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John Wylie
I don't know what it is, but @KipperWylie's favorite thing to chew on is empty water bottles...not the toys I buy her.
Wisdom doesn't always come with age. Sometimes age travels alone...
Instead of looking for the right person to marry, become the person you need to be.
Find what you love doing, and do it as much as you can.
Already planning and writing my next blog. And I JUST posted a new one...really i did - check it out! (I've missed writing so much!)
Grace is: God's Riches At Christ's Expense!
Love alone is worth the fight.
God is so good, you guys.
Pickle snow cones are bae.
There is something crazy attractive about a girl who rocks a messy bun, oversized shirt and sweat pants.
Blogging again tonight. Y'all ready for this!?
Abilene Christian is trending World Wide right now...This is tripping me out.
There is always hope for tomorrow, even if it feels hopeless today.
Desperate accounts be like: "RT IF YOU WERE BORN!!"
Amazed at how well my new blog is doing. Humbled by the folks who have shared it, and read it, so far! God is so good, y'all!
Debating a road trip this weekend.
Pretty sure 'manna' is directly translated to '@ChickfilA' in the original Hebrew.
Getting me some @ChickfilA breakfast. And yes that includes an iced coffee. @RyanWesleySmith would be proud.
Blown away by the support and love I've already gotten on my blog I literally JUST posted. You guys are so good to me..!
God should not be first on a list, but central in all we do as Christians.
Looks like I'll be at @Starbucks for a bit tonight! Abilene TX, if you're near the Starbucks on Barrow St. come chill, if you'd like!
I wanna take @KipperWylie to the dog park but it's so hot out!
Anyone want a betacoin for @mailbox for Mac? I've got 3. First come, first served.
"We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.." - Willy Wonka
We are really good at saying what others' sins are publicly yet we never confess our own publicly...
Did you know God has more to say about pride than He does about the 'gay issue'? I think He is trying to teach us something here...
We demand grace from folks yet very rarely give it to others.
Pork dinner with the roomie. He enjoys cooking, I enjoy eating. It's quite nice.
I get to pick up @KipperWylie from the kennel today. I've missed my pup.
Believer: If people have to agree with your political ideology in order to be your friend, you've made an idol out of a donkey & elephant.
Hope you all have a great day! Let us look for ways to share the love and grace of God today..! God bless you all!
I learned so much this weekend I could probably tweet the info for days. But I won't. Some things are meant for you to keep for yourself.
Wow. What a weekend! All I can say is God's love is very real and very powerful! De colores!!!
Phone is going away. See y'all Monday!!
Turning a blind eye to the thousands of killings and glorifying one killing that crossed racial lines is not helping with racism in America.
Everyone is up in arms about a white guy killing a black guy, and nobody cares about whites killing whites or blacks killing blacks. Hmmm..
Just had an epic chat with @RyanWesleySmith about @ActivateTour -- Super blessed to be a part of this thing!
Uh. Abilene has been overrun by beautiful women. Seriously. They're everywhere.
I will not have my phone (or any technology) with me for the next few days. Any tweets you see after 5PM CST tomorrow will be scheduled.
Packing and praying for this Walk to Emmaus that I will be going on starting tomorrow evening, Your prayers are greatly appreciated.
My parents have gone to Burning Man every year the past 4 years. It's been cool seeing their artsy sides come out more and more.
Pretty sure next week is gonna be 'casual week' at work. Hopefully my @hiutdenim pants get here by Monday so I can wear them all week!
Excited to meet and hang out with students from the Abilene TX area. @HardinSimmons and @ACUedu - let's hang out sometime.
Excited about small group tonight!
For those of you who follow me on @Spotify - yes I am listening to some Tejano music...
Why are we, as Christians, shocked when 'the world' acts sinfully? I am constantly baffled by believers who are offended by the lost.
Don't portray an identity online that doesn't match up with your offline personality. People see right through the facade. Just be YOU.
Likes and retweets will fade. But the word of God stands forever.
Really good talks with the roomie about life and recent challenges we face. Grateful to call him my friend and roommate. @MrDennisJR
It's been a couple days since I've legitimately studied my bible. I can feel it too. Can any of you guys relate?!