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Vintage Rhodes
#TheseBeatsAintFree bundles with the "audio book, digital copy, T-shirt & hardcopy" are now on sale for $30 at !
I got dooooope friends! My sister from another mister ni_taylor & ookart made this DOPE hat in…
By ookart "By ni_taylor for 👀K Art Supporting and adding to the talented@J_Rhodess 👊THESE
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#GoforthandPROSPER ... I"ll bet the house on this young man y'all... He got it.…
@J_Rhodes Thank you for shedding light on the problem up and coming producers go thru. It's definitely a good look. #Blessings
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I needed this... S/O to @J_Rhodes Educating myself on "turning passion……
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When the angel on your left telling you to channel the voices of your ancestors, but the Devil on…
Unexpectedly made this Rick Ross album with my woes>> jakeuno……
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Just gotta give it to God.
Dallas buzzmaker @BobbySessionsTX takes us through his world on "Black Neighborhood."
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I mean... It's a nice sized Oak Cliff house... But we ain't got no acres. Lol. I love my Momma man.
My momma got mad at me one time & said "Don't step foot on my PROPERTY" again. 😂😩... Like our House was the Circle R Ranch or something 😂
Today is the anniversary of the Malice in The Palace. I knew Rick Carlisle was one of the GOATS when Indiana was respectable with 6 players
Kanye West's 'MBDTF' dropped five years ago. Revisit the making of this masterpiece:
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I don't complain... I just work and make things happen... but my truth is "my truth"... Now... lets get to the music and the money. - fin
Go to and cop my Book #TheseBeatsAintFree ! Make your Passion your Paycheck. Appreciate the support.
Until it Blows up RT @CardoGotWings: Dallas has a ton of talent but it's support system (the people) sucks and don't support anything
Dallas has a ton of talent but it's support system (the people) sucks and don't support anything
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He's Mature now & he grants wishes to terminally ill kids RT @__CF_: @J_Rhodes when cam matures he'll stop dancing like a damn fool watch
Mavs been looking GOOD out there...
#TeamSKP would like to wish @VohnBeatz a Big Happy 18th Birthday! We all hope you had an incredible day! FlashBack:
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Back to the Grammy chase.
The RE-UP GANG! Literary Narcos. lol. Get your copy of "These Beats Ain't Free" at…
National Publications showed love, but you kill it? If you don't like it... Why write about it?…
The gift of discernment is underrated... you know when something is right and when something is wrong. It's in your spirt.
Aaron Rodgers can discount double check & get endorsements... But Cam can't Dab? #BlackCelebrationsMatter #DoubleStandard
Happy Birthday young soldier! @VohnBeatz
It was horribleRT @billboard: Did you see our picks for greatest rappers of all time? #GreatestOfAllTime
32 dead, 80 injured in Nigeria market blast
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When white people say something bad comes from letting immigrants and refugees in weeks before Thanksgiving
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Hypocritical much?
"ALL LIVES MATTER" "Awesome, there's these Syrian refugees who need help--" "NOPE"
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HipHopDX Premiere! @BobbySessionsTX delivers a powerful message track #BlackNeighborhood built to body your speakers
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Aight y'all got a session. Thanks for participating... We'll do it again soon. go to and cop #THESEBEATSAINTFREE !
I built my own music group and they were on cheaper monthly plans which helped me with a set amount of $ per month…
(cont) got me noticed. I kept my 9-5 to not cheapen my brand I built up capitol & shopped my beats for placements…
Man... in my early years I did a lot of beat battles to get myself out there. It was the best business card.…
@J_Rhodes Social media makes you tangible. It however backfires if you just fronting and it comes to light lol #TheseBeatsAintfree #BYOB
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