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Indy the Indie
Anyone playing Dungelot 2? Is it just me or does it take forever to get and level up anything useful? The F2P model could be much better.
2014 is going to be a big year for indie games. 100 to look forward to:… Not enough? 100 more:…
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Just published Elf Punt FULL FREE on Google Play. You can download and play it, for free!…
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The game @Gorogoa is a breath of fresh air in the gaming world. You can play a free demo at
The items are pretty cool though. It's hard to know which enemies are stronger. Would be great to see HP and DAM #'s
Death Tower is close to being awesome. Feels like it needs another month of development - the unlimited movement thing kills any strategy
Death Tower just came out on iOS, it's by the guy who did Gem Miner. Downloading now, will get back as to how it is
Currently playing Spell Siege on Android by @SideDishGames. They're a brother & sister game-dev combo…
Has anyone made a game where it's a bunch of pixels that morph into different shapes / scenarios? Like this #TREX…
Scale by @SteveSwink is looking awesome. Its kickstarter is off to a good start…
2 ways to win #freekeyfridays - Tweet @freekeyfridays your best name for the new steam controller, or enter...
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Congrats to @24CaretGames for their successful kickstarter for Neverending Nightmares!
If you like indie games please consider backing @IndieStatik's kickstarter to help keep them bringing us awesome news…
Just found a screenshot I took from Starseed Pilgrim and it brought back fond memories of playing the #game
Finally finished Gurk iii by @larvalabs. It's awesome and only gets better the more you play.
I can't get enough of this old-school RPG Gurk iii, it's on iPhone / Android…
This H.P. #Lovecraft inspired first person rogue-like looks awesome #indiegames
How many fake kickstarters does it take to get to the center of an Ouya?
Ballpoint Universe by @Arachnid_Games has such a cool visual style, and it's coming to the Wii U!
Free indie #games?! Follow @freekeyfridays for the goods
If you've just released a game or are going to in the near future tweet me the info! I need some good content to tweet about
Just played through Rymdkapsel. RIght when I was figuring out the gist of it it's over :( - Definitely worth a play
iOS device & firmware stats for 3 of my games.… Feel free to share with your frenemies
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