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Chin Soon Sun
Saturday cheat treat. 😍�#icecreamaGH
Saturday cheat treat. 😍🍦 #icecream
Beautiful #Hitchin is where I live. 😁D
Beautiful #Hitchin is where I live. 😁
Really happy about your review @pushsquare! you really did play the game carefully. Thanks for the review! #KTfamily…
I've been playing this for more than 10 hours now. Very in-depth! It's not action hack-n-slash, but a strategy game.…
Highly active or highly inactive people should add this powder to the summer list.
AUG: OP Pirate Warriors 3. SEP: Nobunaga's Ambition: SoI. OCT: Samurai Warriors 4-II, Dragon Quest Heroes, Project Zero: MoBW. #KTfamily
It's strange because when I was young, I loved Squaresoft, Namco, Koei. Now it's just so funny because I'm in KT and able to work with them.
2 more weeks until Japan (but it's for work). Any recommendation on some good gyms between Tokyo & Yokohama just in case I get really bored?
@inspchin you got me intrigued now, just read this review… watched the trailer looks like the kind of game I like :)
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@inspchin I'm also in Love with this game! So addicting! :D
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Mana, I love her. I love all the character designs. ❤️ #LostDimension
OMG I love him I also love the music! #LostDimension
Last #TBT, I loved travelling and I still do, this was taken back when I was still a woman lol. OK that's it for now.
#TBT back when I received my first Dynasty Warriors award (but imho DW6 is the worst DW game lol)... Shh! #KTfamily
#TBT Just as I joined @koeitecmoeurope they sent me to Paris to promote these 2 games. LOL. #KTfamily
#TBT: My first time in London. I still have the same smile like I used to, but I'm definitely stronger than I was.
Thank you everyone for at least not spreading negativity on my news feed today. I really appreciate it.
Received yet another stupid email today.
A little sneak peek on what I've been working on with @inspchin
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I love the price for the SW4-II Limited Edition! Thanks @JasSMarwaha and @Lead_wotawaster for making this possible!
We're happy to announce that Samurai Warriors 4-II LE (£54.99) is coming to Europe via @NISAinEurope Store. #KTfamily
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Prinny Bomb sent me this. :) #KTfamily
Out this week in Europe!! Can't wait to play it. Anyone played it, is it good? I trust Atlus for making a good game!
Middle of the week. Almost there. Can't wait for the bank holiday weekend.
I have no sympathy for stupid people.
Some people are willing to spend more time online to complain than doing a proper research before complaining.
RT & Follow for a chance to win a copy of Nobunaga's Ambition for PS4. Winner to be announced on Sept 4th #KTfamily
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Fuck, googled some Attack on Titan images and got the spoiler straight away. Day ruined.
September - Tokyo Game Show October - MCM London Comic Con November - Paris Games Week ..then I'm done for the rest of the year! #KTfamily
I set up my Chromecast​ last night and the first thing I watched is Resident Evil 5 Chris x Wesker porn.
HELP! Anyone by any chance has photos of Sony PlayStation booth at Gamescom 2015 willing to share to me just because I forgot to take some?
A direct translation of Chin from English to Japanese is Dick. From now on, I demand everyone to call me as Dick Soon Sun.
It's ok to translate Marilena to Marlene with JP --> EN translator; but translate Chin into Dick, should I be proud?
Only Japan can make me desire about junk food, see what's inside and put everything in my mouth. #StarWars
Only Japan can make me desire about junk food, see what's inside and put everything in my mouth. #StarWars
I had a really good weekend with @Gischie, always a pleasure! Let's do it again. Thank you for everything. Love you!
They might look boring but they're yummy!
They might look boring but they're #yummy!
Lazy Sunday is a good Sunday. @Gischie
#BFF came to visit. Gotta treat ourselves with tons of sweets!

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