Lissa💕
// © @jensensbooty \\ so my father in law started talking about God and angels and satan and all that Christian stuff and all I could think about was Supernatural! #mylife 😂😏 ~Nathalie💜
// © @cwsupernatural \\ ima go out an roll a stone and yell "HEY IT'S ROLLING STONE!" Idk, bad joke! 😂👏 ~Nathalie💜
Trying to take my cat for a walk cuz dog! 🐱🐶 ~Nathalie💜
// © @casgetinmyass \\ GIRL PROBLEM: How come when you shave your legs, two days later it doesn't look like you ever shaved... Ever in your whole life.. I hate hair.. 😂😒 ~Nathalie💜
Me secretly being hungry. Stomach: Not so much a secret anymore Mother in law: there's some pudding in the fridge, you can take one if you want. Me: 😳😁👏❤️ ~Nathalie💜
// © @deans_angel_blue \\ I want to live in a world were no one gives a fuck and everyone jut walks around being fabulous and says "I donut care" 🍩 •What is your image of a perfect world?• ~Nathalie💜
// © @jensenbatmanackles \\ one of the people that inspires me the most on Instagram is @jerkstiel he's awesome! I'd marry him! Just sayin' 😏 ~Nathalie💜
// © @thosesupernaturalboys \\ what if you woke up tomorrow and this while channel was changed. The name and bio was different and all the pics where gone. Would you notice that @jarpad was missing? 😳 (NOT GONNA CHANGE IT GUYS) ~Nathalie💜
// © @jensenwinchester \\ I recent everyone to read "Nelson Mandela: The road to freedom" it's amazing! Okay! 👍 ~Nathalie💜
#WISRN , what are you guys doing? Take a picture of what you see right now and use the tag #WISRN and I will find it, like it and comment it! #funzies #solo #book 👍💕☀️ ~Nathalie💜
.@mishacollins I think they put the "i" on the wrong place. No?
I'm getting off now, I hope everyone has a good day -Yasmin
His hair looked really fab in this season -Yasmin
I finished season 4 of dexter and im still mind fucked and drowning in feels -Yasmin
Are my selfies making people unfollow? 😏 am I to bootiful for you to handle? 😂 sorry I'm bored! Okay, bye! ~Nathalie💜
Selfie from the bed, looks like a hospital bed, but it's not! #dailyselfie #sick #nomakeup #lolz ~Nathalie💜
Already posted this, don't care.. So, guess what, I'm food poisoned! Yaay.. Had a great night and I've had so much fun in my bed today. I hate life. We're 8 people here, we eat the same food, but only two of us got food poisoned... Lucky us! 😷 ~Nathalie💜
Jensen and Jared being separated by force// was it plaid day? 💕Lissa💕