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innocent drinks
Thursday - officially voted the best day of the week to buy smoothies* *as voted by the innocent finance department.
If your GCSE results don't go exactly as you'd hoped, don't worry - there's always a career in social media to fall back on.
Good luck to everyone getting their GCSE results today. Here’s hoping all the spider diagrams and excessive highlighting paid off.
Oh, not Jordan, #GBBO. A very sad day for all admirers of interesting jumpers and other upper torso wear around the world.
Or for somebody to make some bread to look like Julie Andrews' face and call their showstopper 'Dough-Re-Mi' #WORKWITHUSHERE #GBBO
We just want Norman to make his showstopper the shape of the British Isles & call it The Norman Conquest. Is that so much to ask? #GBBO
#GBBO spin-off show idea - contestants run around an arena, trying to collect as many of Sue's blazers as possible. Title - Blazer Quest
Definitely think there needs to be a #GBBO spin-off show entirely dedicated to Sue's blazers. They should maybe call it 'Sue's Blazers'
People asking whether we're going to make some shameless bread puns during tonight's #GBBO. Well, we're not - and ciabatta believe it.
Great British Bake Off - where the definition of 'daring' is egg-wash #GBBO
#GBBO time. Expect a searing expose into Britain's insatiable obsession with structured reality TV. And tweets about cake and whatnot.
The innocent banana phone - past and present.
If you want to play Snake without trading your phone in for a Nokia 3210, you can play a version of it here
Watch this GIF of the perfect game of Snake and then go and trade your smartphone in for a Nokia 3210
No matter how frantic life gets, always remember this – you can’t rush toast.
Tim's joke was voted the best one-liner at this year's Edinburgh Fringe. You can see the other corkers here…
All hail @RealTimVine, King of the #dadjoke, for this beauty "I've decided to sell my Hoover... well, it was just collecting dust."
Lovely tribute to Robin Williams in Shoreditch, by @Graffiti_Life
The only time the word "incorrectly" isn't spelled incorrectly is when it's spelled incorrectly.
Pixie - probably the world's saddest cat
And if you don't know what THAT photo is, probably best not to look it up...
Day of the week update: Monday. Good day to be a bit manic, in the middle of a dream, kissing Valentino by a crystal blue Italian stream
It's our last day selling smoothies (and generally messing about a bit) at @LEGOLANDWindsor today
Einstein - even his slippers were brilliant.
We'll be at @LEGOLANDWindsor today helping people le-go a bit (sorry) with a shoulder rub and a smoothie.
#dadjoke time - Did you hear about the two people who stole a calendar? They each got six months.
#GoodDealFriday our juice and smoothies are BOGOF in Tesco (that's buy one get one free not blissfully old garish omnipotent fiddlesticks)
This is a banana-based replica of our Tim, who features in our talking fruit videos here
A stretch Delorean - 80s decadence at its very finest.
Our chill out area at @LEGOLANDWindsor goes up today. Sunshine, shoulder-rubs and smoothies - we can guarantee 2 out of 3.
We're going to be at @LEGOLANDWindsor from Friday to Sunday this week, armed with magic tricks, shoulder-rubs and smoothies. Perfect.
Bee conservation charity @Buzz_dont_tweet have erected a nectar wall in Sloane Square, London
An X-Ray of a person swallowing water
From 1887 - 1913 this Telephone Tower connected 5000 telephone lines in Stockholm.
Paul Curtis creates intricate street art by cleaning grime from public buildings
Haven't got a holiday booked? Here's an idea
Is growing weirdly shaped fruit and veg your thing? You could be on to a winner…
We’ll keep you updated on his travels from time to time, but you can track them in more detail here