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Stephanie Rice
Part time swimmer - Part time yogi Loving the new @russellathleticaus range out now in AMART - so comfortable 😊 Beautiful day on the beach in San Luis Obispo
Im so sore from a tough workout I did yesterday, so sending 10-15mins on my @pranamat today to help release some of those good endorphins to reenergise my body. Its like a self massage targeting your acupressure points too … love that :) #pranamat #whodoesntlovemassages
Post Jurassic Park ride at Universal yesterday. We are actually completely saturated, thank god it was super hot yesterday to drip dry.
πŸ‘­ U.N.I.V.E.R.S.A.L S.T.U.D.I.O.S πŸ‘­
ALL DAY ... ERRYDAY @bioglanau COCONUT OIL This stuff legit goes all over my body and it's so fantastic for all my swimming fans out there who get super dry hair from the chlorine. I put a tablespoon in my hair a few times a week and sleep in it for a natural treatment and conditioner. Plus of cour
Classic Us @courtyhickey #griffithobservatory #selfie
Here we go again @courtyhickey #exploringLA #rugrats
"The Light In Me Loves The Light In You" I've just started running around Encino as my last client for the day lives here and my gosh it's stunning. I usually run with headphones but I'm liking running without them and just observing the beauty around me. Take look at this view and sunset...just go
Off to my first lesson for the day = goodbye nice straight pretty hair πŸ’πŸ½ That's got to be the worst/most annoying part about being in the water erryday #swimmerproblems
Cruisy afternoon which was much needed. We did a big clean of the apartment and now relaxing in my favourite robe by @piyama_co made by one of my girlfriends from high school ... Well done hunny!!! I wish you all the success 🌟
Beautiful dinner at Bazaar with my baby sis @courtyhickey ... My gosh the food was AMAZINGGGG!! Definitely will be heading back soon. Did I mention that they have a specific desert section πŸ˜πŸ˜ˆπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
Hey @russellathleticaus remember this beauty of a ball!?? The NBA Infusion Basketball with a Built-In cool. Just practising my skills on the balcony 😜 think I need some more training #canshoot #butincrediblyinconsistent
Well done to my good friend Padric and his band @viaechomusic on an incredible show last night. My gosh you guys are talented!! I've not been to many live music events mainly because I don't like the festival vibes, but this was really intimate and energetic and clean hahahaha. Check out their music
Tequila + JalapeΓ±o = Delishiosaaaa
#ThenNowNext @russellathleticaus THEN: When I was a child I just loved being in the water and swimming. My parents got me this Australia swimsuit and my goshhhhh it was my favourite. To flash forward 10 years and make my first Australian team and get my issue swimsuit was literally a dream come tr
Little midday snack πŸ˜‹ I don't really like yogurt cause the dairy makes me feel sick but I found this incredible organic Natural greek yogurt that has probiotics in it and holly guacamole its amazeballs. Anyway so my fav go to snack at the moment is yogurt with berries, @bioglanau chia and sultanas
My new favourite breakfast. Toast, almond butter (or peanut butter) eggs and chia seeds. πŸ˜›πŸ˜›6tG
Just finished another great day of private lessons!!!! Working with kids is so fulfilling and I love seeing them improve in the water. One of my clients kids couldn't swim across the pool without freaking out they they would drown, and only after 2 sessions with him, he can now swim across the pool
#fb to when I went "flying" with the team at @yogabeyond ... Seriously so fun!!! Can't wait to give this another try sometime soon.
OMG what a true Aussie champ!!! So glad you are ok Mick... That would have been so bloody scary, stuff that!!!! Hope you are doing ok after such an emotionally traumatising experience. #repost @bbcnews
I went walking at it started raining 5 mins in...couldn't have been more magical!!!! I love water - rain, pool, ocean, waterfall ... Anything. It's so peaceful 😍 Anyone else feel the same ??? Wearing the new collection from @russellathleticaus and it's AWESOME!!!
Ommm nom nom @dahlhousenutrition can you make me this super YUMMY coconut probiotic yogurt with bee pollen and @bioglanau chia seeds again!!!!!! Serious so proud of our book and the recipes we have created!! We wanted them to be simple and easy to make. Mainly because we both run in the house and wa
Taking the kiddies for their private lesson this morning and it was just so beautiful in the water that I had to take a piccy!! I got the Comm Games tattoo on my foot after I won my very first International Gold Medal - Great Memories!!! πŸ†

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