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Music has the power to change all of us. It's important fabric of our life @JaredLeto. #Techmanity
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If we put our ideas into action we can do something meaningful - @JaredLeto #Techmanity
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1 HOUR. Who's coming to chat w/ me on @VyRT? Let's meet up in my room:
Anyone up for a chat? Join @JaredLeto TODAY at 3:45 PM PT (3 HOURS FROM NOW)! —
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Wtf??? #BartLives @bartcubbins
There are no shortcuts to any place worth going. ― Beverly Sills
Thx to the #Echelon who believe in us. Keep spreading the word.
Couldn't join me for #HAITI? Pre-order the digital download on @VyRT - 100% of profits benefit the country's people:
Thanks for watching #HAITI: The Journey Is The Destination, with @JaredLeto! — #TeamVyRT
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Thank you again to @PIH's Samantha Ender + @UNDPLAC's @JessicaFaieta for sitting in on today's #HAITI discussion.
"Haiti still needs us."-@JessicaFaieta of @UNDPLAC -
Building #resilience = crucial 4 disaster-prone #Haiti Think about that when u support an org @JessicaFaieta to @JaredLeto @VyRT
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Haiti only has 2% of green forests but there are tons of efforts to double that to 4% @JessicaFaieta to @JaredLeto @VyRT
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"Mountains Beyond Mountains." You'll be incredibly moved by the book. -
I wanted to make something beautiful, impactful, that touched the people of #Haiti.
I wanted to make something beautiful, impactful, that touched people with #HAITI:
This trip was ten, twelve days. See it documented in #HAITI - 100% of profits benefit the country's wonderful people:
This was the graveyard. And this sad kid, kind of off in his own world. — #HAITI
I look forward to a day where #HAITI becomes a destination again. —
The one thing about #HAITI that needs to be said, is that it's so beautiful. —
I literally ran after this guy only to discover his American flag bandana said 'Made In China'. — #HAITI
50% of children are unable to attend school. 20% have a 6th grade education or better. —
Orphans from the quake who lost their parents. They have only eachother and their dreams. —
The baby was in shock. Her ear was infected. It just stops you in your tracks. — #HAITI
When I took his picture + showed him how handsome he was, he lightened up a little bit. —
Kids are flying these kites around + it's something to witness. — #HAITI
This was, and is, "everywhere". Join me for #HAITI, LIVE now on
It's a place that you can go, take a million photographs a minute + come back with something mind-blowing. #HAITI
A testament of the power of the devastating 2010 quake in #HAITI. —
Everything is so much more similar than it is different. People. Culture. Lands. — #HAITI
"9:50 PM. Los Angeles." Sharing thoughts from the first page of #HAITI. —
I'm live on @vyrtcom right now! Join me at