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John Wylie
Question: What do YOU call a carbonated beverage? // ie: Soda? Pop? Soda-Water? Coke?
'Nothing is covered up that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known.' - Luke 12:2
Got an email titled 'Seeking The Lord' and it talks about this couple seeking God about a divorce. I replied with 'He says don't do it.'
Sad to be hearing of so many of my married friends considering divorce from their spouses.
Social media is a strange and curious thing.
Jesus is not a ticket to heaven. He is the ticket to LIFE - in Himself. He is our reward...Heaven is but a place. Not our reward.
I don't need to read a recently written book or watch a movie that's coming out to know that heaven is for real. My King already told me.
People who post on their profiles to Kik/Snapchat/Message them and actually never reply to anything are mean people.
Well played, indeed. // “@natemup: @johnwylie I usually use the "quote" retweeting method and correct it. LOL”
I refuse to like or retweet things that have wrong forms of your/you're their/there/they're. Even if I like the thought of said post.
I really want to journal more. Heck. I need to write more, in general. I've gotten out of practice and I hate it..!
"My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions..."
Back to the work grind today. Blessed to work with the team I do. Seriously. They're awesome.
A pirate and his pooch.
Safely back in town after a productive and relaxing weekend. Now to wait for the Byrams to get home to show them what I got at the Faire!
This is @julieannwylie and @zenithfrequencies on our walk the other day.
This (long) weekend has been so good. Got a lot accomplished and feel refreshed by time spent with my friends and family. I'm so blessed.
I love this city. #ATX
Going to @onceovercoffee to meet up with @stevenjayharry this morning. Excited to catch up with him over a nice cup of joe or three.
Today was really fun -- it was good to take some time to unwind and have fun.
What an amazing day at @sherwoodfaire -- ran into some amazing friends I haven't seen in a while and feasted like a King..!
Headed to the @sherwoodfaire today -- should be a fun time. Sorry in advance for all the pictures.
While walking in the park with @zenithfrequencies and @julieannwylie -- we saw this woman in a few locations feeding ducks. She would very meticulously set the food out, and stand back, almost in reverence, and hum very deeply to the ducks as they ate -- occasionally speaking to them very sweetly. Y