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Moises Arias
You know you're doin it right when multiple females tell you they would rock your outfit.
It seems people don't want to hear shit you say. Conversations are currently the furthest thing from communication, straight mechanical.
I've been saving this one @haileybaldwin (Dir. by Kenya)
Everyone has a happy place.
STOP!!! A deep awareness of oneness. Perceiving body, mind, senses and surroundings, yet remaining unidentified with it. Look and listen...
Yo... Bautista killed it too
Chris Platt is iconic, Zoë Saldana is the baddest joint out.
I don't know why I never shared this with the world but, Guardians of the Galaxy is the greatest film ever.
I am distraught (off the menu).
@ImNotMoises I have the book you were reading at Gratitude Cafe 🌞�
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I majored in Trillanometry.
My pinky rang be dangalang.
Don't believe everything you think.
MVP “@jordynwoods: I just played he most intense game of soccer”
YAY! I'd like to thank all my unfollowers for the best Follower to Following ratio. I woke up like this!
I just wanna watch movies. Good night, 8:49am.
Roots, Rock, Reggae.
My girls' gotta city to run. New Dorp, New York.
Express it, it evaporates.
Why are you so afraid?
Why am I so scared?
You are formally invited to celebrate Syre's 16th. -1867
The more intelligent you are the more uncertain you will be.
Girls pee pee when they see me
Que hermosura de juego, mariiiica, los amo parceros. COLOMBIA
Colombia*, I still love you though… It's all lower case cuz depression “@haileybaldwin: @ImNotMoises I STILL LOVE COLUMBIA AND I LOVE YOU!”
She asked me if I do this every day I said…
Nouns are more attractive when shared.