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7 Things To Know About Lennon Lacy’s Mysterious Hanging Death (LIST) | @GlobalGrind…
The absence of disease is not health: Our harmful pursuit of mediocrity by @shawnachor via @TEDTalks
RT @TheWrap: #Greys Star @iJesseWilliams Blasts Police Over 'Plantation Vibe' at #FergusonOctober Protests
Thrilled that @iJesseWilliams is part of his first Voices show. Joining us Nov 13 in LA:… #HowardZinn
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The most insane 4 minutes you'll ever see at a political debate just happened in Florida
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To be "...under the control of law, though unprotected by law." Another must read by @tanehisicoates… #ContextMatters
What's on the list of infractions punishable by immediate public execution? #ArrestDarrenWilson If he can't trust the system, why should we?
Good call bud. RT @CruzIncRadio: @iJesseWilliams Bears will upset the 49ers...Bears will win by a touchdown.
My #ChicagoBears win, check. #Niners tonight? You think it'll be close tonight on #MNF?
They ask me what I do and who I do it for. @democracynow Employ the rules that you invented. #FergusonOctober
Hope the class was stimulating. RT @MorganMann9: Still can't believe @iJesseWilliams was on my campus last night
Americans are furious about looting, devastating violence & rampant spread of disease. #Sometimes #HappyIndigenousPeoplesDay #NeverForget
RT @got_privilege: Thanks to @iJesseWilliams for reminding us that we need clear &specific demands in the struggle.
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#OccupySLU @SLMPD Chief, I am going to bed now. I do not want to wake up to lies about rocks and arrests. Send your thugs to bed as well.
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An amusing observation. St. Louis University can be peacefully occupied but Quicktrip shall not be breached #occupyslu #FergusonOctober
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#Ferguson #FergusonOctober #OccupySLU Student to campus security guard "I am a student here. This is my ID and these are my guests."
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This is a night I will never forget. So glad I got to stand with all of these INCREDIBLE people. #OccupySLU
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RT @FaithUnedited: Security guard warns "These kids are trying to get an education." Protestor: "This is an education." #shaw to #OccupySLU
A man sworn to protect & serve, shot an unarmed teen 6 times from a distance w/ witnesses & every gesture is being made not to charge him.
Incredibly proud of the progress before me tonight. Hard working, young people full of love & pain on a move. #FergusonOctober
Thanks to @iJesseWilliams for reminding us that we need clear &specific demands in the struggle. #hiphop4justice
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Me and @iJesseWilliams yesterday standing for Michael Brown and human rights at the Ferguson Police Department.
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Our special #FergusonOctober @QuestionBridge installation is now up! #TheWelcomeCenter 4136 N Grand Ave. Come thru today. Open late.
this is a two way street. Ferguson, MO Oct 11, 2014
I'm outside RT @BrielleBright: Literally snuggling w Katie and watching greys while @iJesseWilliams is literally in stl down the mf road
@iJesseWilliams you inspire me not to sit on the sideline and that actions speak louder that words, thank you very much.
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RT @colocha_rachel: @OBS_StL meeting. Wmn identifying as "concerned mom" sitting next to understated @iJesseWilliams
I'm here at the mtg for OBS and @iJesseWilliams is here :) So cool. Thanks for coming to STL. #FergusonOctober
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If me putting my hands up was a form of surrender, I'd be at home, online, criticizing those trying to be seen & heard as people. - @TefPoe
At #STLPD Headquarters, responsible for 2 murders in last month. #CaryBallJr. #21Shots
Supporting questionbridge hankwillisthomas and @iJesseWilliams from afar by wearing this to work…
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En route to #FergusonOctober #WeekendofResistance
Family, including pregnant mom & young girls, have steak dinner, suddenly start tripping balls. #Scary #NeedInterview…
#GenuineQuestion: How exactly is Ebola funny? If the 4,000 dead were American or blond, would that be a joke?
Can't be in #Ferguson? We need you on Twitter. Join the #FergusonOctober Twitter Storm ALL DAY today.
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Hard numbers: Young black males 21 times more likely to be shot dead by cops than young whites.…