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We just went to jail, further examining ways to keep you out. #RespectDue for the incredible work being done by #ScottBudnick & @SonsAndBrothers, impacting lives & public policy thru direct action & education. @EBILASD @Adv_Project
Other major award shows should take note of the social good, everyman, inspirational journey element that @ESPYS includes. #YouCanDoBoth
Truly proud of @StuartScott and the rest of you fighting back. #NeverGiveUp @ESPYS
Linens and things, I begin things. @ESPYS
Kids are so confused right now @ESPYS "Mommy what's a side piece?"
RT @elirombar87: My friend & me were in a pub & @iJesseWilliams was here!!! Please come tonight! Love you
Florida Legislature Uses Battered Wife’s Story to Expand Deadly Stand Your Ground Law by @Farmer8J @adv_project
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Our @ESPN_FirstTake episode seems to be replaying in a few mins on #ESPN2. If ur into that sorta thing. #NotSureWhatMinute
Who's got the answers Sway?! RT @EugeneeDelx3: @iJesseWilliams I'm mad that i missed ur segment on @ESPN_FirstTake, where can i watch it!?
Thanks RT @Jr_rene: I think ima start watching your show @iJesseWilliams. Inspiring words this morning! Hope @QuestionBridge succeeds!
@iJesseWilliams Just spent the last half hour reading up on Question Bridge. I'm Asian, but the content + medium got my attention, for sure.
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Go the f*ck to sleep RT @mackinleysienna: @iJesseWilliams it's nearly 2am and i'm awake tweeting you, tweet me back mANNN
The Dr. Will see u now RT @TheRealPodVader: Hey @iJesseWilliams, need to bring back Dr. PPR for preseason 06010 @NateRavitz @MatthewBerryTMR
Probably not RT @Vin_Triv22: @iJesseWilliams were u chewing tobacco during first take today? Lolol
RT @BoomStick912: @iJesseWilliams's segment on @ESPN_FirstTake talking about @QuestionBridge definitely grabbed my attention!!! #RESPECT
@iJesseWilliams Have an extreme amount of respect for every word you just said on #FirstTake. That was very impressive & powerful! #INSPIRED
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