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Stephanie Rice
Great night of finals so far... Relays to come!!!!
What a shocker of a day on the Gold Coast!! Racing outdoors in this heavy rain and wind is very tough. Really feeling for the athletes today
🏊 TIME TO RACE 🏊 Good luck @tomfraserholmes @james_maggie @cam_mcevoy @cate_campbell @bronte_campbell and the rest of the AUSSIES racing tonight πŸ†
Getting ready for night 2 FINALS at the Pan Pacs on the Gold Coast Sporting my @russellathleticaus tee and noticing that my phone case probably isn't ideal for cheering on my Aussie Team mates πŸ˜• awkward... Hahahaha!! I am loving being back on pool deck and watching the incredible swims that have a
It's Daffodil Day today. Please help out @CancerCouncilOz and buy a pin, take a selfie and #mydaffodilpin 😊
We're taking selfies which is my favourite thing in the world! Buy a pin and #mydaffodilpin - @ItsStephRice on @DaffodilDay tomorrow...
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In Amart πŸ‘Œ get on it @paulbr13100:@ItsStephRicee hey Steph where can I buy@RussellAthleticc gear? If it's available in men's?”
Dinner sorted: whip up these sweet potato, lentil & cashew burgers by @ItsStephRice! Recipe in our Sept issue.
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Aussies killing it in the pool tonight. Well done @tomfraserholmes @emcbomb taking gold and my roomie @BronteBarratt taking 2nd ... Wahoo
Pan Pac Finals Night 1 Hereeee we gooooo... #ourteam #swim4gold
#mydaffodilpin It's Daffodil Day tomorrow and I'm thrilled to be the ambassador for Cancer Council's longest running charity fundraiser. Please help us raise much needed money for cancer prevention by buying a pin, snapping a selfie and uploading it like I have 😊 I'll be wearing mine tomorrow on po
Having so much fun in the commentary box with the absolute legend Peter Graham. Pan Pacs are off to a FANTASTIC start with a lot of the Aussies qualifying for finals tonight!! Wahoo go guys!!! πŸŽ‰πŸ†πŸ‘ #swim4gold #ourteam #speedoselfie
Gold Coast here I come
It was sooo awesome catching up with @rebsoni yesterday on Skype and reminiscing on this time last year when we were in Santa Monica. It's amazing when you think back to what you were doing a year ago and realise how many milestones you have achieved and how much you have learnt about yourself. Do
How I wish I was here exploring. I love the serenity of being amongst nature and stillness that it brings πŸŒ΄πŸƒπŸŒ΅πŸŒΎπŸŒ»πŸŒ³ I have really been craving some "Steph Time" lately and just wanting to pick up and go away for a few days somewhere amazing like this. But you gotta work hard to achieve your goals
Is it wrong that I want to do the ice bucket challenge??? Someone tag & challenge me on Instagram hahaha
So many books I want to read and not enough time to power through them, plus I'm a slow reader. Any suggestions???
Holly YUM 😍 Will be going to bed dreaming about this fruit bowl for breaky in the morning. I love fruit, it's so good for you & incredibly hydrating. It shocks me that some people don't eat fruit because it has "too much sugar" Yet those same people usually eat processed muesli and protein bars. F
A nice Saturday afternoon walk got a bit washed out by the rain and I didn't come equip with wet weather gear hahaha #blowout Regardless, it was so lovely being outside in the fresh air. So glad I straightened my hair last night too 😳 hahaha.
Seeya later Sydney ✌️ Home time for a few days...literally so excited to switch off and relax after a week of working my arse off πŸ™Š I set the goal to have everything done by lunch time today and now it feels so good to be on the plane and on my way home for a week with the family.
