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Jackée Harry
YES! It's an episode you don't want to miss! xox RT "@rowansupport: I'm so happy @JackeeHarry will be back on #GirlMeetsWorld next week!"
In this day and age of social media, [we] already share a great deal with our followers/supporters. Some things should be kept private.
Disgusting & pathetic are 2 words I'd use to describe the individuals behind these #NudePic leaks - the ultimate invasion of one's privacy.
"We are like-minded individuals, sharing a common vision, pushing toward a world rid of color lines." ~ @JanetJackson #RhythmNation25
I was rooting for you, #MamaJune & #SugarBear! We were all rooting for you!
All of the seasons haven't been released. RT "@tye351: @JackeeHarry Jackée I just bought all of the seasons of "227". U had me cracking up!"
There's NOTHING sexier than authenticity.
I would like @RuPaul to re-record #Supermodel and replace the line "Sashay shante" with "Jackée? Okay!" Who's with me?! @JackeeHarry
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"Come Back To Me" RT "@still_Hidin: Jackée, do you have a fave song off @JanetJackson's Rhythm Nation album? #RhythmNation25 @JackeeHarry"
And I ❤️ you right back. RT "@yeahBrandon_: I love you QUEEN @JackeeHarry. 😘👑"
BLOCK you? Ok, as you wish.. RT "@PersianFarrah: @JackeeHarry Follow me, Cunt!"
Your eyebrows should stay on fleek, agreed?
🌴 RT @emeraldmusic77: I want@JackeeHarryy to write a book on The Art of Throwing Shade."
Please state our destination. RT "@NicsHeartBeat: @JackeeHarry I want you to follow me, Jackée. :)"
I am in charge of how I feel - and TODAY, I'm choosing HAPPINESS!
Yes, let's! See you soon, dear. xox RT "@CarolMarajOrg: @JackeeHarry Hi, funny lady. It would be a great honor to meet you. Let's have tea!"
"@JackeeHarry: Is Onika's mother on twitter? I'd love to invite her over for #TeaTime." 👑💖💖💖
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.@CarolMarajOrg Hi, sweetness. I'm #NowFollowing you. We MUST have laughs & libations, soon. DM'ing my contact info.. ❤️
He gets it from his mother. *flips hair* RT "@__Kayonce: @JackeeHarry Jackée, why is your son so fine though?!? 👀"
Jacks & Jills, promos for the 21st #BirthdayBash I'm throwing for my son, @Frank_swag4, will air during the #Oscars.
We had one back in 2010 on @nbc's "Today Show". RT "@JenniferHollomo: @JackeeHarry Miss Jackée!!! It's time for a "227" Reunion!=)"
Ok, duly noted. Thank you, Jacks & Jills.
Is Onika's mother on twitter? I'd love to invite her over for #TeaTime.
Ms. @JackeeHarry where is the love? I loooooove you :) ♥♥♡♡♥
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The same reason why Miracle Whip has twitter.. because they can.. RT "@Squaremir: Why does Beyoncé have a Twitter? Like..really"
😘 RT @MissJaz__: Jackée Harry is one of my all-time favorite actresses AND I love her personality."
There's a difference between those who are ATTACHED to you and those who are ASSIGNED to you. #KnowTheDifference
Checkout The NEW Elgin Charles Beverly Hills Signage That Went Up Just Hours Ago! Seeking A Consultation? Want To Book An Appointment? Call My Salon TODAY At (310) 858-8533 And Ask For Me, The #EmperorOfHair #FabLife
I'm loving my precious @ElginCharles' NEW Elgin Charles Beverly Hills #Signage That Literally Just Went Up! »
Plan your work .. then work your plan!
.@hollyrpeete We've been friends for almost 30yrs; yet, you don't look a day over 25! Happy 50th birthday, Sis! See you this weekend. 💜💜💜
I'm aiming to give my son, @Frank_swag4, a 21st birthday party that is beyond EPIC! And, don't worry Jacks & Jills, it will be televised.
Remember, you can't teach a man a lesson he thinks he already knows.
.. some VERY exciting things are happening behind the scenes!
Jacks & Jills, I need ALL of you to cop my girl, @RealMichelleW's incredible NEW album, #JourneyToFreedom! I'm obsessed w/ the track "Free"!
GM. STOP crying over what YOU have the power to change!
I secretly live for jackeé harry and bob saget.
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Bad Boys Ain't No Good & Good Boys Ain't No Fun.
My #personality is who I am, but my #attitude depends on who YOU are!
And I love you right back, Momma. xox RT "@ThaRealMommaDee: @JackeeHarry 😘😘😘 love you lady!!!!"
😊 RT @Lovetalityy: I can't wait to see@JackeeHarryy@LammanRuckerr@RobertRiChard__ & Billy Dee Williams in#ManIn3BB! It was a great book!"