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Imran Khan
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Merit is never a criteria with r trad political elite - instead nepotism reigns 2 preserve/further family power, kinship ties, friendships.
Democracy remains quasi-monarchical in nature in Pak with Parl seats & public offices handed down from father 2 children/siblings/relatives
Question is why the PM only take CM Punjab with him on official foreign visits? This only adds to sense of deprivation of other provinces.
Umar Cheema's report on how KPK police free from political interference…
Critical analysis of KPK police force by Javed Aziz Khan in Crime Diary The News p 4
KPK police performance being recognised nationally as professional & without political interference. All praise 4 CM & IG KP 4 ensuring this
Appreciate Reprieve's consistent anti drone campaign & now Fr artist JR's Inside-Out Movement's art campaign
PTI's sustained campaign against drone attacks gets increasing global support from UN to int artists. Latest is campaign #NotABugSplat.
To make matters worse such absurdities as babies named in criminal FIRs have also subjected our law enforcement to mockery internationally.
Punjab police's naming of a baby in a criminal FIR shows how politicisation of Punjab & Sindh police have made a mockery of crime control.
Gallup Pak's new survey shows 44% Pakistanis dissatisfied with current situation.BUT Satisfaction highest in KPK 57%.Clearly change visible.
Gallup Survey has proven PTI right. Want 2 congratulate KP govt 4 delivering 2 the ppl despite acute security threats.
Spoke about the Prophet's (PBUH) life as a beacon of inspiration. Also cited selflessness & dedication of Jinnah & Mandela amongst others.
Spoke at Leadership conference 2day. Said a ldr's vision must be centred on welfare of the ppl, the country & humanity - never on oneself.
Despite acute security situation KPK revenue has doubled under PTI-led government.
Congratulations Team Pakistan 4 win over Bangladesh. In T20 there's no such thing as a weak team.Fewer overs means more chances of an upset.
UN passes Res ag drones. Congratulations 2 all PTI workers who steadfastly opposed US use of drones as illegal under int law & human rights.
An indep & robust media essential 4 democracy. Our journalists must be protected esp those receiving threats. Govt's responsibility.
Shocked & saddened by attack on Raza Rumi & death of his driver. Govt must provide proper security & bring killers 2 justice.
Rustum Shah's article today The Seeds of Insurgency - 1 of the best so far in terms of grip on the subject
Congratulations Team Pakistan 4 a great win over Australia. Good luck 4 remaining matches. Play to win with no fear of defeat.
We are a nation rich in diversity, talent, resources.InshaAllah PTI will realise this potential with the support of the ppl esp youth of Pak
We need to create the awareness of r Founder's vision 4 Pakistan so r youth can finally realise the Pakistan ideal.
We must understand why we are where we are today & commit 2 restoring the ideal of Pakistan embodied in Iqbal's dream & the Quaid's vision.
2day we need 2 do serious introspection on the vision 4 Pakistan that brought Muslims of British India together & led 2 creation of Pakistan