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Oak Cliff Huxtable for HEAT inquiries!!!!
I'm so tired of officials blowing the ball dead man! They costing people touchdowns every week!!!!
I wonder if Mo is going to "limp" out of the meeting angrily once they tell him Sterling Moore took his 3rd String corner spot.
RT @Gus_Laden: *Dat RT @J_Rhodes: Lol!!!! Ain't nobody got time for that!!!! <ahhhhhh broham... Lol
Lol!!!! Ain't nobody got time for that!!!!
Wilcox was stra8 running like he was bout to fumble it RIGHT back. Hahaha
Lolol. Hey saints fans... Watch this... "Geaux Cowboys Geaux" lololol
Suddenly... It's 2006 again and a "Saints Fan" doesn't exist.
Who dat, Who dat , whoooo dat talking bout Beatin them #AINTS ? #CowboysNation
Best drive of the season man. Textbook #CowboysNation
Matriculating it down the field. #CowboysNation
Had fun "Riding Through the City" with dicksully "instagramless Ray" & imsofocusedvisioned for my…
My Moma mean as hell boy
Who down with me to jump the gate at the fair on the far north side?
I'm so about the Fair this year man...
Shit dude, it's been a month already?… @J_Rhodes I can't thank you enough for making this project possible Sensie.
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NFL Twitter and Scandal Twitter bout to cross paths.
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Yooo... @ThatKidCamMusic x J.Rhodes "2nd first Impression" is still outchea and a FORCE to be reckoned with…
Happiness is dependent... Joy is independent. We outchea just trying to find #Joy
RT @djvinnyvenice: Mann!! @SymbolycOne and @J_Rhodes really flipped with that Welcome to America joint from Anomaly. Too dope. < #SALUTE !!!
VIDEO: #Bengals’ Devon Still gives his daughter a pep talk before her cancer surgery
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Charles Barkley is one of the last one's left that will speak HIS mind regardless of the outcome. Chuck more vital than y'all know
I don't even like Bill Simmons... but how they gone suspend that man for telling the truth. smh.
RT@CoochCakes lil towelRT @IntenseDesire: Washcloth RT @KaylarWill: Do y'all call them washcloths or rags?
I'm learning to watch my words & to make sure I exhaust my energy on the necessary.
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Bruh... tecmo Bowl had nooooo play clock... dude would say "hut hut hut" for 20 years if you'd let him.
Way more inspiring to work with artist or with artist in mind as opposed to just making random beats.
if I didn't have "kids" to feed and bills to pay, I may could do this for free... but SINCE I DO. @JManziel2 lol
STEP YOUR DRUM GAME UP! "Drum Boutique Vol. 1" available now❗️❗️
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Say I won't go to L.A JUST to eat at Roscoe's then hop back on the plane. #SAYIWONT
And everybody want the Freedom, but nobody want to hear "about face"... @lecrae #WelcometoAmerica ... #Powerful #Heavy
Welcome To America by @lecrae deserves a Dope Music Video please.. @mrmedina , @reachrecords , @kyledettman
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VIDEO: Lecrae Talks to MTV News About His Songs "Welcome to America" & "All I Need Is You" >>…
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.@lecrae raps like a soldier in "Welcome to America". Telling the truth. It's tight, but it's right.… #Merica
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Everybody want that freedom but no one wanna hear "about face" 😥✊👏 Welcome to Americ@lecraeae this album is sooo "shweet"
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lolol.... Claborn like that dude that was getting bullied that FINALLY stood up for his self on the last day of school. #CowboysNation
#CowboysNation forever... but I'm tired of this mediocre product. I think we gone comeback and win today honestly. But still.