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Nate Collins ⛽️
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Fake profiles do too much lol
You can have a million dollar dream with a minimum wage work ethic. Grind for what you want
Obama need to stop all flights going outside the country !! Stop playing golf my nigga. Stop this Ebola bullshit!
I love Obama , swear I do. But this nigga is fucking Trippin!!!! You don't go play golf and you have an epidemic going on in the U.S.
Watching Quantum Leap 😳😳😳 old ass TV show
#Tbtmothafucka before the photoshoot. #couplenikkasgothit #couplenikkasgonsnitch #iwillbuildyouabridgetojumpoff #hatinmothafucks
#RHOH 😂😂😂 Kevin Hart def a fool
You don't see the true effect of the President until he has been out of office for a few years. Hence why we are in bullshit now!
Damn get off Chris Brown nuts. That nigga right!! It's government controlled to kill the population !!
The government is trying to kill off as many people as they can. And Ebola is just one of the many diseases/illness that's coming 😒😒
I don't know ... But I think this Ebola epidemic is a form of population control. Shit is getting crazy bruh.
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Bitches lie for no reason 😂😂😂 why bro. I ain't ya nigga and I'm not trying to be. So don't lie lol
So are you really even lesbian bitch ??? #getyamindright #youjusthavingamidlifecrisisbitch #dafuqkkkkkkk
Good win for the Cowboys not even gonna lie!
Cowboys look like they about to win 😳😳
Dez Bryant not playing with Sherman right now.
Irritated af. Sleeping for the rest of the day
People kill me. Don't say you're willing to do anything for this or that then recant or go back your ...
Most Disney Channel stars go crazy smh. It's something about that damn channel lol
So wait Adrian Peterson went to jail for whooping his child with a switch? WTF?? I had to break a switch off the tree everyday. Smh NFL
American Horror Story??? 😳😳😳 Fuckkk nah
Hoes be like " I don't chase niggas , I chase money" I be like , "Run faster bitch cause you still broke" 🐸☕️
That was a mean tweet lol had to delete it 😂😂
Good morning to everyone. Start your day out with thanking God for even allowing you to see another day !!
Baby just love me like you do😘😏
How about we stop people from coming back to the United States from Africa or any other state until they have been cleared by doctors! Smh
Delete all that shit !!
It's not bragging if you can't back it up
*Hits blunt* 😚💨🍃 Why would Cinderella's shoe fall off if it fits perfectly ? 😚💨🍃
#TGIT ! Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder!! 🙌🙌
😂😂😂 this how y'all females be ? 😂
Time to get out my plastic bubble to live in for a while
Ebola has reached the US ! Dallas Texas smhhhhh God protect me and my family from all hurt harm and danger.
I hate how I can download an app on my phone and I get on twitter or facebook and it's an ad running for that exact app smh nobody's safe
This braces journey is about to be crucial tsk
😂😂😂😂😩😩 omg I just died 10 times lmfaoo
The truth will set you free , seriously
Soooooo Y'all hoes still want a relationship like Amber and Wiz or Ciara and Future ? Or nah 👀😂😂 write your own love story
When you're sleeping and ur mom is on the phone telling lies about how you don't help out in the house 😂