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@djwats01: @JahmeneDouglas bless up.” 👍😁📀 I hope all is good with yo#stayblessedsed
@gabidown_98: @JahmeneDouglas thanks for the follow!" Thank you also. 😁👍🎶 Stay Blessed. X
Watching @Diane_Warren :Songbook 😭 This woman is incredible.She's ridiculous..Too much love for you Diane. 🎶 & You're Singing! Duet Duet!❤️
Mobo Awards Show Red Carpet yesterday evening. #MOBO2014
@JahmeneDouglas @MOBOAwards This means a lot to us. You have always been so gracious and positive. Xx
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@JahmeneDouglas @MOBOAwards Thanks Jahmene for your supportive comments. Xx
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@boxinggabc: me and my mate @JahmeneDouglas what a top lad great night. Stay blessed 👍🎶
ShoutOut to @USN_UK 💪👍 Thanks for the push into the direction of exercise.I need to start taking it seriously. Health&fitness are important!
@itis_KAY: Got a selfie with the lovely @JahmeneDouglas what a lovely guy x” sending love your way x
Overtaking someone on foot and keeping up the exhausting pace until safely over the horizon
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Love to @Contactmusic @contact_photos for always looking after the snaps ! 📷 👍😁
Out at the MOBO Awards last night ! Really appreciate the love and support they give UK talent. It's such a push for so many. Big love to Kayna King and the team(s) behind it all. Shout out to "contactmusic" for getting my snaps in. Hope you tuned in and saw performances like Nicole Scherzinger's!
Out at @MOBOAwards last night! 🎶#MOBOS20144 Really appreciate the love& Support they show UK talent!@KanyaKingg ❤️�
@LipsyLondon: @JahmeneDouglas @CoriceDouglas great choice, she'll love it! :) x” 😊thanking you! 😁❤️🎄
@Sophie_Tweets: @JahmeneDouglas I got two Disney DVDs yday.. Wooh💁lool x” ❤️
Ultimate Ears portable sound bar 🎶🎧🔊 #GiftIdeas #UE 🎁🎄👍
#GiftIdeas 🎄🎁👍😁@tresorparis For mother ? Gotta love how TP jewellery sparkles #blingbling ✨
Gift Ideas for Christmas ! 🎁🎄👍😁 JBL Headphones. Wireless option and touch control.
@MNEK: @JahmeneDouglas man like!! Lovely to meet you man x” well done with the performance too. Hitting those falsettos!! 👍🎶
I love things that play music 🎶 😜👍📀🎧 Check out this portable speaker
@CHEMILE: @JahmeneDouglas jahmene youre lucky i have 7 sisters and 1 brother to buy for” 😰😱🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁
Clothing. I hate getting things every one has for people .. Gotta look around. #GiftIdeas Check out @BlueInc 🎁👍
For something Unique and flashy @Holler_Soul watches ! ⌚️ #GiftIdeas 🎄🎁👍 they're quite impressive. Big range
@Jessicabowyer2: @JahmeneDouglas best christmas present would to be seeing you sing live again xx” 🙈 thank you x
From a family of five ... One sister ! It ain't easy shopping for brothers or the step father. But they deserve love too! Lol 🎁#giftideasas
@biebermum: @JahmeneDouglas tell me about it I have 3 teenage sons who seem to have everything already!”so you'll like my #GiftIdeas 😜🎁😎👍
My favourite Christmas present is good company. I spent last year alone 😱 😭🎄🎁
@thebeanboy23: @JahmeneDouglas all in one day tbh... #christmaseve” *face palm* 🎁
There are these badboys from @JBLaudio wireless option & touch control! 😱🎁�#GiftIdeasdeas 🎧 (Synchros S400BT) You
Do you do all your Christmas shopping in one day or over time ? Big Bucks ... Thoughtful or both ? 🎁#GiftIdeass
There is @PoliceLifestyle ! Sunglasses & shout out for the CROSS.. It's not easy finding men's crosses.🎄�
@KangarooTilly: @JahmeneDouglas a new tattoo 😍” of what ?
There's @Tresorparis they do Womens & Mens stuff, never fail to sparkle or impress! You like? #GiftIdeas 🎄�
Let me give you all some inspiration for gift ideas :-) because it ain't easy ! 😰😎 but we play it cool. Lol. 🎄
What do you all want for Christmas this year then ? What's on the lists ? 🎄🎉🎁🎈💝🎇
@luke_girl: @JahmeneDouglas no lie I've nearly finished..”I knew I was late 😜
@LauraMcball: @JahmeneDouglas me! I brought myself a watch 😂” haha. ⌚️
@dannidoo98: @JahmeneDouglas I've finished :)” FINISHED ! Nar.. You ain't playing! X
@FullTimeJLSter: @JahmeneDouglas I have, I have! 💁💁💁💁” on it like a car bonnet 😜🚘 x
Has any one started Christmas shopping yet ? I'm usually late on this. 😜😎🎄 who's started already ?
Lovely bumping into Angel from @TheRealT57 at the @MOBOAwards yesterday! Sending love your way. Hair on point! Peace&Light x #MOBOS2014
Had such a great time at #MOBO2014 So great to enjoy it as a spectator without any pressure...also catching up with so many of my ❤️'d 1's
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Shout out to @Contactmusic for always getting those snaps in for me. Really appreciate what ya do! :D Stay Blessed Always.
Big thanks to all those who came down to support the MOBOs last night! #Mobos2014