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innocent drinks
The moment bread realises it's about to be toast.
#dadjoke Bought some Velcro the other day. Total rip off.
Google - helping you ask the questions that matter.
The lovely DMC have created some crochet designs for this year's @innocentdrinks Big Knit!…
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The Big Knit wouldn't happen without people like Marjorie. To her and all the other knitters out there, thank you so much.
81 year old Marjorie has knitted 80 little woolly hats for this year's Big Knit
Of all the Vines featuring Michelle Obama and a turnip, this one is the best
We’ve never seen a Facebook status update like this and we reckon you probably haven’t either. #WorldFoodDay
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Weather update: strange ball of warm light spotted in the sky. Good day to run outside, shed your clothes and worship it as a god.
Boys should have sold their jumper with a chest height camera to Google. 'Google Teat View' is an idea waiting to happen #TheApprentice
This week on #TheApprentice - wearable technology. This is definitely going to go well. Definitely. DEFINITELY.
Every character Johnny Depp has ever played represented by one man.
Potential Shoreditch pop up restaurant names: 1) T-shirts & Hotdogs 2) The Potato Experience 3) Poodle of Petticoat Lane #TheApprentice
The girl's treat is very....[wait for it]......[little bit more suspense]...[tiny bit more build up]...DECADENT #TheApprentice
In case you weren't aware, Sarah is the Project Manager #TheApprentice
What Sarah says: "I'm actually managing this whole task" What Sarah means: "I'm actually treading water until I'm fired." #TheApprentice
@innocentdrinks Did someone say smoothie? I really want one now for some reason!
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'Buy This T-Shirt'. Why have we never thought of that? Buy This Smoothie, everyone. Buy This Smoothie. #TheApprentice
There's no 'i' in team, but there's 5 in 'individual brilliance'. And 3 in 'I'm glad I don't work with these people' #TheApprentice
Sarah: "Most people will buy from females because females are more attractive to look at." We know who isn't our favourite #TheApprentice
Oh, Barry. If we've told you once, we've told you a thousand times...
How joining in with the innocent Big Knit helps @age_uk look after older people.
Politicians – done something dodgy? Ensure your scandal goes unnoticed by tweeting about it on the day Taylor Swift releases a new song
Yep, or that RT @GiantVeg: or a 158 pound nmmmarrow boat
Weather update: very, very wet. Don't even try leaving the house unless you have wellies, a wetsuit, a small dinghy and a submarine.
Yoda made out of origami, here is (by Ross Symons)
To be clear, we've never put snails or chipmunks in our smoothies. And we never will.
I have finally cracked. Last night, I had a dream that I found a snail and a chipmunk at the bottom of my @innocentdrinks smoothie.
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Turns out, Ariana Grande is not a type of coffee. That’s one Starbucks we’re never going to be able to show our face in again.
Delighted to announce the winner of our innocent #alphabetchampions competition is @squishblog. Congrats, Danni.
Twitter marketing works. It really, really works. RT @JDGEstateAgent: I've just bought Innocent orange. Does that count?
1. Buy innocent smoothie 2. Drink it 3. Feel great about yourself 4. Get out there and start living 5. Get cold 6. Go back inside
Work advice: instantly be taken more seriously by your colleagues and superiors by changing your email font to Comic Sans.
Realising Charlie & The Chocolate Factory is on 5 - brilliant. Realising it's the Johnny Depp version - devastating.
Well that's naked lawn bowls off then. Ruddy weather.
#dadjoke For a while I forgot how to throw a boomerang, but then it came back to me.