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Jake Fogelnest
Look, it's just my opinion, but I'm starting to think maybe these cops aren't so great at their jobs.
Hey everyone, @larainenewman is now on this website!
Did you hear? Charles Manson has agreed to take the "Ice Bucket Challenge," but Corcoran State Prison officials aren't allowing it. So lame.
I was sitting next to a pregnant lady on my flight and she vom'd everywhere. I was really nice about it. I'm a terrific man. And humble.
Do not underestimate the song "Causing A Commotion" by Madonna. Though not the lead single from "Who's That Girl," it is equally important.
Madonna 1983-1987 is my favorite era for Madonna. Pre "Like A Prayer." This includes "Who's That Girl" but excludes "Dick Tracy." Thank you.
I'm on Virgin flight 420. Virgin. 420. Go ahead, laugh it up. You dimwit goons.
I'm heading to New York City for the week. Might even check out this "Brooklyn" neighborhood I keep hearing about from all the music videos.
I have received a few @ replies to this tweet asking, "Who's Chris Martin?" Chris Martin is the colossal dweeb from Coldplay. Thank you.
Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin is the most exciting celebrity romance since Jennifer Love-Hewitt and Carson Daly.
Let's get something straight: if you make fun of me online, you will eventually end up in jail.
I'm not dumping a bunch of freezing ice water on myself for any goddamn reason. That would be cold as hell and I'd be uncomfortable.
You can't keep up with me. It's 10:35am and I've already read a long article on the untold history of "Flashdance."…
Thank you @vanrobichaux for leaving this letter of recommendation on my desk this morning. I look forward to us having many chats together at Soho House.
If I were in 8th grade, I'd make it my business to slow dance to "You Know What I Mean" by @CultsCultsCults with my crush at a school dance.
Talk about a hands on approach to detective work. Have you seen @funnyordie’s #Sharklumbo yet? Take look: #Sharknado2
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The Doors paved the way for Puddle Of Mudd. So much history on this stage.
The great @mikerosenstein shares an Instagram featuring @armenweitzman which is a promotional blitz for @thebirthdayboys.
The situation in Ferguson is heartbreaking. Also, you don't always have to weigh in on Twitter, it's completely optional!
hi @SohoHouse, @jakefogelnest and I are now important hollywood men. we shall join soon. are you excited?
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This is me while you guys all run around tweeting dumb shit.