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Hearts Bleed Ink
Happy Friday friends. #sds #selfie #instagood #tgif
Great #quote don't you think? 😎
Good night beautiful world. 💖
When you try to be brave, you are already braver than you realize. - Debbie ❤. Made with @instaquoteapp #instaquote #writer #spilledthoughts #spilledink #inspiration #poetrycommunity
#Repost by @Soul_Twerker I'm in love with this. Wishing this wasn't so true and that more people understood the message being said. ❤
You have to be okay with some things not being for you. It wouldn't hurt so bad, if it was meant to be. . Made with @instaquoteapp #instaquote #poetry #spilledink #poetrycommunity #writer
I have literally NO words for this day. The one person I could count on at work is no longer here. Everything is falling on me and I just want to crawl in a ball and cry. . Made with @instaquoteapp #instaquote #spilledthoughts #truthfultuesday
Twitter. Providing evidence of the correlation between comedy and mental health issues since 2006.
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Oh my! I'm feeling this hard right now. Grrrr.... 😉
I'm not sure I can pick just one, but I absolutely love this one!! #aarpoetryjunegiveaway @aar_poetry241 💖💙❤
It's a fire rainbow that occurs very rarely. Such as amazing sight. I had to share.
Sometimes true love doesn’t fit the path that was set. Things change, people evolve, life keeps going. One day you might wake up and realize that you have to rewrite your own ending. That happily-ever-after isn’t with the person who you thought was meant to fill the spot, but it’s with the person wh
#truth #writer #writing
Be proud of yourself for how far you've come, instead of concentrating on how much you still have to accomplish. Stop focusing on all the pain you've been through and focus on all the joy you still have to experience. Your scars from the past should be worn proudly, for you should know just how muc
Gorgeous! #marilynmonroe #icon #classic #beauty #hollywood
You wouldn't know it from my smile. You wouldn't know it from how I carry myself. although I'm having tough times, I face the day with a smile knowing I got this and no one is going to bring me down.
Be someone's shelter through the rain. Be someone's friend through all the pain. Be the light amidst all the darkness. Give a hand when they need healing. Be kind without expectations and hard feelings. Life is not easy, why not make it a bit better by giving kindness where needed. ❤ - Debbie . M
Everyone has misfortunes but you must contain the pain and turn it into motivation #PrayFocusGrind
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I used to compare my life to others..Now I focus on chasing my dreams & use others as inspiration #PrayFocusGrind
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I am all my mistakes. I am all of my heart breaks. I am filled with promises made, promises broken. I am at my limit. My light is burning out. I can not allow myself to break again, for I fear that this time, this break will surely be my last. - Debbie . Made with @instaquoteapp #instaquote #poet #p
Gentle reminder. #inspiration
More party creations
My fun party creations. 😁
Keep your friends close, and your family closer.
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So breathtakingly. Had to share. Via tumblr by trampledrose. #beauty #painting #tumblr
Hell yeah!! ❤❤❤
Just filmed a video with these pretties 😋 MAC Wash & Dry collection! That packaging tho... I die 😲
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The 11 Most Empowering Body Positive Hashtags via @bustle
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💐 New Blog Post 💕 Swatches and Review of th@lagirlusasa Nudes Palette 🌷 👉🏼👉…/QtY1YM6SGB
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The bomb! When you help someone and they are excited & grateful about it. #RiseRegardless
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Streaming fitness classes give online training for fraction of gym membership… via
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14 ways to effective weight loss, body, Health News, AsiaOne YourHealth…
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nothing comes from judging. it's as dangerous and misleading as assuming.
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My latest article:10 Great Ways To Shop For Designer Fashion, At A Discount!… via @DivorcedMoms #shopping #designer
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"To love a person is to see all of their magic...and to remind them of it when they have forgotten."
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Let the light inside you shine bright, Illuminating the darkness outside - Which would otherwise consume you raw.....
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Shallow eyes and Shallow hearts Go hand and hand Like broken minds with broken parts......
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Life can be cruel when you're a dreamer
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At the end of the day, when it's all said and done…. I'm just a soul…. Searching for its mate.
All we yearn for is a touch, a smile, and a heart willing to love us; while we love back.
It was in the intense that our eyes met, that I knew this was my forever.
The heart bleeds emotions of different times and memories; captured by creativity and passion.
You should smile, cry, love, hurt, run, stay, or say hello; goodbye… Just never stop living.
Don't hesitate being YOU. It's the most unique and greatest thing YOU can be.
It's almost Friday!! 👏👏👏 #sds #selfie
I need you to understand, I don’t need saving not from anyone. What I desperately need is to be my own redemption. - Debbie . #spilledthoughts #spilledink #poetry #instapoet Made with @instaquoteapp #instaquote
I'm having one of those days where my pain level is super high and I feel responsible for absolutely everything. Oh and my wonderful Mom ruined my Mother's Day by being who she's always been: cruel. Oh and I guess my filter is gone and I don't care, hence this very emotional and angry post. - Debbi

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