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Martyn Littlewood
@InTheLittleWood @TheStrippin sorry its late but it was great to meet you guys keep up the good work!!
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INB4 tomorrow morning they just say they don't know what's wrong and then send me home.. With no fix or resolution.. always happens to me.
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Ultra sound came back reassuring for them.. no big issues there.. same with my blood results.. still got to stay in hospital though..
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Ooh!! @NinaSerena has finished my new YT banner, I'm gonna upload it when I'm back from the hospital :D
You have a better chance getting a legendary from one of these guardians. #destiny
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.@mcKupo building talents never cease to amaze me! Whichever server has this as their pixelmon map is very lucky…
It's likely just episode 5 of Hyrule Warriors (already edited) today all. @KaeyiDream is in the hospital so that's my priority right now.
Just got home, gonna get a few hours shut eye and be up early as poss. Hopefully stink will have seen somebody by then.. Good night all <3
Don't worry though, I didn't up and leave without letting Kaeyi know first lol - I woke her up quickly to let her know :) #inb4
Kaeyi was fast asleep and the doctor has no sign of showing any time soon. Nurses told me she'll be staying in overnight, home time for me.
On top of all this, I haven't eaten in nearly 12 hours. That doesn't mix well with sleepiness and worry now does it? Hmph.
Huh, already been seen to. Straight through and they've got her in a bay. Awaiting a doc now I assume.
Thank god! We've gotten to the A&E and there's literally only one other person here. Last time it was a full house and took hours.
I can't for the life of me make a simple player respawn work in Project Spark.. Anyone know how to? I've tried Google tutorials
I've finally finished (I think) this Project Spark level. It's painfully simple but I enjoyed making…
NEW VIDEO! Tomodachi Life: Epic Rap Battle! - Part 32
Are all medical advertisements in America as terrifying as the one's on Hulu? "Here's a simple pill" then lists 40 ways you could die. Wut?
Lunch time!! Here's what it looks like and I'm watching SNL for the first time on Hulu :)
People are still using Kanye West - Power for their adverts? Wow haha
My exhaustion is a little evident in today's Tomodachi Life video.. Sorry if I sound tired >_<
Yeah, the new trailer has me excited that they're every week BUT I'm so over the hitler season openers :( @TobbenNintendo
I'm tempted to have the thumbnail just be this, having characters in there just makes it cluttered.. Hm.…
@InTheLittleWood hello this is 2014 with a message for you: "owned"
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"Installing from disk - ETA: 3 Hours" really? This is 2014 isn't it? Hello? *taps windows*
Oh thank god! This 5 disc physical copy of Shadow Of Mordor is actually for my Steam library, yay :D
@InTheLittleWood but i havent seen you in my sub box for about six weeks
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I've no idea what's happening with my content, it's getting the same amount of likes but half the views. Bleurgh.
Wearing yellow today after watching @alyybongo video. Show your support for the Hong Kong
hopefully this will stop the hordes claiming I'm doing the WB deal on Shadow of Mordor - this is called a receipt.
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Does anybody else's YouTube app keep pausing at the moment? I can see the buffer bar is well ahead yet every 5 seconds it stops :@
i really want to watch @InTheLittleWood 's play through of Ni No Kuni again, was great the first time around, Oliver, Oliver, Oliver
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Christ.. Want to feel old? It's soon to be 10 years since Saw was first released…
I have a massive sinking feeling in my stomach and feel really anxious all of a sudden. What the.. :S
Just a little bit longer until #BeAStar passes 1,000,000 views. That'd be smashing :D…
@InTheLittleWood 35k till your wildstar song has a million views
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Sat here typing away, doing accounts and it seems I have an assistant. Sat properly haha :P
I'm a sellout if we define it as "accepted money to capture video of a game I was gonna buy anyways and shared it with my fans" FYI :P
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Windows One will likely be next.. Also, that start menu is fugly. They're desperately trying to keep the Win8 tablet thing going. JUST STAHP
Wait.. Why are all these sites reporting about Windows 10, did I miss 9?
.@ArkhamNetwork @buttsmcgee18 in fairness Hunger Games was from Team Vareide aka The Hive so that was also them being original lol
NEW VIDEO! Hyrule Warriors: The Mysterious Girl - Part 4
Mkay, time to make something in Project Spark as part of a group challenge. Come and help me on Twitch :) ty <3
I want a hype talk like this before I next do a Q&A or anything in front of a crowd…
RT @piercedavid: Microsoft is showing the next Windows today and I bet it’s going to look a lot like this