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J.A. Adande
Holdup, did J.J. Watt do the Mutombo finger wag?
Steve Kerr has his main guys in against Laker backups. Warriors still working kinks out of new offense.
Kobe's finding spots & creating space with fallaways. Heads to bench w/10 points in 1Q
Weird seeing Kobe on court w/only 1 guy he's played any substantial minutes with (Jordan Hill). He's still figuring things out
#HandsacrossAmerica RT @AroundtheHorn Did anyone notice something a bit peculiar about Tony's @GMA debut today?"
RT @JsiahSports: let's go with "Star Potential."
Klay Thompson has 19 points in 26 minutes tonight. How r we gonna classify him this year? Star? Star-ish?
How was that scored? IBB WP 2-1?
Blake Griffin is 7/12 and "sharpshooters" Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and J.J. Redick are a combined 1/16.
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Leon Wood isn't treating this like an exhibition game. He's called techs on Blake Griffin and Doc Rivers.
Meanwhile, in Clippers-Warriors exhibition game, Blake Griffin's jumper has been wet like that Bryce Harper home run ball.
@jadande Pat Riley already in position for upcoming Heat vs Cavs preseason game in Brazil
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Lidlum LED sports lighting, since you asked RT @avewoodbury: what's different?
The Lakers will continue to use their own set of lights.
You probably can't tell in the picture, but new Staples Center lighting gives a different look to the arena.
Lakers give 8-week timetable for return of Nick Young after surgery on torn ligament in thumb today.
The NBA: expanding vocabularies, bit by bit RT @haleyehuffman: So... I had to Google "3 goggles."
As Embiid left the court, he drained a flat-footed, 1-dribble step-back corner 3, stuck his tongue out and held up a 3 goggle to the crowd.
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By the way, I'd love to fall $3.5 million behind on something and only get a stern statement for my efforts
Good to see a newspaper battle, even if not old school RT @romenesko LA Times: OC Register owner owes us $3.5 million…
.@IzzyESPN wore it better RT @WSJSports: We are doing kids Halloween costumes again.
RT @ConnorBMorgan "It's 2014 - he's skating around with a mullet. He's doing it all for the comedic effect!" LOL - truer words never spoken!
Also, why's he skating around? Aren't you supposed to STAND at attention for anthem? RT @AroundtheHorn:
He skated RIGHT AT a carpet. How'd he think it was gonna end? RT @AroundtheHorn: Our favorite video of the weekend!
.@AroundtheHorn 5ET/ESPN w/@jadande @bomani_jones @ProfBlackistone @FisolaNYDN! 2day: Brady back?, O's/Royals advance, a chop block,College!
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Cc: @michaelsmith RT @natemup Anybody else seeing the palpable chemistry between @jemelehill and @jadande right now on @ESPN_Numbers?
You can have your NFL players in pink cleats. I'm inspired by @ShelleyESPN #we'regonnawin…
RT @Melanism: Players Union: "What happened to the money from the new TV deal?" Owners: "Um. We spent it. Lemme find you some receipts.""
It's going to be hilarious to watch NBA owners plead poverty in the next collective bargaining talks
#BoardwalkEmpire Has Capone even left the suite this season?
#YearOfBoogie RT @mr_jasonjones: A DeMarcus dunk just knocked a screw out of the basket.
True RT @_thedailybagel_: Coachella Tupac >> Most rappers today
Tom Brady still alive >> Tupac still alive
DirecTV synopsis for tonight's Boardwalk Empire --- "Chalky returns to Atlantic City" --- sounds like the season's most promising episode
Congrats RT @trailblazers: Welcome, Jabari! RT CSNNW: CSNNW is proud to announce @jabari_young as its @trailblazers Insider.
Unbelievable rash of injuries for the Chargers. Rivers will now have his FOURTH different center in 5 games
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So much for the Geno Smith experiment. Mike Vick in at QB for the Jets.
That Google commercial with all the cinematic "Okays" needs more Denzel and Joe Pesci
The Cowboys might not be America's Team anymore, but they sure are Twitter's Team. Y'all can't stop tweeting about them.
Because LA sports fans could use a little cheering up right now:
Most impressive part of this big football day in Mississippi: the pictures/videos being tweeted in the aftermath.
"I used to run base like Juan Pierre. .. " RT @TBrownYahoo: Don't see a lot of these at Dodger Stadium any more.
Meanwhile, at the ASU-USC game...
That was some straight leprechaun stuff right there. # notredame
Yeah Northwestern. Big victory over Wisconsin. Feels like team's come a long way since the Cal game.
Last play on Angels - Royals reminds me: why is making 1st or last out at 3rd base a sin but the 2nd out is ok? Because that didn't seem ok.