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Martyn Littlewood
minecraft youtube love 244,271 followers
SO CLOSE to that 250k follower goal I've always had for Twitter (not sure why, it just looks nice haha) WOOT!! :D
With Kaeyi's bday on Thursday, the cats op on Wed, just back from NYC and me back to the US on Wednesday just crazy busy :( @GamingSpeedy
There's no stream tonight as we streamed yesterday and it was a rather special one! @Sophiie_S
I never realized just how fan servicey Sword Art Online was. I mean, this game, PFFT!!! "We kissed.. Through omelette" by sharing a spoon...
Half my feed this morning is of the dancing Groot POP Figure, I have seen it and don't worry I'm going to buy it as soon as it's available!
I'll try and put one out on Monday as that's when I'm back in the office :) @CameronHeywood
Had a good 10 hours sleep and I'm still exhausted from the stream last night haha! That's not happened in a while :P
@InTheLittleWood for some reason I just imagined being the window worker and you pulling the door open and thinking I was getting kidnapped
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Such an odd drive thru experience. Rolling up in a mini van, sliding the door open to pay and collect.…
It's real! The first official Dancing Groot toy, from the amazing folks at @OriginalFunko! #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy
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I say 'may' because I imagine I'm much easier and calmer to transport than 7 or 8 drunk people lol
This taxi driver must either love me or hate me. An entire mini bus just for me and I'm making him do a McDonald's run before home LOL
This past week and the plans for next week have really instilled a little confidence back in myself as a content creator / entertainer, ty!
It's definitely all @DanNerdCubed's rep, he has made every single gamemode we've played. All credit to him :) @KestrelTown
Phew! The entire of that stream recorded fine on my end, that's a relief :)
Phew! Right, home time, you still hungry @KaeyiDream? lol
@InTheLittleWood Ridiculously fun! You guys were amazing guests, thank you!
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SUMO OR RIOT!!! Seriously though, thanks for coming out to watch the stream. 20k people and some hilarious game outcomes :D
20k of you in the Rockstar stream, you having a good time so far? :D