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Jamie Grace
what do you when you wake up with 10+ important emails all from different people? tweet about it:)
β€œ@its_cilla_: I JUST MET JAMIE GRAAAACE AHHHHHHHHH OMMMMGGG @jamiegraceh πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„οΏ½” hope you enjoy the show!
when ur watching frozen for the second time and Hans is singing love is an open door
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seriously social media is pushing a generation of shyness. be bold and brave and like pay for food and stuff... and okay i'm going to sleep
these blogs goin around sayin "how to tell if its a date" um guys, say, "i would like to take you on a date" instead of "uh wanna hang out?"
this is definitely happening right now... thanks, @iTunes! @kirstenstorms
day off... workout needed... i love me some @dailyburn! thanks lisa newman :) #imtired #mygoodness #highkicks
any photographers have any shots from #positivehitstour? :)
so @JLin7's birthday is saturday... same day i'm playing in LA... now that he's w the @Lakers... i think...well... :) // @ajRAFAEL? haha
ICYMI: Watch the brand new official music video from miss @jamiegraceh for her song #DoLifeBig right now!!!
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@jamiegraceh Our generation needs to replace #yolo with #dolifebig! You truly are enough to change the atmosphere. Thank you!!!
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this little human is makin me miss home! #septemberisforeveraway #Goddaughter #Godmomstuff #jgandcharlie #thatdrooltho #shecanstandupnow #nobigdeal #shesreallysmart #nextstopovaloffice #moveoverkidpresident #babyprezondeck #freefruitsnacksforall
like is it bad if I, quite comfortably, say, "kale is my friend"?! i wrote this last night... #positivehitstour
how does one go about becoming a @jimdunlopusa artist... hmm...
when you take a bunch of east coasters a little further west... the selfies begin :)
β€œ@PalmTreePunk: Hey @jamiegraceh What did you want? @TacoBell” Bahaha yes!! Tonight's #dolifebig shoutout...
so honored to hear Tauren doing the vocal run @itsmorganmusic & I taught him!! hear the original here. #royaltailor #positivehitstour
just now getting to watch @raptureruckus on stage @ #positivehitstour w @air1radio - I've been missin out y'all!
hey, Dallas!! first baptist lewisville @ 7pm! can't wait to see ya! such a fun show :)
please read @SavannaHartman's blog on purity. written with grace & compassion, yet boldness.”
If you ever have a desire to be a writer, I suggest you be strong in your convictions because people can be BRUTAL.
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people often ask my parents about parenting classes... don't miss this new series at our home church!
β€œ@tonynolanlive: Hey @jamiegraceh I am soooo pumped about this!!” I'm more pumped!!!