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Martyn Littlewood
minecraft youtube love 235,735 followers
What the hell happened to Dappy?!
Going from 4 seconds over to 10 minutes to spare immediately after. Crazy haha :P @WildStar
Veteran dungeon run of Kel'Voreth, 40:04 = Heartbreak @WildStar
I just checked the video and it replaced my vocals with randomly ordered versions of dan's vocals. All Nerd3 no me lol
ALL YOU AMERICANS go buy @alyankovic new album. Help him get his first #1 in the charts :D
Since this is the sale’s LAST day, I’ll say it one LAST time… #MandatoryFun is $5.99 at Amazon!
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Sorry about the audio on that video everybody. I'm trying to remote in to my work PC but I can't seem to so I can't re-render until tomoz :(
NEW VIDEO! Little and Cubed: Bug Squash Challenge - GTA Online
.@AndyHildred no no, you're missing my question. How is that upper bracket decided initially? Is there a lead up tournament or something?
Ah ok so there was an upper bracket. What / who decided who was in that upper bracket to begin with?
So I'm looking at this tournament tree, how come Evil Geniuses are in Round 4 and a single win gets them in the final? :S
Oh wait, Cloud9 are already playing again? I thought they were through to the final which is on Monday right?
There's no greater dick move than someone taken the collectable that's next to a high levelled mob that you're killing to get it. #MMOthings
I don't think any of you are having a lazier Sunday than this little one :3
"@yammy_xox: @Vaecon oh erm, this sounds extremely complex haha" my response to all mod packs ever..
@InTheLittleWood I usually try to come up with some witty response but I'm genuinely confused.
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There are A LOT of strange sights and sounds in Bristol to pay.. WTF IS THAT?!
I had no idea this was a thing.. Is it only the US that do this? lol -… #Fifa15
Well that was just insane. What a run! @cosmowright is now one of the elites of speed running.. Woah.
It's times like this I wish you could watch VOD's and have the chat along the side 'as it was' too. Luckily some streamers overlay it.
About to watch the new World Record for Ocarina Of Time Any % speed run.. You should too ;)…
Still working on that rep grind to get epic legs from Northern Wastes.. *sigh* haha @WildStar