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SpellBounders Pro Tip: You can cast Meteor to blow up any iceblock. Good way to save yourself a spelltile to use later in the game.
@insaneroot Thats great news; I hope you get plenty of people to play one of the best word games on the App Store #tohellwithWWF
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#SpellBounders on the iPhone, it's your turn! Coming soon!
Just got our print of the Penny-Arcade comic! I'm looking right at it and still can't believe it's real!
is because I did not blame my problems on other people, and instead worked hard to get better.
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SpellBounders Pro Tip: Use Mindbreakers Void Shift on a Sneaktooth and steal their poison coated tiles to use against them! #madtooth
Pay for review sites: We are not interested in paying you to review SpellBounders. We'd rather hear what you really want to say vs. paying.… Thank you Penny Arcade! Let's get a Cardboard Tube Samurai hero goin'!
SpellBounders is officially out! Watch the launch trailer here:… Please Retweet!
Words with fiends: SpellBounders is fantasy multiplayer Scrabble, coming to iOS next month…
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Swarmlings for the win! I never get tired of seeing those rats. #screenshotsaturday #gamedev
Indie game development means having to wear many different hats to get the job done. Except a fedora. Never wear a fedora. #gamedev #indie
Filling out iTunes metadata feels an awful lot like creating an online dating profile. I hope they like us! Circle one, yes or no?
Plenty of blog posts about zero budget marketing but what about "almost zero but not zero" budgets? What's a good option? #indie #gamedev
That feeling when the todo list no longer has a scroll bar. I love seeing Pivotal Tracker so empty! #gamedev #indie #games
RT @HenryJK: Finally released beta one of SpellBounders! Long, long trip!
Sneaktooth is ready for some new blood. Beta build coming soon! #gamedev #indie #games
Signing up for #igf. Deadline syncs up perfectly with our beta release!
The Citizen Kane of videogames is whothefuckgivesashit. What's the Citizen Kane of diet cola? Let games be games.
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