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Jake Fogelnest
How can I be expected to worry about Ebola when Oscar Fever is just a few months away? Yes, this is what passes for a joke on Twitter.
What's more fun than the cult surrounding the movie "The Big Lebowski?" Quote the movie, wear a bathrobe, drink a White Russian. So fun.
I am tired of opening up the Internet to controversy every day. Lady Gaga has COPIED @jawnita's bangs. #BangsGate…
Wow really stuck in a dilemma because I am both smart enough for New York and hot enough for LA
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#RookieYearbookThree is very big and I am very tiny. Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday and please stay safe online!
This website is just a bunch of damn wisecracks!
I don't appreciate being bullied online. There, I've said it!
Buy one of these ya dweeb! Okay that was rude and I'm sorry for being an online bully. Here is the link:…
I just feel bad that eventually someone is going to try and explain what Gamergate is to Fran Lebowitz.
I officially apologize for everything i did during the year 1996. Also most of 2005.
Now @jakefogelnest has a 2nd chance to not walk out of a great Sleater-Kinney show to go see Skeleton Key instead.
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Everyone cut the shit. Sleater-Kinney are back and I expect you all to be on your best behavior.
Whenever a pumpkin festival turns into a riot, it means there's six more weeks of SATAN.
Nothing better than getting to meet my twitter friend @jakefogelnest in the flesh in row 4 on our @VirginAmerica flight to NY! I love life.
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For everyone who's been asking me whether Colonel Sanders and Alice Cooper were ever photographed together...
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Shoutout to the person in the airport security line at 5:40am silently lip-syncing the final verse of "Anaconda" to themselves.
Which wallet is mine? It's the one that says "NICE HANDSOME BOY" on it! Haha this is how it would go if I was in "Pulp Fiction." :-)
I'n installing OS X Yosemite and if it doesn't include this fucker yelling at me, I'm throwing my computer in a pond.
I am getting off the computer now before someone tries to mansplain Marshall Crenshaw to me.
UPDATE: I made a reference to power pop band Shoes moments ago and have angered the real life Power Pop Pop Pop.
One time during the 70's, a band named themselves "Shoes" and got away with it.
My cat thinks he's on the cover of a damn Roxy Music album or something.
My cat thinks he's on the cover of a damn Roxy Music album.
A lot of things are extremely wack, but then again a lot of things are real good. Anyway, thanks for letting me be on 60 Minutes. I'm Jake!
I'm telling you now: if any goddamn Dracula tries to spook me on Halloween, I will call the cops and they will go to jail.
In case you haven't seen other people's tweets, I also got the e-mail Scott sent out about @ComedyBangBang returning tonight at 11pm!
Back in the 50's, a lot of rock and roll music used nonsense words like "Ramma Lamma Ding Dong.' It was real silly. I think that's fun. :-)
What if you walked in to your therapist's office and he was listening to Frank Zappa's "Chunga's Revenge" at a very moderate volume?
I hope Amy Winehouse's ex-husband Blake is doing well.
I think men involved with #GamerGate might change their tune if they knew that feminist author bell hooks edited Nintendo Power Magazine.
Happy Birthday to @AndyKindler! Here's to big things for you this year! Like getting booked on "Real Time with Bill Maher!"
I'll say it. You'll hear it. You'll do it. I'll get it. You'll learn it. I'll live with it. You'll die without it.
I am so honored to be a part of this. You can now pre-order "Scharpling & Wurster: The Best Of The Best Show." A 16 CD box set that spans the history of the WFMU show. It comes with a 108-page hardcover book featuring a definitive interview I did with Tom and Jon earlier this summer. Get yours now a
I was honored to interview @scharpling and @jonwurster for this incredible box set which you can pre-order NOW!…
Get some sleep people. Tomorrow's a big one. #BestShow2014
Keep up the tweets back and forth, gang. We're this close to figuring it all out and everything being perfect!
My phone just tried to autocorrect "I am grateful" to "I am gyrated up" and now I think I have to register as a sex offender?
I would never kinkshame you and that's a #FogelnestPromise.
.@BurgerKing Really? This is the first tweet you go with after silence? Okay, I'll bite: what's your excuse for ripping off @billyeichner?
Just heard about this Burger King #BillyOntheStreet rip off. This shit ain't right. No fakes! All hail @billyeichner!
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Neil Young was on The Howard Stern Show this week and he said "I am Groot." This is real. You can look it up.