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Want a page like this?
Easier than expected 😌
Got 2 pairs of Adidas Zx Flux 'London' City Pack, UK size 7. Min £200. First 2 DMs
When Amir gives you the skin off his chicken 😁😘@iTalentzxSODMGMG
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This week on twitter: 334 new followers, 321 new unfollowers and followed 1142 people via
What am I buying today 👀
If I don't care about you or your life, be afraid.
I'm so cold & I'm only 16.
No Makeup, The Mac That I Got'll Give You A Facelift
Dad: what did you get? Me: Two D's and a... Dad:
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@VadeLikeNB: @iTalentzxSODMG ahh I would retire 😩”😩😂😂😂😭
@TheNBAGif: Chris Paul fakes out Anthony Davis this is too much 😩😂
me after just cleaning my room: wow i am never letting my room get messy again the next day: has anyone seen my bed
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Don't let people's shit get under your skin
You're petty shit is nun to me boy Thas why Ion react to ya bullshit
Told them never touch my family
@iTalentzxSODMG Drop a Like, Comment & Subscribe For Me. I’ll Return The Luv 💯
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A vision without action is merely a dream.
I don't owe anyone any explanations for why I do the shit I do.
Watching The Experiment with @ArronTanner & @iTalentzxSODMG ❤ nah how's he pissing on his head like that?! 😐😩😡
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The day a nigga lay his hands on my mom or sis, or any woman I fucks with, will be that niggas last day on this earth word💯
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That's the purest dickhead ever
Always remember who was there for you when no one else was.
I see money lemme go get it 👀🏃
These lot and their jokes I don't take these threats seriously
Bad times make you appreciate the good times.
Wanting to spend time with only one person.
If you ain't getting money then what you doing? 💯
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Smoking cigarettes is by far one of the most unattractive things ever 😷🚬❌
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The work don't stop I told you this
Some mfs aim is to ruin ya day rt 😩😤
Getting closer and closer 🙏