πŸ‘Š Pumped for a great day and embarking on a new business venture which I'm super excited about. It's taken me a while to decide if it is right for me at this point in time... It's always important to weight up the pro's and cons to make a calculated decision, but someone's you just have to follow y
Refuelling after a TOUGH legs and cardio workout with a yummy Orange Juice from @luckyyoucleanse. It's important to rehydrate ASAP and get some vitamins and nutrients back into the system after a big sweat so a small juice or smoothie are fantastic. When I was training for the @olympics I would dr
Saw this this morning and absolutely loved it. The best friendships are when you can pick up the phone after not speaking to someone for a few months and BOOM πŸ’£your straight back to where you left off. I cherish those people so much and know that they will always be there for me, like I will alway
Wow @carostilwell you are incredible. I'm so proud of you for opening up about your Olympic experiences and hardships. It is a very insightful read from an athletes perspective and one I totally related to. I think ever athlete and retired athlete would gain something from reading this so please ch
It was 6yrs ago today that I won my first Olympic Gold medal in Beijing. It's insane how quickly it has gone by but what beautiful memories. I still remember the feeling lining up behind the blocks...I was sooooo nervous, but totally excited to see what I could do on the big stage. Standing on the
YAYYY I'm so excited that my first blog post is up on @thedailyguru Im not really one for "blogging" as such but I am thrilled that I can share with you my fitness journey and hopefully it will inspire you towards better health, but also it will help keep my motivated towards my goals too. I would
Yay my 1st blog post for is up. Im thrilled to be sharing my fitness journey and hopefully inspire a healthier you
Join us and ambassador @ItsStephRice just add your name to save the Great Barrier Reef:
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Let do this guys!!! I'm feeling super motivated to smash out lots of work today and start creating positive momentum. What are you going to be working on today? It doesn't have to be work related, it might be something within yourself. I'm constantly reminding myself to take it one day at a time, w
I had a fun morning on @sunrisone7 running the @city2surf Treadmill Challenge. #swimmersarentrunners The treddy was set to the record holders pace which is 19k/hr and we had to see how long we could last, thankfully we were harnessed in. I got to 53sec hahahaha, it's sooooo awkward running that fast
@ItsStephRice @7Sport @Olympics @JohGriggs7 You're very kind Steph,thanks for giving Griggsy and me three golden moments #Olympicroyalty
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I was so inspired after the @vitamix lunch today to try a new smoothie recipe and holly wow this was amaze-balls (if I don't say so myself 😝) 1.5 frozen ripe bananas 1/2 cup almond milk 1.5tbs coconut cream 1/4 cup water 2tbs @bareblends vanilla protein 1tsp maple syrup Almond or Cashew nut butter
The #IOC awards Channel Seven the broadcast rights for the Summer #Olympics in 2016 and 2020.
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Sooo excited that @7Sport has the RIO @Olympics #backwiththebest! Incredible memories from Beijing shared with @Jim_Wilson7 @JohGriggs7 πŸ†
Griggsy I know you're on your honeymoon but it's official so you can talk about the rings @Olympics are back @7Sport @JohGriggs7
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Off for a bit of fun at @sunriseon7 😝
Yumm... I want this quinoa porridge from @bondiwholefoods for breaky. I love quinoa! I love that it is quick to make. I love that you can make it sweet or savoury. I love that it is filling because it has a lot of protein in it as well as carbs, so if I am rushing to make a meal and don't have any
It’s #GameOnGoldCoast. Today the Gold Coast begins its race to the 2018 Commonwealth Games. It’s time to shine!
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I was looking through tumblr and came across this little saying and it really clicked with me. I feel like quotes have that effect, if they are relevant they TOTALLY make sense otherwise it's jibberish!! It's important to remember that struggles are good because a) they remind you of the good times
Well done girls!!!! Incredible result and we are all so proud @AussieDiamonds πŸ†
Whenever I see pictures of America is get a wave of exciting within me. I love the big cars, the city lights, the energy and atmosphere and of course my friends there @carostilwell @rebsoni. I have always LOVED the US and really enjoyed my time there whether is was for swimming or on a short holiday
This girl is such an inspiration @sjanaelise. Every time I look at her page I'm like "ok I'm going to work on my yoga to be like this" but aside from that, I love her positivity and authenticity. She reminds me that we are all on a journey through highs and lows and that it's ok not to have it all t
Take me back to the Gold Coast!! Missing QLD - the relaxed lifestyle, beaches, cafΓ©s, my closest friends and of courses family πŸ’‹#cominghomee
Thanks for the support for my 50th-So proud to wear the green & gold. The support from you all is so special-1 to go!
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Time to TURN UP Waratahs!!!! πŸ‰
So happy for @matthew_mitcham & Dominic winning GOLD in the 10m synchro diving aswell as @sallyp100h on the track. Aussies cleaning up!! πŸ‘ŒπŸ†