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Only Minions™
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My biggest fear is to look out my window at night and see someone staring back at me.
That awesome moment when the whole class laughed at what you said, so you just sit there like a boss.
Giving a fuck is the number one cause of depression
I hate smart ass teachers. Me: Can I go to the bathroom? Teacher: I don't know, can you? Me: BITCH I WILL SHIT ON YOUR DESK.
7 Pieces of Women's Logic That We'll Never Understand
Katy Perry: 'My big breasts are gifts from God'. See Pics here: 👌😍 ➡
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Celebrity 'Before And After' Weight Loss Photos 👌😍 ➡
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A good relationship is worth the wait.
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Don't follow your dreams - chase them.
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It's not about having the skill to do something. It's about having the will, desire & commitment to be your best.
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how do you expect me to do a homework assignment that requires a computer do you know what happens when i get near a computer this happens
"nevermind" = you should've listened the first fucking time.
25 Lazy Girl Hairstyling Hacks
Your grave: RIP My grave: VIP
"Do you have an extra pencil I can borrow?" "Nope" *Looks down at bag of pencils* *Evil laugh*
24 Times "Family Guy" Was Right About Everything
*Low battery* *Low battery* *Low battery* Well apparently you have enough battery to Remind Me every 2 seconds...
i hate being compared to someone else
how do people argue without using the word fuck
and then god created saturn and he liked it so he put a ring on it
12 Incredible Weight Loss Transformation Pics
Always be yourself, no matter how weird you are, anyone who's worth it will love you for being you.