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Jane Lynch
glee singers television actor 1,761,692 followers
Gracias pizza. RT @brdwayaimee: @janemarielynch what was your favorite hangout spot at ISU?
Doing a google chat my make-out partner with @DarrenCriss right now-ish. #GleeAlong
This kinda hurts my feeling. #GleeAlong RT @leamichelepls: @janemarielynch HELLS YEAH GET THE HELL OUT OF HER APARTMENT <3
Aw. Love ya Kev RT @druidDUDE: I should just be quoting @janemarielynch this entire time #GleeAlong
Nice huh?! #GleeAlong thanks for playing!!
Fetish. MLF RT @darrensredvine: wait, doesn't @DarrenCriss and @janemarielynch making out class as porn? #GleeAlong
Video SLOWLY downloading. Me kissing @DarrenCriss
Yes. A little bit of beer breath. Nice. RT @CherilynRenee: @janemarielynch Are his lips as amazing as they seem? #GleeAlong
Word. #CHRISPARNELL RT @DarrenCriss: "...I liked making out with him though." - @janemarielynch #GleeAlong
His? Thx... RT @RRobertaa_: @janemarielynch Here in BRAZIL, admiring his voice * DIVA * #GleeAlong
Shout out to @mussoandfrankgrill for letting us transform it into Mario's. #GleeAlong
It was the one I wear tonite now I'm kinda sick of it. RT @alittlepupNola: @MrRPMurphy does Sue have a favorite track suit? #GleeAlong
The kid!! RT @Lost_Pharaoh_: Jane lynch aka sue is one of my favorite characters on glee and funny �@janemarielynchh#GleeAlongg#Gleee
Ooh I felt that! Thx! RT @Shannon_Gleek1: @DarrenCriss Can I give you all a virtual hug because I love you so much
Thank you very much. RT @thatguythom: NYC - "an island that is shaped like a dong and smells like pee" @GLEEonFOX #SpotOn #GleeAlong
Punch her straight in the taco RT @swagurline: @janemarielynch how would Sue Sylvester react to meeting Hillary Clinton? #GleeAlong