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Iron Maiden
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(You will lose the entire evening)
Been sent lots of links to covers today. Flamenco Wasted Years, bagpipe Afraid To Shoot Strangers... check our Facebook and enjoy :-)
Okay @2CELLOS Trooper cover is pretty damn good, but this is a whole 'nuther level...… #howdoyouevendothat
About a foot. RT @Runtron: @IronMaiden how big are the 12 inch ones??
These are the albums. They're bigger.
Independent verification. RT @andy71baxter: this is my 7" single...and i can confirm its no smaller or bigger lol :)
These are the next set 7 inches, out next week. I just checked and they're all exactly 7 inches in size.
Just read a grumble from somebody who thought the 7 inch vinyls would be bigger... #thisisnotspinaltap
Heavy metal overtures from the duelling cellos of @2CELLOS, taking on Iron Maiden and Rossini:
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Correct! RT @SuppressDigress: It's against the rules to change any sort of station/stream/etc if @IronMaiden is playing.
2015 calendar is in the shops now. Also available from our official shop of course -…
We ran out of wall room for all our free @IronMaiden posters, so we used @luke_morton. Pick up our new issue now!
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#ff 31 years ago I took a road trip to the Omni in Atlanta to see @IronMaiden World Piece tour tix were $11 #metal
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Look at all the @IronMaiden posters in the new issue of Metal Hammer! Get your copy now:
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It's always nice to hear you've got a #1 album while pushing your broken-down tour bus up an Alp. #maidenvinyl
This was to be Maiden’s first UK Top 10 single, and the first to feature Bruce Dickinson on vocals. #maidenvinyl
Maiden were on their first ever tour of North America on the day Purgatory was released. #MaidenVinyl
Drawing time lapse: Iron Maiden cover and vinyl #MaidenVinyl
...French rock band Trust were supporting. Who was Trust's drummer? #MaidenVinyl
When originally released, Maiden played a show at the Southampton Gaumont Theatre... #maidenvinyl
Yo! @IronMaiden fans! Our new issue is packing some freakin' sweeeeet free posters! Out now!
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@MetalHammer great Iron Maiden poster booklet, 1 issue though it's impossible to make large poster, nothing matches
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Women In Uniform... cover of a song by Australian band Skyhooks and the only cover Maiden ever released as a single.
@IronMaiden my smile is a big as Eddie's grin, because I picked up four of the limited 7in singles. #maidenvinyl
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The band were on their first headline Iron Maiden tour when Sanctuary was released in May 1980. #maidenvinyl
Due to our efforts to ensure that all vinyl titles meet high quality standards, we are going to have to move US Running Free to 11/25/2014
Nicko popped in for his #MaidenVinyl & also grabbed some @CallawayGolfEU swag -a nice metal stylee cap! @IronMaiden
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Someone took the mick out of our red velvet. It's cos the carpet is ugly :-) #thingsyoudidntknowaboutmaidentowers
...they agreed on the condition they could play live, not mime as was the custom for the show back then. The BBC reluctantly agreed.
When Running Free entered the UK Top 40, Maiden were invited to appear on Top Of The Pops... #maidenvinyl
The first batch of singles also hit the shops! More coming on Oct 27 and Nov 24…
In the shops today! Unless you're in the US, you have to wait til tomorrow) Got yours? Tweet us a pic #maidenvinyl
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@IronMaiden Halloween be thy name? My girlfriend's birthday cake complete with Bruce Dickinson.
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US folks... @Loudwire are giving away a load of Maiden vinyl…
We all have our Powerslave moments :-) RT @DaveNavarro: I don't wanna die, I'm a God, Why can't I live on!?!?!?!
Drink your @IronMaidenBeer from a posh glass this xmas (yes, it's getting near :-/ )…
Thanks to @IronMaiden I am contemplating buying a record player. God forbid they release a VHS collection…
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'Clairvoyant' joke count... 7
Okay, okay, apparently you all came out of the womb knowing the entire Maiden catalogue :-P
My lecturer genuinely told my class today that we were "too young" to know who @IronMaiden are.
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Only a week to go until the first of these babies hit the shops!…