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Martyn Littlewood
minecraft youtube love 237,708 followers
The sad side of your happy fun time platforming game..
Man I can't wait to play this map again! One of my all time favourites from the series -
.@Jack_Septic_Eye a second monitor. You can always mirror if you'd like but I quite like having them separate :)
.@Jack_Septic_Eye there are two modes. Your desktop stays normal and the game purely runs in the headset or run it on the Oculus acting as
This made the rounds, but not with Christopher's friends' reactions. Child stars always have it tough. Oh bother....
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RT @Ninjaboy822_MC: @InTheLittleWood Hey Martin, I just followed you! -- Thank you and welcome!! :D
Cracking up at these bloopers and "Juuiiceee..." really got me xD… @iBuze @xILubez @AlmightyNoxite
.@Jack_Septic_Eye I'm hoping with this being 1080p that I can now play Among The Sleep without it crashing on me haha :P
It's should turn out to be a good video though. Unboxing the whole thing, demo new tracking & then a visual comparison between the old & new
This footage is still going to talk half an hour to copy over and I think the edit will be a semi-long one so the new Oculus video tomoz k?
Anyone know where I can find a list of games that make use of positional tracking / SDK2 yet for @oculus wanna demo it :)
All setup for the unboxing video. Gonna look around for some DK2 ready games too :)
I'm now holding my Oculus SDK2 muhahaha!! Going to film an unboxing and maybe test footage when I get back to the office with it :)
Omg it's just occurred to me @InTheLittleWood 's "How Do I Craft This Again?" Finally applies, I haven't played since 1.5 I don't know now!
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*sigh* UPS come on.. Don't tell me I can change the delivery address online and say MONDAY when you apparently mean TUESDAY >_<
RT @TCSpsycho: @InTheLittleWood -- Aah ok it's this, fair enough. Have fun seeing @BarsAndMelody those of you there!
So who's at HMV Bristol City centre today? Big old queue of teenagers.
Listening to a #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy playlist on Spotify pretending I'm Star Lord of the way to work! (why no official soundtrack @MarvelUK)
G'morning all! Got lots of adult banking things to do first thing this morning BUT hopefully my Oculus 2 is at work waiting for me, yay!!
The entire story of Warcraft, told in 40 minutes:
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Behind the scenes of a Kaeyi kitty picture.. This is after make up when we get them on set!
Damn.. @SuperGWolf wasn't kidding. This final (proper final) boss in Freedom Planet is BRUTAL! D: