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Martyn Littlewood
Me and @pewdiepie are taking fan requests for conversation topics on the podcast! Make em good! Use #broken so we can see em!
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NEW VIDEO! Little And Cubed versus The World - Just Cause 2
I've got a doozey of a Bounty at the moment, I've gotta try and get 15 sniper headshots D:
@InTheLittleWood they're for impressing people with 20/20 vision and telescopes, I think.
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I still don't quite understand Bonds on Warlocks. Do they do anything?
With its head on backwards, oh the humanity!! @JoshMundey
There must be an easier way to acquire Spiney Al than just finding it right? It's silver in a snowy landscape.. Why D:
Phew! Just did today's Heroic story mission solo, it was a toughie with the ammo debuff and more mobs but got it first time :D #Destiny
For once I got a wonderfully competent Fireteam when running Devil's Lair! We all just charged, bossed & ressed superbly #AboutTime #Destiny
@InTheLittleWood What's really annoying is when you do the best on your team and win the game, and you get nothing
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Once I've maxed out my Voidwalker am I then able to unlock everything in the Sunsinger skill tree?
I thought I had it good. I just saw a guy get 4 items from a game, one of them being a primary Legend Engram. He could get an Exotic gun :O
Got a really perty chest piece out if that Legendary Engram.. Robes Of The Exodus (it pushed me into my first light level yay)
The next round I did just as well and I got FOUR blue items haha Wtf?!
God I wish I filmed that match! Got a 3 to 1 K/D and was rewarded justly.. A shader and LEGENDARY…
It bugs me to no end that when the countdown finishes and you mash square to respawn it takes a further few seconds. Y U LIE?! #Destiny
Damn.. Today's heroic mission has some brutal parameters. Doesn't drop ammo for equipped weapon and thicker waves of mobs D: #Destiny
Damn this looks fun! Very lucky to get that finish though I bet :P…
She's really fallen asleep like this.. How? Haha :D #LootPAX
@InTheLittleWood Omg, Destiny needs a racing mode with the sparrows. The open maps would be AMAZING for it.
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And still my character's head is on backwards LOL
Lots of people keep asking me what I think about Destiny so here's a little blog post of my tweets fleshed out
I've found @TheStrippin secret to being so buff. He uses his entire upper body when he's well in to a game! haha
Dayum.. Everything I thought I knew about Mario is a lie D:… (by @MatPatGT)
I've gotten to grips (somewhat) with the controls and gameplay of Smash so at least when I film the demo on Monday I won't be too scrubby!
The egos that some YouTubers have is outright disgusting.
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Before anyone else says the same thing, I do like Audio Technica and Beyer Dynamics but over long periods they are painful @EllisAllsop14
New headphones ordered. Apparently Beats by Dre now days have a built in battery. Not sure if I prefer that or AAA's lol
Do any other YTers ever have a weird mind drift where they're editing their own stuff and they forget it's themselves? Kind of outer body..
NEW VIDEO! InTheLittleBox - Origami Panda Surprise!
Waiting impatiently for the new episode of Sword Art Online ANY SECOND NOW!!
Aah ok, I wasn't aware the Japanese version was out in retail now. I could've sworn they only just got their demo a day ago lol
Wait, so do people have the full Smash Bros 3DS game already? I'm looking on Twitch and they have the whole roster and levels..
I'm pretty streamed out this week plus @TheStrippin is doing his bday stream at 7 so I think I'm part of that :) @uberwolf_
I'm having a SMASHing afternoon, how about you? (ty to ludolik for the code <3)
I don't think I've giggled over a reddit thread quite this much in a long time! The sarcasm is strong throughout :D…
True.. True.. -- The most disappointing thing about Destiny.:
Pascal was being grumpy that I had my laptop on my lap and not her.. She's sitting in the bed not…
A big happy birthday to one third of the Dream Team @TheStrippin! I'll see you in game later tonight bro :D
Do you get numerous rewards for running daily heroics over and over or no? #Destiny
Looks like I'll need to find two PS4 peeps to run Strikes with tomorrow. Gonna try and be ready for Raid (level 26) on Tuesday!
You'd think at level 20 you could pug Devils Lair for the Heroic Weekly.. These guys aren't moving forward just chilling in the snow >_>