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Imran Khan
Have challenged Nawaz Sharif to declare his and his family's assets if there is nothing to hide.
Visiting Chiniot flood relief centre earlier this afternoon.
Earlier 2day in Jhang on visit 2 assess flood damage & relief being done by IKF as well as what still needs 2 be done
Earlier pic of my intervention in unlawful arrests by police of r workers at Azadi dharna.
15 buses of Punjab police outside my house at 4 am. N govr's panicked & fascist tactics against us.
Link to video of my intervention in police's wrongful arrests of PTI workers…
Another pic of my arrival on scene as workers being picked up from Azadi dharna without any legal cause. N tyranny
Caught police randomly arresting r workers without lawful cause so confronted them & got r workers released.
8 yr old Shahzeb braved obstacles & came alone 2 Azadi Dharna,Saturday. From the young 2 the old, nation has awakened
The more the govt targets us, the more the public joins our cause as proven by huge crowd today on Day 31 of dharna.
I will always stand firm against tyranny & for justice. I will never let my people down as they fight for Naya Pakistan.
Cowardice & lawlessness shown by govt & police against PTI workers/office bearers is an admission of defeat. Victory belongs 2 r brave ppl.
Govt brazenly flouting IHC order for all containers to be removed in Islamabad. Where is rule of law as govt defies Court orders?
R workers should avoid staying home as police is picking up PTI workers from their homes. Govt in a state of panic & fears its own citizens.
Shouldn't the independent judiciary be ensuring protection of the citizens & their democratic right to peaceful protest?
Under what law is police arresting r workers who have been peaceful throughout? Arresting DJ Butt bec he did r music/lights is N's tyranny
Friday's massive crowd despite unlawful arrests of workers & D J Butt. Govt's terror tactics will not deter us.
We r committed 2 making our children's future better & full of hope incl 4 our Special Children. #OnAzadiBus
Remembering Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah on his death anniversary. His vision for Pakistan is our guide today for Naya Pakistan.
Day 28 on Azadi Bus & passion of people growing ever stronger. Change has arrived with a National Awakening.
Day 28 on Azadi Bus & the passion of the people shows change has arrived in the form of a National Awakening.
Nations without a vision die. Pakistani nation has a vision & they have shown their commitment to realise it. #Azadi dharna
2nd camp I visited in the Sialkot area to survey thew damage & see how to bolster the work already being done by IKF
At Sialkot flood-affectees camp & glad to see IKF working on the ground providing emergency food & shelter.
At the flood-affectees camp Sialkot. IKF is on the ground working to provide emergency food & shelter.
Day 26 of Azadi dharna and the passion for change stronger than ever.
24 days of Azadi March/dharna and crowds growing stronger. Passion 4 Insaf also increasing.
Condemn killing of Ali Akbar Komaili in Khi today. There will be no place for hate mongers in Naya Pakistan. We are all one.
Today we salute all our brave soldiers who defend our country and lay down their lives for it with unquestioning faith and conviction.
Azadi Chowk Friday night: Crowds keep swelling despite rain and roadblocks, to fight for insaf & Naya Pakistan.
Rainbow in the sky above the Azadi Bus yesterday late afternoon.
The passion is alive in r ppl for change & for justice.
The fervour of ppl 4 Naya Pakistan continues to invigorate our commitment for Azadi. We must empower r ppl to carve their own destiny.
From the ruins of a decadent and degenerate Pakistan, I am witnessing the emergence of a new nation - .Naya Pakistan.
Isb Admin has reported that 10k gas shells, 1k chemical gas, 5k rubber bullets used by police. Shameful.
Have just rescued KP PTI MPA Iftikhar Mashwani from illegal detention 4 3 days in Sectt Thana.This fascism of N Govt which v will not accept
PTI did not attack PTV and we totally disown this action. It damages our cause. We have always been peaceful & unarmed.
If those responsible 4 police brutality on Constitution Ave are not punished, ppl of Pak shd expect more fascist govt violence against them.
Had those responsible 4 Model Town been punished, attacks by police in Isl against unarmed ppl & media wld not have happened. 1/2
Dr.Haroon PIMS ICU ER. Consultant's info: 83 critical,92 minor wounds,18 kids below 5 yrs. Lethal tear gas with severe lung injury. 3 dead.
Dr.Haroon PIMS ICU.ER. Consultant's info:500 + vics brought to PIMS & Polyclinic. 43 have firearm injuries, hit by METAL NOT RUBBER BULLETS
Pakistanis shd protest against state terrorism and as many people as can should get to Azadi sq as soon as possible.
Meeting our workers on Constitution Ave this morning:…
My video msg for all democracy-loving Pakistanis
My video message. I want all democracy-loving Pakistanis to come to Azadi Chowk & fight forces of fascism.…
The bullet shell and tear gas cell just fired on Azadi Bus.