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innocent drinks
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You've got to hand it to our Lucy - she knows how to bake a very fine looking cake indeed.
A delicious blend of crushed fruit, veg, botanicals and vitamins, all designed to give you a bit of an energy
Our Energise super smoothie. Walk to the shops to buy one, drink it, then sprint home.
Artist Andy Yoder has created a globe entirely of matchsticks.
To all those doing vertical and horizontal marathons today, we salute you.
If you're running a marathon today, we salute you. If you're going to stay in and eat crumpets, we salute you too.
For those running the marathon, here's a rough idea of what to expect
If you're running the Marathon today, we salute you. If you're not doing anything active today, we salute you too.
3 favourite pastimes of the brown bear - hunting, sleeping & admiring their nails after a much needed manicure.
#dadjoke I remember the first time I saw a universal remote controller. I thought to myself "well, this changes everything."
You can grab our juice on buy one get one free in @waitrose right now. Fill your boots.
if @innocentdrinks #SuperSmoothies had capes... they would practically be the Marvel Avengers or the Justice League!
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"How are you?" "Good thanks, and you?" "Yeah, good thanks. Can't complain."
@innocentdrinks I once discovered the worlds flattest banana. Tweet worthy, I'm sure you'll agree.
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Here's the world's smallest banana next to a computer mouse (other mouse makers are available).
We're now in possession of (probably) the world's smallest banana. Here it is next to a regular sized banana
It's hard to argue with logic like this.