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Honestly, there is no point in even trying to make jokes to my sister 😂 meanwhile.. Still stuck in
Stuck in airport. Sent selfie to my sister faking my enthusiasm. Thought I looked like @skrillex. Posted to instagram. Still stuck in airport. BORED TIRED HUNGRY ALSO LISTENING TO SKRILLEX HALP
Here’s a quick demo of @instagram’s new #hyperlapse app! Who has it already?!
What are the kids these days using to make their GIFs? 👵
Those looking for @instagram’s hyperlapse in the App Store.. Here’s the link :)
Sunset #hyperlapse :)
Testing out @instagram’s new hyperlapse app.. It’s pretty awesome! #hyperlapse
Testing out @instagram's new Hyperlapse app. OMG. It's so smooth! #hyperlapse
.@ijustine - without trying, @breanneezarik is a modern poet speaking to the anxieties of the techno-rattled masses. Or she's just lazy.
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Seeing everyone’s first and second day back to school pictures.. Good luck :)
“I… don’t even know how to tweet. I only retweet because I just have to hit the recycle arrows button” - @breanneezarik
Psst…some big #tech news is coming. Want to know what it is? Stay tuned until 8/29 for our big #PAXPrime announcement!
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Do I need a Groot mask?
In case you were doubting whether California was really in #drought: pics from NASA of CA's Folsom Lake.
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Having such a fun time in the sun! @jennaezarik @jennaezarik
What’s happening at the #VMAs?! Oops I’m at the casino. 140 char update PLZ!
thank you so much💖@ijustinee you are the most beautiful and sweetest person! meeting you today meant so much to
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Congrats to @KevinSpacey, friend of @SHGames & star of #AdvancedWarfare, on the HOC Emmy noms. Good luck tomorrow!
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Sneaks, beach, ❤️ @KennethColePRD