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Jamie Grace
When u look back and see how Jesus been workin in ur life
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hello I'm jamie grace and i played kickball this weekend!
love this sweet family! M&T are the adorable world-changing kiddos and I guess their parents are okay too;) got to catch up with them at our last show of the #positivehitstour. also doesn't the dad look like he could be related to the needtobreathe brothers!? haha @borinehart3
#Repost @papajharp: Sanctification is not a denomination but a process - you're in, but separated from the rest because you're in Christ Jesus. Are you in?
YALL!!! We just drank BACON SODA!!! @junglejimsmrkt @dgarcia0_0 @davidjoshuamusic @imandrenow @itsalexjohnson @pkekoanichols @theamyandy
Thanks @jamiegraceh for being such a positive influence on young girls from the father of one.
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THANK YOU to everyone who came to the #positivehitstour!! i'm sleepier than i've been in a while ;) but my heart is full - goodnight:)
end of tour kickball. team @RoyalTailor cameback & won, now our bus is full of talkin fouls and outs and i'm just like pizza. give me pizza.
Is it too much to want the GPS lady voice to say 'please'?
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Kentucky was last night. Ohio tonight. Indiana tomm. the #positivehitstour is wrappin up! details @
In my young life I learned that every day can begin worshiping my creator. -@jamiegraceh // How are you worshiping God today?
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it's rare i crack up cause of hilarious ppl in the crowd & can't sing. thanks for your smilin faces & energy tonight, kentucky!! #dolifebig
if u wanna know what my friends & i are like at shows... srsly just like this crew--> @DamiaShanelle @mariahrosanbalm
I made Jamie Grace laugh so hard she couldn't sing. πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
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sometimes I act like I don't want her to take my picture but really I get all giddy about it. #sisterstuff #singlestuff #Repost from @itsmorganmusic --- My sis @jamiegraceh is so cool. Fellas you have to talk to ME first though. Oh and our dad @papajharp. And my husband/her brother in law @pkekoani
β€œ@QuiteWomenCo: Singles: the wait is worth it. may mean telling guys "no", but it's 1 step closer toward what God wants for you.” <---
hello, I'm jamie grace n these are my favorites. #pathatespictures @itsmorganmusic @pkekoanichols
I wish I knew less about celebrities today and more about the people from the Bible. That's my new goal!!!
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so i definitely cried... a group of fathers welcoming kids back to school on their first day!! amazing. step up...
am i a hipster if i tell the world i heard #fireblazin acou this summer? ;) make sure y'all get it @CapitalKingsUSA
----> @team_ziel: PRE-ORDER the new album from Zie'l (@TheOfficialZiel) on iTunes & instantly receive 2 new songs!
i've been so encouraged by @iDiscipleApp this weekend, y'all!! honestly one of the best subscription apps ever.
yesterday was lovely! not only did I get Alexander to try @aliveandradiant kale chips and fall in love wth them, haha, but his lovely mom @annspade came to the show! I watched her on YouTube growing up and was so giddy to finally meet her in person and geek out over how cool she is :) don't ever thi
cali. cousins. heart. full.
What I've learned from #ferguson: Listen. Lament. Speak. Pray. Don't Stop. Thx to folks like @LeonceCrump & @prophiphop for helping me learn
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HAPPY MONDAY! He says, "...I have come that you may life ABUNDANTLY!" -John 10:10 see the #dolifebig video @
while the rest of the world is bummed that it's Monday, the touring musicians are dancin cause it's the weekend! #lessgo
From @itsmorganmusic: "my sister @jamiegraceh & I were born on the west coast in L.A., but grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. As a result, we didn't get to spend much time with our Papa who lived in L.A... Weeks before he died, we all gathered around him and read the Word together. I remember my father re
everybody's always talkin about @PelicanProducts... maybe I should check em out?
Not only can @jamiegraceh SANG but she can PREACH too. Girl, you brought the tears. οΏ½@Air1socall…
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the cup song... @itsalexjohnson @imandrenow
Asia wanted to surprise her hubs @iamkelmitchell w our concert for his bday. we just had one request... ;) ahh!
love love love this sweet family! not only are they so adorable but they're four of the sweetest people you'll ever meet!! thanks for my card, Stella!! love you guys :) @stellaandblaise
big sis @itsmorganmusic just sent me the "official" text - 100k followers on Instagram!!! crazy!!! to say thanks I'll do some videos! comment songs below (insta only) and I'll pick a few to do some fun covers w my band :) thanks y'all!!!!!
I'm half an hour away from the hospital where I was born!! Should I like cry or something? #calistuff
well hello, Los Angeles! #sortof
I may not know your plan but I'm safe here in Your hands #LittleOl'Me @jamiegraceh
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spending three days in the state that borned me! (yes that's a word...) Thanks for San Diego for a GREAT night!! Fullerton Saturday & Sacramento Sunday!
@jamiegraceh Here is a picture from my 10 year old - Ella. She loves your music and saw you in Moncton, NB.
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repost from @earthpix...I really want a baby rabbit now.
Phoenix! lookin forward to dancin with ya tonight :) #positivehitstour and thanks @LETGOdwork!!
like smtimes it's 4:30pm & ive responded to emails, rehearsed, handled phone calls, and i'm *still* in my PJs w undone hair... #professional
what do you when you wake up with 10+ important emails all from different people? tweet about it:)
β€œ@its_cilla_: I JUST MET JAMIE GRAAAACE AHHHHHHHHH OMMMMGGG @jamiegraceh πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„οΏ½” hope you enjoy the show!
when ur watching frozen for the second time and Hans is singing love is an open door
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seriously social media is pushing a generation of shyness. be bold and brave and like pay for food and stuff... and okay i'm going to sleep