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Jackée Harry
Here I Am w/ Maaaaary & Lester 30yrs Later! »
Don't play hard to get; play hard to forget.
Buongiorno RT "@iGotJUICE___: @JackeeHarry Good morning from Italy, Jackée! 💋"
And I love you right back, dear. RT "@MilanAmor: I love me some @JackeeHarry."
Ok 😐 RT @MuFaSaMiCoNnOrr: Well damn, Jackée, I'm King#THOTT b/c I love me some cheetos. RT@JackeeHarryy: FYI: Only#THOTSS eat cheetos."
FYI: Only #THOTS eat cheetos.
Here's Another Still/Image From My Appearance On @TheRealDaytime Last Week. »
💋 RT @radrebellionn: I'm pretty sure@JackeeHarryy is the BEST thing that ever happened to Twitter."
U Can't Touch This! STOP 🔨 Time!
GM. #Friendship is NOT about who you spend the most time with, it’s about who you have the best time with.
Depends on the value YOU place on your integrity or lack thereof. RT "@DillonJaden: @JackeeHarry How much does it cost to be fake, Jackée?"
It costs $0.00 to keep it REAL.
💕 RT @SiyandaReloadedd: Hello@JackeeHarryy!!! I love you all the way from South Africa!!!"
There's no #Miseducation here. Lauryn Hill's luscious #mocha complexion and #curly 'fro' receives 10s across the board from me!
Learn to work hard in silence. Let your #success make all the noise!
Zamn Zaddy. xox RT "@ItsDanielCS: How's your bathroom lighting tho? »"
Hi, Jacks & Jills! WHAT are you pretending to be upset about today?!?
Once you STOP seeking validation from others, you will truly begin to live!
Umm, Ryan ..... RT "@RyanPhillippe: Booty had Keith like »"
Hi, Faizon! 💜💜💜 R@FAIZONLOVEOV@JackeeHarryrry I once got a tweet from my baby girl, Jackée Harry! That was a tweet to remember."
*single tear drop rolls down cheek* #Proud RT "@JennyJohnsonHi5: I've lived in Los Angeles long enough that my fake laugh is now my laugh."
Being HONEST might not get you a lot of friends, but it WILL get you true ones.
My condolences to the family & friends of #SNL alum, #JanHooks. I had the pleasure of working w/ her on #DesigningWomen. A true gem. RIP
As we mature, we begin to realize what we need & what we need to leave behind. Sometimes walking away is a step FORWARD!
💋 RT @BlackIndianGodd: I love me some@JackeeHarryy! She is EVERYTHING!"
In fact, I think #GoHomeRoger should replace #ByeFelicia.
Horrible blind date tonight - and his name was ROGER! Had to hit him with a #GoHomeRoger!
.. the adorable Layla Crawford & I (on set) earlier today ..
GM. The difference between #excellence & #mediocrity is commitment!
Pleasant Dreams, Jacks & Jills. 💋 »
What comes easy won't last - and what lasts won't come easy. #PutInTheWork
Ok, WHO is responsible for this? »
How can these #Kermit memes be muted? Asking for a friend..
Jacks & Jills, I am currently taping NEW episodes of @FirstFamilyES; set to air on @CENTRICTV. Season 2 premiere date TBA, soon.
Shui. You're welcome. RT "@treyanese: @JackeeHarry When will I be given a nickname, Jackée? 👀"
Yes, @TameraMowryTwo is #ForeverMyBaby. RT "@RudyyMinaj: @JackeeHarry Jackée, seeing you & Tamera back together yesterday was 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌"
Oddly enough, I do too! Lol xox RT "@ThaRealEffect: I love me some @JackeeHarry ! 💙"
I Had A Blast At The #HollywoodDivas VIP Premiere Party On Last Evening. Featured In The Photos Are @therealneale, @1lisawu, @kandiburruss, @therealgolden47, @pjaiparker, @countessdvaughn & Yours Truly. Be On The Lookout, As I Will Be Making An Appearance In The Series. #TVOne #FunTimes
New??? RT "@ELLEmagazine: New Trend Alert: Timberlands! »"
NEVER FORGET: Happiness is NOT determined by what's happening around you, but rather what's happening inside of you!
I love @HilaryDuff's NEW single, "All About You". #ThatIsAll
I shall do just that .. for you, cute puff. xox RT "@JasonMansfielde: @JackeeHarry pls make frequent visits to #TheReal!"
👸RT @El_Bougie11:@JackeeHarryy Jackée, growing up watching you, I learned how to sashay & render men unable to deal."