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Martyn Littlewood
I said it before and I'll say it again, youtube shouldn't have a dislike button. It gets abused the whole time for the silliest reasons
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I played 4 in my little recording session today. Wondering if there's more..
So has anybody 'finished' the Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire demo yet? How many mini missions does it have and rewards?
Gonna squeeze in one more recording before heading back to see Kaeyi. I've got a big 'ole bag of new Primark comfy clothes for her! :D
Ah! Tidied my office very quickly whilst some videos rendered. Feels like it tidied my jumbled mind up at the same time haha
HYPE! HYPE! NEW VIDEO! HYPE! Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Demo (Part 1)…
Yeah, it's about two videos worth. I've filmed about an hour of gameplay but after the first two play throughs its tiny missions @sc1020_MC
This thumbnail for the Pokemon video looks ok right?…
I'm torn on Hyrule Warriors.. It gets less views but the people that don't close after 30 seconds watch the lot…
YES! Just done my first industry appearance as my true self @radfest2014 This is me and I feel ALIVE. X
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look forward to my new yogscast channel, featuring all of the great facecam horror content from my current channel
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@InTheLittleWood it's a surprise that they even let you visit her...
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separate closed door rooms.. Where we were stood is in full view from the OPEN doorway anyway. Kaeyi needed me there to help her about.
They're so fucking petite at this hospital. Asking me to leave the sink area because it's "women's only" the showers and toilets are all
Who's ready for some videos on THIS?! (big thanks to Anthony Cutri for the code) @_AnthonyCutri_
When people reply to a tweet that went out FOUR YEARS AGO without any media attached to it. How?! lol @GamingSpeedy
How many views already? Haha oh my.. so I take it me being completely off my head cheered a lot of you…
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@InTheLittleWood someone needs to bring back Crash Bandicoot 😢
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I'm loving these PS1 imaginings of modern games. Which would you buy out of all these?…
@InTheLittleWood that's why i'm so desperate to move in with fiona! when people are meant to be together, well they're meant to be together!
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Wall Street Journal are lurking for an article about YTers? Just followed by a verified reporter. Seems they're looking at others too lol
Still struggling to sleep with Kaeyi not here. I've no idea why our brains do this. You'd think I'd be lapping it up having the whole bed?!
Got pathology results back, 100% cancerous material they know about out. Followup chemo will crush any last puny resistance.
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I am LOVING that those RKO Outta Nowhere clips are a 'thing'. Just watched another compilation, cracking up xD
@InTheLittleWood you can see it in action about halfway through this trailer, seems really cool :)…
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.@georgepross I'd love them to put you dead center on the route. So you're equidistant to everything :D (some might hate that though)
Man I hope this is true for the upcoming Pokemon remake… #FlyToRoutes #Pokemon
So I just finished Shadow Of Mordor (and I never finish aaaanything that isn't an LP) and I'm so down for the sequel! GIMME GIMME GIMME :D
She's the one that set it public ;) @ItzMarriott
I've only just turned on The Apprentice, what'd I miss so far? What's the goal this ep?
PENTA DUUUUUNK!!!… (I don't even play but I want to play one game as him haha)
Playing the new Borderlands DLC. Its got 4 new characters!
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NEW VIDEO! Tomodachi Life:Trolled By Nigel - Part 34
Just had to create a thumbnail through team viewer on my mobile. That was a long and tricky process haha!
@KaeyiDream That part made me burst in laughter, but the face you made when moving the bed up was Priceless! and @InTheLittleWood reaction<3
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@InTheLittleWood @SoTotallyToby and I laughed so much at this. I cried, legit. Oh my god I can't breathe hahaaa
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It was like wanting to burst out in laughter at school but having to stay quiet which makes things even funnier @oAdamR
This had me crying with laughter yesterday! Kaeyi after (Dentist) some Cyclizine
Ooh! I just got a pre-roll YT advert for the Conquest channel.. That was unexpected lol
I have UPDATED my hospital blog post @NHSEngland @NHSChoices… 13 days.. 6 Dr's.. 3 wards.. & a very fed up patient.
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I'm editing episode 3 of Conquest MC PS4 at the moment and it's the best so far, we explain it as being draumatic :P
I'm confused by this headline. Has he been seen or hasn't he?
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Wtf.. So NA gets the Playstation TV today but we don't get it until the 14th of NOVEMBER? Come oooon :(
Looking forward to getting a Playstation TV device tomorrow morning, it will hopefully open my choices for videos up even further!
Here's the thumbnail.. One her funnier faces from the "ride" and her whizzing through multicoloured sparkly space!
Just got done subtitling this, it's only 2:38 long but it had me in tears of laughter! (@KaeyiDream on Cyclizine)
I liked a @YouTube video from @InTheLittleWood Attack On Titan Game - Character Creation Update!
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