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Jarek Taylor
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5 things to do instead of complain: 1. Practice Gratitude 2. Praise Others 3. Celebrate Success 4. Let it go 5. Pray
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Retweet if you have a 40 time faster than 4.60
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Jarek Taylor**** 5'11 DB 2015… 40: 4.45 BJHS #1 AL 7A Defensive Player of the year 2014/Rivals All State
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Real situations will always expose fake people
Every girl deserves a guy that can make her heart forget that it was ever broken.
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“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, and others make it happen.” - #MichaelJordan #ETinspires
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You can have whatever you are willing to struggle for!!
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You have to dunk on your kids, it builds character...
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Thank God everyday for the people who put me down or who are against me... Because it teaches me how not to treat others & how not to behave
Girls who ask you to hang out are the goat
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Senior year is flying by.. Throwback to homecoming week with my boys.
Congrats to my bro @torreyhunt for getting that offer from Florida A&M!
@anpruden65: @Jarek_Taylor We're still in the middle of a game!!”Well I don't think so 😬
I hate losing 😈#TriviaCrackk somebody give me some competition "jarektaylor" add
If you see Tyrell tomorrow limping its because I crossed him up today on the court #ballislife🏀
I've been up 44 hours straight and I'm still not tired 😐 ...
@anpruden65: I hate you right!! Stop stealing my little thingies on Trivia Crack!” Haha if I want it I'll take it! #TeamWinning
"Wait.. watch, see I get better in time like a watch..." 🏃💨💥🔫💰 Officially Track Season Inspired By: Dre
@KiD_KuTcHeY: And girls who actually text you first are even more heaven sent 🙏”💯
If you want to catch a quick L add me and challenge me on Trivia Crack... "Jarektaylor" <----- 😌
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and family of former Opelika Bulldog and current Auburn Tiger Jakell Mitchell. #RIPJAKELL
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Never got to many haters . I need my motivation !
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Rest In Peace Jakell Mitchell 🙏 My prayers go out the Family & the Auburn Family at this time..
Self satisfaction is the only satisfaction you need..Be True to you
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These 12 FBS bowl teams also won APR awards for academic excellence-- congratulations!
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@Sydneybookerrr: @Jarek_Taylor You're right Jarek I'd probably lose... Because I'm a loser” It's okay Syd..
Who's up and what's to play Trivia Crack? "Jarektaylor" Add me <----
We all make mistakes, it's all about having the ability to learn from them, own up to them, & move on ..
"Up up and away cause they gon' judge me anyway so whatever. "💫#kidcudii
they love you when youre doing good but hate you when youre doing bad
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I miss football season 😔 Definitely grateful for the bonds I've formed with my teammates these past years; And I'm definitely blessed with the opportunity to play the game at the next level next year.
Make sure you Count your blessings.
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No one knows my struggle, no one knows my pain, and the worst thing about it is I can't even explain all the things going on in my brain.
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@TheGrussle: Repped 810 15x on leg press and maxed 1,200 on leg press x 3 today 💪” I see you fam💯
Selfie of the night with the Coach of the best daggum team in the state �
Bust his head open like a pinata Like Percy Miller I've been bout it🔥
Are you gonna cry, or are you gonna make them pay? -Marco #oplquote
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if he pays for your CFA he's a keeper 😏
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fool me once shame on you. fool me again cant put the blame on you. fool me again pull the chopper out and let it rain on you
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People will mess with you just to see how you react 😊