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innocent drinks
You can grab our super smoothie cartons in Tesco, Sainsbury's and Waitrose now.
Pumpkins – good for Halloween, good for Disney princess transportation and good for drinking in smoothie form.
When growing your own carrots goes horribly wrong.
RT @Hanseeeie My favourite is Pat Benatar: "Hit me with your pet shark! Why don't you hit me with your pet shark?!" #misheardsonglyrics
Brilliant. Listen to the Eric Carmen version, not Celine RT @MeganESnell: "Obama's elf" #AllByMyself #misheardsonglyrics
@innocentdrinks George Michael sounds pretty thirsty. "WAKE ME UP, before your cocoa" #misheardsonglyrics
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Are those not the lyrics? RT @graphicks_laura "I'm so fancy, can't you taste these scones" Iggy Azalea & Charli XCX #misheardsonglyrics
There is of course the classic, 'I believe that the hot dogs go on' line from Celine Dion #misheardsonglyrics…
Scarily accurate RT @TomNew_ 'Now I'm in New Yoooorrk. Concrete jungle wet dream tomatooo...' #misheardsonglyrics
@innocentdrinks “I was sick and tired of everything, when I called you last night from Tesco” Abba - Super Trouper
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Brilliant RT @Grimdotdotdot: Missy Elliot likes to give away ice creams. "Get your free cone! Get your free cone!" #misheardsonglyrics
Got any other #misheardsonglyrics? We'd love to know about them.
‘We’ve got to hold on to what we’ve got. It doesn’t make a difference if we’re naked or not.’ #misheardsonglyrics
At the weekend, our Jez learned how to levitate. Not a bad party trick.
Terrifying footage of a huge lion savagely attacking its prey.
Our veg pots are £1.95 in @Tesco right now. Cheap as chips. Actually, cheaper than chips. It makes fiscal sense…
Just heard that since we sent those tweets, we've sold 3 more bottles of orange juice. If you need us, we'll be in the Bahamas.
The term "marketing genius" gets bandied around too often these days, but we think in this case it might be justified.
If we don't get a big raise for this, we are going to kick off.
[Patiently waits for sales to roll in]
Just read this marketing book that said if you want to sell stuff on Twitter you should mention the stuff that you sell on Twitter. So..
Only 100 days until Christmas. Only 99 days until you're forced to run to Boots and panic buy an entire aisle of shower gel gift sets.
You can see all of our eating in season guides on our Pinterest board…
Popped by our friends over @innocentdrinks to drop off some our fruit and veg powered skincare goodness. #foodielove
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Dear Summer, Welcome back. Stay as long as you want. Got an air bed you can use if you need a place to stay. Lots of love, innocent
Football pundits + sprinklers + live television = worth a watch
Look what happened to the small sapling @innocentdrinks sent me for Christmas a few years ago. It grew!
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There's another #RoyalBaby on the way. In true Blue Peter style, here's a royal name generator we made earlier
For anybody not excited about the breaking #RoyalBaby news, don’t worry – Twitter will probably calm down about it in 9, 10 months tops
Clarence House confirms that Prince George is said to be "distinctly unimpressed" by the #RoyalBaby news.
So, my ladyfriend asked me to look after the smoothie she left in the fridge this morning. Great day.
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Weather update: bit muggy. Keep your wallets and purses close to your person.
What a lovely sight to behold – a wildlife bridge to help animals cross the highway in the Netherlands.
@innocentdrinks Will you get it back? Outlook is unclear.
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