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Jamie Grace
so excited cause my nails r all long and healthy then i tried to play guitar for the first time in a week & that dream was over. #girltweet
my friends Justen Harden loves the Lord so much and is able to share God's love using social media, often times...
I bought myself a pearl necklace this year but honestly I loved the box more until last night when I had to attack a weird creature and use my beautiful little box until my dad can come and assist me with further decisions... Also I wrote this on it so I wouldn't forget in the morning... What is my
alright i should probably attempt sleep! :) everyone just tuning in or seeing these tweets don't worry it (will) won't happen again ;)
So the guy next to me today looked at me like it was strange for a BIG biker looking dude was rocking out to some @jamiegraceh?
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oh wait no i don't eat colorful cheese that tastes like stuff rich people eat uh uh i'm talkin feta, cheddar, goat, pepper jack...
i mostly eat lettuce, kale, spinach, arugula, cheese (literally ALL cheese), milk, water, chicken, tacos, fish, pizza and hot pockets :)
sugar, bread, pancakes, waffles, olives, peanut butter, chocolate, olives, mushrooms, steak, bacon, ham (not religious reasons) or jelly
oh my gosh i'm such a picky eater.. like this is everything i don't eat...
you guys @emelisande is on twitter! why am i so giddy about that! ah! :)
@jamiegraceh "everyone is chocolate. There's white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate... But we all chocolate."
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like i'm not offended to be called black/brown. pretty proud of it actually & i love bein able to appreciate diff aspects of all cultures :)
@jamiegraceh that wasn't rude in any way, rude would be "so this idiotic whit guy". Nope, I spy no rudeness :)
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@jamiegraceh People always gotta have something to criticize haha. You handle all the hate really well though!
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anyone who follows me that isn't awake right now is gonna hateeeeee these tweets in the morning, hahaha
maybe that's worse
like i'm over here like, "maybe i should've called him apricot..."
haha y'all are making me feel better about life
@jamiegraceh Jamie, that's not rude. 😂 would it be rude if I called you black? I sure hope not!
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like i thought rude words were like, "ugly" or "dumb"... i thought white was like... a generic word... like if i called him black...?
okay y'all legit people said it was rude that i called him white... please tell me i'm not crazy... how is that rude?
tweet me back once you watch it!
okay first, watch this 15 second video:…
ok let's have a deep convo. y'all ready for this?