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James Arthur
I love a day off. Im driving to the health club for a sauna, steam, swim and a massage. #LoveLife
Who's coming to @SoccerSix ? I'm feeling very fit right now. Watch out for the goal machine ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️ #SOCCERSIX
I can't wait for winter.. There's nothing like being snuggled up in a warm house when it's freezing outside. Plus there's always sun angel 🌞
Got my teeth back! Wooo.. Sorry sweaty from football! X
I never thought I'd say anything like this but.. Oh my god avocado cookies are special 😳
I gotta go guys! Lovely chatting to you!! Xxxx
@rumiyuce: @JamesArthur23 #AskJamesArthur Any plans to coming Turkey?? :)” of course! :) x
@aislingmulcair1: @JamesArthur23 what would you like to do if you wernt working in music? Ps thank god u are ✌️😂✌️�#askjamesarthurur” acting
@Anija5: @JamesArthur23 @JamesArthur23 what you think about Latvian fans? #askjamesarthur :) :)” they were awesome when I met them! X
Last few questions and I gotta go play some football!
@niallershore: @JamesArthur23 Describe your fans, please :) #AskJamesArthur” insane, incredible, fearless and passionate .. And like me!
@_ValentinaJA23: @JamesArthur23 #askjamesarthur what's your favourite tv program?” Right now.. Im enjoying big brother but overall MOTD x
@dreamleadsme: you won't ever notice this. :( ❤️ @JamesArthur23 #askjamesarthur” wow that is so good! Thanks!
@blessingzayn: @JamesArthur23 whats the last movie you have seen in the cinema? #AskJamesArthur” I went to see the purge 2 it was alright!
@charlottwhale: @JamesArthur23 #AskJamesArthur best trainers?” I like my jays the best out of my trainer collection.
@Mifox18: @JamesArthur23 do you plan on getting anymore tattoos👀???#AskJamesArthurr ✨” yup 😊 only a couple more though..
@Laurine_Y0ung: Do you like french fans? @JamesArthur23 #AskJamesArthur” I adore French fans x
@OfficialStaceyL: @JamesArthur23 Whats your favourite cereal?? #askjamesarthur” hmm there's loads! I love cereal.. Honey but loops.. Argh!
@katieddeakinn: @JamesArthur23 favourite childhood memory #askjamesarthur” I used to live across the road from this bendy tree it was good.
@Borismybitch: @JamesArthur23 DO YOU LOVE ME BAE ??? BC I DO #AskJamesArthur 🙈💙” I do love you!
@flowerzayn_: @JamesArthur23 #askjamesarthur what's your favourite football club?” Im a boro fan :) @Boro
@NIAZDRENKA: @JamesArthur23 #ASKJamesArthur Do you miss Belgium? Belgium miss you.” I certainly do miss Belgium! Belgium is sexy
@Bajszi1: @JamesArthur23 ARE YOU ALWAYS HONEST? #AskJamesArthur” I try to be. Honesty is the best policy.
@aliishapaige: @JamesArthur23 @JamesArthur23 #AskJamesArthur Would you rather have toes as fingers or fingers as toes? 7” toes as fingers?
@nialltojade: @JamesArthur23 #AskJamesArthur If you could pick a dead artist to collaborate with, which one would you pick? 😊 ..” Jimmi
@SaraahMac: @JamesArthur23 ever going to do a show in NYC?? #askjamesarthur” NYC is very much on the cards yes 😉