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innocent drinks
Here we find a very emotional carrot. Clearly, he’s got himself in a stew over something.
#dadjoke time - Want to hear a word I just made up? Plagiarism.
Good luck in the Ryder Cup boys. A fairway to go, but you can do anything you putt your mind to. The hole of Europe is behind you #sorry
Definitely RT @SAW_09 I've busted my knee, do slippers count?
People are very upset about the tyrannical new dress code policy being trialled in fruit towers today.
Pitch invasions at the Ryder Cup already? Deer oh deer oh deer (photo via @BBCSport)
Well, that marketing opportunity worked out pretty well. If Nick Berry could do something scandalous tomorrow, we'd appreciate it.
Jason Orange has quit Take That. We make orange juice. Marketing opportunity of the century.
Jason Orange has quit Take That. We make orange juice. There’s got to be a marketing opportunity in this. Think, brain. THINK.
Fruit Towers was awash with pranks last month. We've compiled the best of the best…
Erika Simmons uses film from recycled cassette tapes and old film reels to create portraits of icons.
Think your little ones would enjoy helping us design our next set of magnets? Check this out…
Get 3 free magnets in our kids drinks for a limited time only. Collect them all and spell highbrow words like…
It’s National Punctuation Day today. If you love punctuation - good day to be alive. If you hate punctuation; theyre their.
Now endorsed by Shakespeare RT @The_Globe: Tuesday fun in the form of @innocentdrinks' Shakespeare translator
Well, this doctor's surgery obviously wasn't paying attention during Dirty Dancing (photo by @TOther_Simon)
Fancy winning a grassy fridge full of our drinks, plus £500 in vouchers to keep it stocked? Check this out
Our kids drinks are all half price in @waitrose right now. Or if you’d prefer, they’re full price in loads of other places, too.
Dear Summer, Not bad. Not bad at all. Drop your CV in again next June and we’ll see if we have any openings. Regards, The Management
[drops mic. Crowd goes wild. Worldwide juice shortage ensues]
Orange you going to buy any of our juice? It tastes really nice.
Colleague 1: Good weekend? Colleague 2: Oh yes. Too short though. C1: Always is, isn’t it? C2: Yes. Oh well. [Uncomfortable silence]
Weather update: looks cold, is warm, might rain. Pack a brolly. Oh, and flip-flops. And definitely wellies. And maybe some sun cream.
You can see more of Rafael and Jimmy's excellent work on their Instagram feed
Brazilian illustrator Rafael Mantesso and his dog Jimmy Choo collaborate to create canine art.
#dadjoke - Somebody stole my mood ring. I'm not sure how I feel about that.
The word 'Phablet', a terrifying hybrid of 'phone' and 'tablet', emerged online this week.
You can grab our super smoothie cartons in Tesco, Sainsbury's and Waitrose now.
Pumpkins – good for Halloween, good for Disney princess transportation and good for drinking in smoothie form.
When growing your own carrots goes horribly wrong.
RT @Hanseeeie My favourite is Pat Benatar: "Hit me with your pet shark! Why don't you hit me with your pet shark?!" #misheardsonglyrics
Brilliant. Listen to the Eric Carmen version, not Celine RT @MeganESnell: "Obama's elf" #AllByMyself #misheardsonglyrics
@innocentdrinks George Michael sounds pretty thirsty. "WAKE ME UP, before your cocoa" #misheardsonglyrics
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Are those not the lyrics? RT @graphicks_laura "I'm so fancy, can't you taste these scones" Iggy Azalea & Charli XCX #misheardsonglyrics