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I. Marlene King
This is my secret listening tree. It has remained steady and strong for me since I was 12. I'm happy to share it with you.
So proud of my friend Glen Morgan. Check out "Intruders" on BBC. I know you wanna watch tv with the lights off.
Yep. Way to go Glen! Intruders Premiere Ratings… via @Variety
Thank you Kristine, our Up North neighbor and fellow PLL mom/fangirl.
Here we go. The ride doesn't stop now. Enjoy. Please remember, I love you.
We jump time bits occasionally. It's your turn to catch up Ezrians. #askMar #FatalFinale
Is that decoding program military? #askMar #FatalFinale
Happy almost turkey day twoodles. #askMar #FatalFinale
We're back. Pay attention to every detail.
Fave Spoby scene is coming up in this episode. U will know it when u see it. @SpencerTheHBIC #AskMar #FatalFinale
That's hard. So far it's the very last season of this episode? @vuelv3rbd #askMar #FatalFinale
I'll answer ur questions during the break. #askMar #FatalFinale
In honor of tonight's #fatalfinale.
Grab a friend, your mom, your daughter, your sister, your brother, your dad, your dog, your cat, your blankie. You will need someone to hold tonight. #PrettyLittleFinale
"Read her boobs. The girl loves Christmas." It's not all murder and mayhem tomorrow night.
WTF?! Find out tomorrow. #FatalFinale
PreSunsetSation. #michigan
Thanks for waiting for us mister sun. #MichiganSunset
Reading for pleasure. #Pleasurable
On our way to our happy place.