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Jake Fogelnest
Principal photography starts Friday.
I like to think every Instagram photo was taken by Elvis Costello.
Here, I bet this will get a lot of retweets: ET think he look slick in that wig. See? It's Jack White lookin' funny.
If the Prince song "Erotic City" was called "Culver City" I don't think it would be as sexy. I don't know, that's just me.
Please don't troll me on the web today.
Just a reminder that "You Ain't Got The Answers, Sway" was one of the dopest things that ever happened.
I could tweet the Barksy joke and get so many retweets and favorites for the #WorseMoonLandingQuotes @midnight hashtag game.
Hey, let's all have a great week this week. Cheers.
You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge.
Imagine being one of those people who sees prerecorded kiss concerts at the movie theater
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If anyone can find the video of preppie murderer Robert Chambers strangling a Barbie doll, please send it to me because I guess I'm a ghoul?
This is Spike. He is one of those mental patients that Reagan turned his back on in the 80's.
It's kind of messed up that you can type a few keys on a computer and next thing you know, you're looking at this.
The word "pager" sounded more sophisticated than "beeper." I distinctly remember the cultural shift when everyone started saying "pager."
Just read that Jim Norton is launching "The Jim Norton Show" for Vice. Slow down, don't try to appeal TOO MUCH to my sensibilities at once.
Maybe I'll just go to The Grove and listen to Blondie, what will the haters do then???? 😍
I am going to get a haircut and buy some clean shirts because I have things in development.