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Martyn Littlewood
Oh and bowling high score this evening, 61 ;P
Absolutely knackered, had a lovely night at the Twitch party. We were able to get a Lane to ourselves and meet tons of people!
Seriously flagging already and the Twitch party is in like 30 mins D:
Myself and dexbonus just finished up at the 2K booth playing Borderlands and we're sneaking around at…
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I'm not even at PAX yet and I've already been complimented on my @ForHumanPeoples shirt (Steve's Keep Calm one) Yay :D
So who else is at PAX Prime today?
Kiki & Pascal turn 1 on the 24th of September! What should i get them for their birthday?? :3
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Add I was typing the very same reply in caps I couldn't help but think of the clip and she enough it's…
Retiring to my room for the night. The main reason for this trip is all done now, sneaking in a day at PAX tomorrow. Time to rest :)
"@uberwolf_: @InTheLittleWood I assume since you're in Seattle There shaln't be a BSLS to moderate on Saturday?" - Correct :)
Oh no it blurred! Just hung out with these two lovely people though :D @aureylian sethbling
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It's only nearing 7am here but I'm awake. Kaeyi text me just before 6 and for whatever reason I'm phone wasn't on silent. Good morning!
FUCK! It's one of those bed times.. The one where you think about mortality and then worry if you fall asleep now that's it. Fml.
Job done, vlog is uploaded, 22.5 hours and now I sleep. Na night all (for realzies this time!)
You'll all have to remind @KaeyiDream to vlog some tomorrow as I'm behind secret closed doors from 10am - 10pm :( lol
Vlog is rendering, thumbnail is made. I can leave it uploading in about 10 minutes and get some shut eye whilst it works its magic :)
If I don't edit / upload it now I will likely forget or be too busy tomorrow morning @KemperConnor
Even though my eyes are half open, I've just realized I need to edit the vlog before I go to sleep *muscle memory engage*
That's enough conciousness for me for one day.. 21 hours (11 of which spent travelling) is about as much as I can handle. Na night all <3
Right! Just a few more hours to push through then I can finally sleep. Brb all :)
.@HelloImChriss @Kootra its not really a case of fooling them. They'll always sooner check and it be false than not and let people down
@InTheLittleWood The FBI/CIA snatched him up. So far the fine is 100k according to articles.
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Christ.. Just seen the footage of @Kootra being swatted. I really hope they trace back the 'prankster' and heavy laws are in place for this.
@InTheLittleWood as someone has already said, it's cat withdrawal.
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Been awake for a quite a long time now & had a 9 hour flight.. Got the shakes, that's not a good sign D:
@InTheLittleWood I take Kiki and Pascals Internet browsing seriously... They sneak on clop clop behind my back I swear.
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Has kaeyidream been speaking to EE? Hm!!!?
I was naughty and tried it, no data until we got to the car park lol
I'm OK everybody lol. It took us a while to get through baggage and security. They're very strict about no phones in Seattle airport
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Okay, gotta turn off my phone. Next time I speak to you will be in Seattle! 'MURICA!
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We may have been late for the flight. Luckily it hadn't left without us! Halfway to the gate a lady came up and checked our surnames phew :)
See you in Seattle everybody! Plans have changed a little and I may be at PAX Prime on Friday if all…
@InTheLittleWood Dude, I was waiting for you to get to Seattle so I could say: COME HOME AND PLAY THIS WITH ME. Best DLC ever!
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To those asking, yes I'm hyped to play as Link in Mario Kart 8. Definitely a video or two to be had on the DLC :)
Aah ok, just had a little nosey and apparently there's a Dixons Travel in there. I'm sure they'll have one, they sell cameras, iPads etc!
Forgot to pack my windows controller, hopefully I can buy one at the airport. They usually have a tech store in there don't they?
I'm not really one for tweeting out my food but this looks pretty delicious! :D
Time for fancy food on the room service and apparently Jackie Chan's "Chinese Zodiac" on the TV..?
Still having this weird bug with Skype though were I can log in to the website just fine but not the program :s
Well.. The internet speed in this room is rather wonderful. 72mb down 83mb up #IsThisRealLife
It's not PAX for those wondering. It'd be amazing to sneak by for an hour or two if I get a chance though :)
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