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J.A. Adande
For the Twitter night owls: RT @sarahlyall: I am at the courthouse...for the #Pistorius verdict. Things should start happening in an hour.
This might be above your head… RT @tas0417: what would the agenda of the police be?
"If everything was done by the book, that means we need to fix our domestic abuse laws"…
By now it shouldn't take a video of the actual moment to draw conclusions on this one, either:…
Yep. "'round the decay of that colossal wreck...." RT @psulur: @jadande Ozymandias: The Roger Goodell Story
This doesn't top the time @BillPlaschke quoted 50 Cent's P.I.M.P. on our "Paper Boys" show in LA, but it's close:…"
Smart conversation between @freedarko and @mdotbrown about race, the NBA, and Hawks fiasco. AK…
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Considering how fast this is spinning away from the NFL, there's probably tape of Goodell watching the tape.
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Gheorghe Muresan as new Stat Boy on @PTI = WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN
Live (sorta) from New York, It's @AroundtheHorn
It won't be easy but you can escape the pain before it's too late. I know, I did. The National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-7233. 
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Thanks Roger Goodell for taking the dunk out of the game. At least you took care of the important issues facing your league.
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The NFL season hasn't officially started until Calvin Johnson has a TD taken away by the refs
Everyone outraged about Ray Rice, yet Chris Brown still performs on tv and plays on the radio. I'm confused.
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If Ray Rice wasn't sent to prison with this video out there how are battered women with no video supposed to get justice?
btw, all the “michael sam is a distraction” folks? THIS in baltimore was a distraction. and it took THIS MUCH for them to cut bait.
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TMZ: The Worldwide Leader In Elevator Videos
Any residual anger at the Ray Rice situation should be directed at the judge in his case:…
Wow RT @Ravens: The #Ravens have terminated RB Ray Rice's contract this afternoon.
The message when you try the link to Bruce Levenson's bio on the Atlanta Hawks' site is hilarious. #mutombo…
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I wonder how those Ravens fans who cheered Ray Rice at practice feel after seeing the video.
better link: RT @rippleofhope Fantastic piece by @jadande on the lack of racial diversity in the NBA ownership ranks
Heat from @jadande on Levinson and the lack of AA's in NBA ownership. Big picture thinking.…
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Taking ownership of NBA problem - via @SportsCenter YOU ALL SHOULD READ THIS!!! Hats off to @jadande!!!!
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This is the Internet at its peak…
Should've listened to you earlier RT @espn_macmahon: How about handing it to DeMarco Murray inside the 5 every once in a while?
So Serena's still got it. 2014 US Open champ
DeMarco Murray's body language said "What are you doing?" even before Romo threw that pick.
How can you not defend Vernon Davis when he's standing on the goal line? #Cowboys
How do you give up a fumble return for a TD on your 3rd play of the season? #cowboys
How do you start off your season with a false start…at home? #cowboys
I'm guessing half the people had Bears in eliminator pool, the other half had Eagles. #uhoh
In one paragraph Levenson denounces racists. In the rest of the email he caters to them.
At least Bruce Levenson stopped short of saying black people can't swim
So that's the way Matthew McConaughey talks when he's driving around by himself?
Whoa. Who saw the BYU QB hurdle that dude at the 5 - yard line? :
Doink! OSU field goal attempt his upright. Buckeyes trail Va. Tech 14-7.
Protestors marching up the center of W. Florissant right now in #Ferguson.
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... and now Notre Dame leads Michigan 14-0
Golson's throwing strikes for ND. Has Irish on the doorstep again
Oregon's defensive speed is underrated. You saw some of it on display during that INT return.
They put a dome on the Coliseum?
#ExplainAFilmPlotBadly Navy lawyer discovers he has truth-handling capabilities
Russell Wilson looks like the third-best singer in every R&B group that released an album from like 1993 to 1997.
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Nice no-panic drive by Packers. Patient enough to let the RBs wear down Seattle's defense.
That Hans & Franz ad reminded me of when Keith Van Horn's career was resurrected for the Jason Kidd trade