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Imran Khan
Shameful attempt 2 silence Ary by a corrupt govt will not hide the truth abt corruption & injustice. Pemra's action arbitrary & unacceptable
2/2 If we don't protest we will keep paying for the Govt's corruption, incompetence & anti-ppl deals with IMF, through expensive electricity
Elec price hike again. Bijli aa nahi rahi, bill aa gaya hai! That is why I burnt my elec bill: 2 protest tariff hikes & over billing. 1/2
PTI has provided real opposition 4 6 1/2 yrs while PPP & PMLN have done Muk Muka. Anchors like Lucman also played an effective role of opp.
Mankind will never see an end of trouble until...Lovers of Wisdom come 2 hold pol power,or holders of power... become Lovers of Wisdom-Plato
Ban on Mubashar Lucman hurts democracy which needs independent investigative journalism 2 expose govt wrongdoings - a job Lucman excelled in
Today it is Interfaith Harmony Day at Azadi Chowk. We embrace r diversity which enriches us as one nation of Pakistan.
Nation has risen 4 Naya Pakistan - from Khi 2 Lhr(largest jalsa in Pak's history)2 Mianwali, Multan, Sargodha v r witnessing historic crowds
Sargodha came out with a resounding msg of Go Nawaz Go & next Friday Gujrat will send the same msg
2day,Thursday, we will celebrate Pakistan's youth - r vanguard 4 Naya Pakistan - at Azadi Chowk. I want all r youth 2 join us for Youth Day
Lord Macaulay's address to the British Parliament 1835 gives an insight into how people are subjugated.
Imran's mother said she had named her son after me. I am devastated at seeing the pain & fortitude of the families I visited today.
Visited another Multan stampede victim PTI tiger Imran's mother in Basti Jalil for fateha & condolence.
Allah Bakhsh insisted we donate the Rs 8 lakh compensation money to SKMTH.
At Park Gate 2 offer Fateha & condole with stampede vic PTI tiger Mahvia's father Allah Bakhsh.
Just left Qasim Bela after visiting family of Saleemullah 1 of the victims of Multan stampede, 4 fateha & condolence
Want 2 congratulate Malala on Nobel Peace Prize. Proud as Pakistani 4 her Nobel prize, esp 4 cause of Education which must b r nat priority.
Today 2nd Day of Eid at Azadi Chowk and junoon 4 Naya Pakistan strong as ever
NS's silence on 4 US drone attacks over Eid days is condemnable & shows total unconcern for Pakistan's security & sovereignty & int law.
Shocking how NS, because of personal interests, has failed to condemn unprovoked firing along LoC & Working Boundary killing 6 innocent ppl.
Those who oppress the weak & the dispossessed should remember Allah is RabulAlameen ... God of all human beings.
We must protect all our people and in Naya Pakistan we will all be one nation of Pakistanis as Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah envisioned.
Regularly getting reports of r minorities being blackmailed & oppressed, esp daily kidnappings of Hindus in Sindh. Absolutely unacceptable.
A view of Eid prayers in Azadi Chowk this morning - Pakistanis from all over came together as one.
With my nephews & brother-in-law after Eid prayers inside Azadi Bus
Today is a day to learn the spirit of sacrifice & conquer our fears as we build Naya Pak - One Pakistan for all citizens.
Eid Mubarak.May Allah keep everyone safe. I hope all who can will join us in Azadi Chowk 4 Eid, beg with Prayers 9am
Saddened by untimely death of my cousin Najeebullah Khan Niazi. Unfortunately I was unable 2 attend Janaza in Mianwali bec of Azadi dharna.
2/2 Mubashar Lucman will do a live 2 hour special prog on Eid from Azadi Square & we will have special progs 4 women & children.
We want everyone, esp families to join us in Azadi square to celebrate Eid as one nation. Eid prayers at 9 am;Qurbani 9.30 am; 1/2
Eid Mubarak to all Muslim celebrating Eid today. Our prayers for so many Muslims suffering in war zones.
To mark 50 days of our Azadi dharna, some Insafians brought this cake to Azadi Bus on Friday.
On Hajj we commemorate the spirit of supreme sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim AS. This sacrifice must b an integral part of our Being as Muslims
Today is Hajj a day when all Muslims stand together as one in humility & submission before Allah.
1st time women came in such large nos 2 a Mianwali jalsa. 1 of PTI tsunamis' major benefits 2 Pak is creating pol awakening in women & youth
2day Mianwali was a historic dharna - largest in its history.Women also came out in large numbers.Overwhelming junoon
Every Pakistani shd register in Azadi Razakar Prog by typing Azadi & sending as SMS on 80022.
6 pt Azadi msg which each one must pass on to 10 other ppl explaining why every1 must stand up 4 their rights.