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Dark Pools have been buying for most of the session so far. Yen pairs coiling. I wouldn't get short now.
Did I hear that right? Head of Allianz stepping down?
I had 4032 in mind, held onto it til 3978. Out, think Nikkei is a buy here until 16700-16800 area
RBC To Lay Off Nearly All Proprietary Traders By Year end. But who will price the CAD fix...
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Weak Yen: "It does not benefit the country or industry," Yasuchika Hasegawa, chairman of the Japan Association of Corporate Executives
And check this out: About 80% of all companies polled consider the current 109 yen level undesirable... 80%!
30.5% chose the 95 yen to 100 yen range as favorable.
Survey from Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry: 38.8% of its member companies see 100 yen to 105 yen per dollar as a desirable rate.
Japan doesn't want the Yen where it is now. Don't wait for Kuroda to talk down USDJPY...
BNY Mellon to shut derivatives sales, trading business.
Silver... 16 handle
Article I wrote in 08 right before crash. Same scenario taking place, weak crude, strong dollar.
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New highs but not now, sticking with my targets, then flip
End of month flows, fun fun
A little more... 1960 and 4032
$ES_F Runem up / Runem down / The algos make us look like a clown: can u say index arb buy program? $$
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I'll let them roll til 1960, NAS100 4032 then flip again.
Sweet, another USDCAD stop run, take advantage of this, they don't want to hold here
NAS100 there's support here but it won't hold
Hoping for another stop run in USDCAD
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Nothing like fresh corn from the market... yummm
Ahhhh, it's EURCAD pushing USDCAD higher
Some paper showed up on the offer side influencing a slight move south.
$ES_F- bounce needs to bid yesterdays pit low of 1970.50 which, believe it or not, targets 1974.50 and objective of 1981.60.$
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RT @MrTopStep: Its up to the traders that have been around for a while to help teach the next young traders like someone taught us...
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Strong USD flows!
Been trading USDJPY for two hours, nice tradable top. USDCAD options related, will probably levitate until EOD
Watch out for end of month and end of first half Yen flows... #Yen_Bid
Data this morning is no good
Reports suggest no change at the decimal level: Core 0.74 rounds down to 0.7% as did the 0.66 previously
Market talk that the Eurostat is correcting the earlier Euro-zone CPI data
Nice tradable top in USDJPY scalpers
RBNZ intervention... market reaction
A full-on currency war... Norges Bank, they will buy 250 Million NOK per day in October. See market reaction
AUDJPY longs stand to benefit from strong NFP print this Friday as it is the most highly correlated G10 ccy pair with the SPX.
My call: Shinzo Abe will face a confidence vote nearly next year. #Abenomics
Kuroda's leadership being questioned over weak CPI... not good.
Long NZDUSD Short EURNZD (divergent policies)
USDCAD What we're looking for is a climax run, possibly retest of March high... then short both USDCAD and EURCAD
Won't short USDCAD until ADX/RSI are red hot... herd trade right now is to short that spike but we all know how USDCAD behaved in March!
Good morning everyone... time to get started... let's do our best today!
USDCAD about to test 1.12
Leveraged funds have returned to selling the USD’s bought.
High-frequency clients are taking profit on concerns the USD momentum has gone too far...