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Jacob Whitesides
remember when jacob held up his hands while singing your body is a wonderland and i dropped dead
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Thanks for the Tim edit of the year @caniffnjacob
Jacob: I like your freckles Me: I like your face Why do I always embarrass myself
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he was like "why do you smell so good? and I said "because I do!" and was like "oh really? same"
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If you want a calendar you can get one at or at any of my up coming shows ☺️
hey everyone I got food
@Magcontwerkers: When is jacob getting a tattoo” I already have 3
@kiansjacob: Jacob I'm making chocolate chip cookies help” that sounds too good right now 😩
@luckilyjacob: Jacob I survived another day of school😒” you are amazing
The way Jacob's smile reaches his eyes when he meets a fan man. I'm just so happy when people meet him.
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"jacob doesn't care about his fans" He stayed at the show tonight until he signed something for every person there
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I just made this and it's making me so emotional. I'm so proud of jacob more than anything.
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+and he gave me the chance of a lifetime and I could never repay him for that . he makes me so happy and thats all I could ever ask for
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+so dont ever say Jacob doesnt care, because he got in trouble from security to leave and come get me, he would do anything for his fans +
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+meet him up front, so I did, he never once had to upgrade me, but he did, I only went with GA because meeting him wasnt my main goal +
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I never asked Jacob for a picture in Toronto when we met I wasnt even suppose to meet him, he called me saying he needed to meet me and to +
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I love singing for you all
"we're gonna repeat you're worth it until you guys understand you're worth it."honestly the reason jacob means so much to me
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That's one of the most personal shows I've ever done, still excited about it I love you all so much
Oh my god I'm actually in love with my fans, I'm so glad I did this show I'm so happy thank you @TTYL_concert
if jacob does this is st louis i am GUARENTEED TO BE IN TEARS
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Please make signs with @TJBRANDS face on them I'll love you forever
@jacobftlandis: jacob got 3 hours of sleep how is he not 100% dead” I'm a warrior
@ilywhitesiders: JACOB I WANT TO A POOL PARTY LAST NIGHT AND A HOT GUY FLIRTED WITH ME” oh my gosh did you flirt back 🙊🙊🙊
@jxstinftmatt: I HOPE YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY JACOB” thanks angel ❤️
@justinnftjacob: MORNING JACOB” good morning babe 😊
@smileyjohnsonn: jacob scratch my back until I fall asleep” down
@ohhwilk: why is jacob still awake he needs to rest his lil face” catching up on my girls
Longest travel day ever oh my gosh