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The Jo Johnson™
There's a big difference between the pack on the left and the pack on the right. All noodles are not created equal.
This is information that needs to be shared.
Please don't think anY tweets are directed at anyone in particular, my tweets are me talking IN GENERAL AND AIMED AT NOBODY SPECIFIC.
Please, don't think I don't want to talk about her at all, cause I honestly don't mind. But I got other stuff going to talk about too lol
I got goals and dreams I wanna make a reality, let's talk about that. Let's find out how we can help each other.
Talk to me about how we can collaborate let's put our heads together and come up with a project together. Relationships ain't the only topic
Don't pay attention to me just to find out about my private life--I got big things I'm doing that got nothing to do with that!
What I'm saying though is sometimes you wanna keep your private life private.
Instead, it's all about the model @ThatGirlYouLuv_. And please, don't get me wrong I don't mind it, it's common for me
Like its so crazy, nobody wants to hear about the projects I got going with @CollegeTop40 or things for LSU or management with @jerhiame
I got big projects always in the making that yall could ask about, but instead all you wanna know about is me and my new model girl lol
I can only imagine what these celebrities go thru on the regular about their significant other!
And I'm not upset at it at all, it's just funny to me ya know?
I'm gonna do a video press release or something to answer all the questions or something!
People talk to me more about @ThatGirlYouLuv_ than about anything or anybody else in my life, I swear lol.
New avi cause I couldn't decide on which one I liked best
J-Lo is the finest 46 year old on the planet 😍v
I pay attention to everything Hov, Diddy and Ryan Seacrest do because I wanna build an empire just like they did. I study the greats.
To be the best to ever do it you have to study the greatest there ever was. Do exactly what they did to reach the top
Son Chris Brown music be having you feel like you can pull celebrity girls
Growing up with a dad who was a 3 sport All-American and a mom who has 3 college degrees, being successful was the only thing acceptable.
I've been told my whole life that I'm gonna do big things... I can't let everybody down.
When my pops was my age, he was playing in the NBA summer league for Golden State... So being anything less than great is not an option.
I don't think people really understand the kind of pressure I'm under.
All girls from Baton Rouge wanna do is post Odell as their MCM and go to Tigerland smh
All girls from Houston wanna do is curve niggas and put HTX in their bio smh
I never want to be that person who people say "Damn, what happened to them? I thought they were gonna do big things" about...
My biggest fear is not accomplishing everything I know I'm capable of doing.
I'm terrified of not reaching my full potential.
#IfDrakeDontWriteHisOwnLyrics who was paying they momma's rent when they were turning 17?
Best one by a female that I've seen 🔥�#HitTheQuanChallengeg25
Ready for ---- to get back in town already!
Every diss is like another love letter 😈
Please donate if you can to help get Riley to recover from his accident! #PrayForRiley
I'm getting really tired of yall acting like police brutality is something new in America.
I'm not taking anymore calls for today.
So if I read your message and don't reply it's an issue, but if you read mine and don't reply it's okay...? Nah, that's petty.

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