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Martyn Littlewood
minecraft youtube love 215,442 followers
@InTheLittleWood You shouldn’t let it. The people who know you know there’s not a corrupt bone in your body. Ignore ‘em! <3
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It gets under my skin when people accuse me or others of "selling out" over something tiny or no pay *sigh*
.@klocimus I'm not really sharing my League name publicly.. Mainly so I don't get flooded with requests etc.
Just got my postcard from the best people in the world Im glad Im in their family love u @KaeyiDream @InTheLittleWood
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as if i needed any more of a reason not to buy microsoft consoles ever again
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Did something change with the white room @sourcefed or the editors? I'm seeing brightness / contrast line splits on 2per shots more often..
Mere minutes into my new video being live.. Just for anyone else thinking the same -…
[NEW VIDEO] Trials Fusion - WHAT'S RIDER CAM?! - Have A Gander
Simply LOL especially the bracketed part
I'm saddened to say that Bungie's board of directors terminated me without cause on April 11, 2014.
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Thank you so much @KaeyiDream, @InTheLittleWood, Kiki and Pascal - we love our @ITLDream postcard! Made our day :D xx
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Now who's spoilt @InTheLittleWood :o Cat for scale. 3kg of thorntons chocolate.
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My favorite digital pop star Hatsune Miku is opening The ARTPOP Ball from May 6-June 3! Look at how cute she is! 🌟✨
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I just threw $50 at this game, for pixel art this thing is absolutely GORGEOUS and looks hella fun!!… @HFAgame
Really lovely video from @Boogie2988. I hope that I'm always as transparent and honest with my audience as he is…
.@not_so_bearded @twitter I just prefer it being on every page other than the typing screen. I keep going to send and I just hut that ;(
@KaeyiDream @lomadia @InTheLittleWood *Martyn uses Life Drain* It's super effective! Kaeyi has fainted...
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Also, @twitter, is it really necessary to have a shortcut to settings in the top right corner at all times? #Android
Had a really good night's sleep so I'm all energized for once.. Bring it on!!
Ah Yay! Riot were able to convert that gift card and credit it to my EUW acc. Apparently that's my one and only chance though, phew lol
We joke about it but it's been an hour now and no nachos have arrived. You were all right! 1 item and notbjng appears LOL @pizzahut *sigh*
Psst!! Those asking about @wol_lay, he just tweeted for the first time in over 2 months.. Cube World info ;)
.@STHero1000 haha :P yeah, the driver will just turn up and pretend to pull something out the bag and give me the middle finger.