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So this is really what went down at the finish line!!! 😂💃 Thank you @Pinoyfitness for capturing this! 😝 #Ape #CaveWoman #TriUnited4Sprint #CrazyWoman
So this just happened today! My very first triathlon! 😊 for the first time, @drewarellano was a spectator and I was a participant! 😝 how the tables have turned! 😂 and the icing on top? Bagged first place in my age group!!! 😊 Say whuuuut?!? 🙈🙊 Thank you Lord 🙏☝️ what a day of champs!!! #GoMann
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It's always nice to go back home to the same people and friendships from more than a decade ago 😊 you know how some people change and after years of not seeing other it's like you've lost each other's drift? Well, that isn't the case with these ones ☺️I love you guys! So glad we're all still the sa
Yummeh Ube Ole morning for me! Good morning 😊 yep, this is the time @drewarellano and I normally wake up 😝 Anybody care for a shot of kefir too? 😝#MorningPeeps #Ube #Soy
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Up&Go!!! Wish we had this here! One servings got 17g of protein 💪 comes in iced coffee too! 👍#AussieFinds
Look who graduated from day care yesterday!!! ☺️ she's off to big school next year!!! 😆 #BigGirl #Niece #FavoriteAunty 😝
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🐮 & 🌝!!! Recently won #1 Gelato in the world with the flavor I ordered 😝 sadly, I can't remember what it was! Hahahaa! All I know is that it was sooooo gooood! 😂 it had candied nuts of some sort with caramel, sea salt and coffee! 😱 along with a scoop of their Rhubarb and Custard flavor 😊 #Cow&
Some serious cronut goodness!!!! Used to think these were over-rated until I tried Brewtown's version! Soooo good! Even without the custard inside! 🍩 #Cronut #Brewtown #Cinnamon #SydneyFinds
Brown rice, salmon and avocado 😊 #Sydney #TrainFood #OffToTheWest
Feeling like I'm 8yrs old again 😝 the old white scar was from playing hide and seek as kid 😜 and a faded one from rollerblading 😁 I've always been a little boy 😊
Curly tops who likes to suck in his lower lip rather than his thumb 😝😊
Bubba... Tootoorain! 🚉😊 #CurlyTops #CurlsGetTheGirls 😝
Sinong nadapa today during her run this morning?? 🙋 #booboo #crusty 😂
The best hot chocolate I've ever had! Look at the chocolate at the bottom of the cup!!! 😱 on my second cup! 😬 #Trio #Sydney
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Quality time with my Aunty in the city ❤️
Mmmmmax Brenner! 😊 Banana Praline crepe, Hot Chocolate with Crunchy Waffle balls and a Skim Cappuccino 🐷 #OinkOink #CityWestfield
And off to the city!!! 😁 I missed taking the train!!! 😊🚉