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Chin Soon Sun
Dunno the name but these #vietnamese drinks are awesome!
Yes I want one for the next summer!
@inspchin Your Samurai Warriors 4 pics are making me want Friday to come even faster!
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Self explanatory. You know who they are, also! #SW4 #KTfamily
My customized FEMALE character. Samurai Warriors 4 coming next week! #PSVita #PS4 #PS3 #KTfamily #SW4
My customized MALE character. Samurai Warriors 4 coming next week! #PSVita #PS4 #PS3 #KTfamily #SW4
Goodnight all. I'm happy. Samurai Warriors 4 is a good title in my opinion (very good on PS4!) - Just hope #KTfamily enjoy as much as I do.
The control for #SW4 on #PSVita is slightly different than the PS3 and PS4 version. Please check the sheet. #KTfamily
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Was worried #SW4 #PSVita graphic now I can assure #KTfamily that it's good!
Samurai Warriors 4 graphic on #PSVita. #SW4 #KTfamily
You can now watch the SAMURAI WARRIORS 4 live stream we did today here in HD. #SW4 #KTfamily
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I hate digital-only releases. But it's better than nothing and I do understand the difficulties. Oh, and I won't boycott or make petition.
Yeah f you with your digital only releases.. #SW4 PS Vita file size is..
Look who I sent on a date .. @inspchin!! @MsKittyPowers said you and your date are a match made in a pound shop!
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Yet another whining bitch saying the content in #SW4 Collector's Edition isn't good enough..
You can also see this at the #London show! RT @koeitecmoeurope: SAMURAI WARRIORS 4 - Coming next week! #SW4 #KTfamily
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There are more added instruments in some tracks or maybe it's just my ears because it's super high quality! Ain't complaining, it's awesome!
I'm listening to the #SW4 soundtrack from the Collector's Edition. It sounds different than the one I listened on YT.
SAMURAI WARRIORS 4 Insta-unboxing. #SW4 #KTfamily
Thank you guys for the explanation. But to be honest, I think everyone in this industry is a bitch, a whore & a hypocrite. This includes me.
I know I'm late or maybe dumb but what is this #GamerGate thing and most importantly, should I care?
Saw this on the wall tonight. Might as well share it.
So happy!!! Now I can play games again! #AkibasTrip #fb
I have passed the test so now I can attend to the expos without stress. #fb
Don't be mad if I didn't reply to your review requests, please at least LinkedIn my job role before you gave me a F bomb. #EnoughIsEnough
Not as marvelous but here you go. #proteincookies @fallenzangel
A little hobby is happening.
I love animals because most humans are worse than animals.
Also some of these. If anyone from #KTfamily is coming to @MCMExpo London Comic Con. Remember come and say hi! #SW4
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