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Leslie Chow
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If you don't have an ugly person in your group of friends, it's probably you.
Marriage: because if you love them why not get the law involved
If your girl loves 1D better make sure it's yours
can we restart summer?
Grandma: Take those pictures of me off your Facebook. People can use it to get into my bank account.
You never see a Fast Food restaurant under construction. They just show up, ready for business.
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Parent's be like. . . R.I.P i just killed your plans
before running: LET'S DO THIS during running: i hate my life, my legs hurt and i can't breathe and i have 2 miles to go and this song sucks
Even if I'm not tweeting.. I'm always here. A l w a y s Scrolling. Judging. Judging. Scrolling. That's right I see everything
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*picks the hottest cashier at the grocery store*
North West: Daddy, what are you famous for? Kanye: Rapping. North West: Mummy, what are you famous for? *awkward silence*
if only we could hang gifs instead of posters on our walls
I feel bad for every person who isn't dating me
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S hrd y lk s wth ccnts
Mom:Can you.. Me:*groans for 17 hours*
"Would you like a bag?" "Oh, No thanks, I'll just carry these 20 items on my f*cking' head"
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Ghost hunters: Can you communicate with us? *door creeks* Ghost hunters: Oh so your name is William...
I'm not fat. My stomach is 3D.
Reasons Why Taylor Swift is Worse Than Miley Cyrus
Ever want to click on someone's Facebook status and fix all the spelling and grammatical errors for them?