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The Idle Mind
Charters, identity and literature: discussions while visiting at the offices of the Royal African Society, UK, today.
Political Analysts. Squad.
#Repost @mrboro ・・・ New companion, Death In The Dawn by @ayosogunro. Eez no easy to be a padi of a writer...autographed something 😜🙌 #AfricanLiterature #africansonfire
Holiday moments...
#Repost @imadmes ・・・ My weekend read: Everything in #Nigeria is Going to Kill You (by Ayo Sogunro)
Greenwich Village earlier, with some very good people. Thanks, Unc T and Boro.
Hats. I think hats are going to be my new bad habit.
Midnight. With the usual suspects. Anthony Davis, @bisialimi and @forakin. #SomewhereinLondon
Vintage Garden Party style. A fine Sunday evening at London Bridge. #AnthonyDavis40thBirthday #ErnestandYoung #BisiAlimi
#Repost @bisialimi ・・・ What an honour to have @ayosogunro on #BisiAlimiiConversation today. Great guy, great view and great future. Yours is a story that #inspire, #motivate and #encourage
Seems cool enough to share. #DialArch #RoyalArsenalRiverside #Woolwich #HolidayPhotos
NAACP leader #RachelDolezal is accused of falsely portraying herself as African-American:…
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Cheers to you Nigeria! Here's drinking to your successful rejuvenation under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari. To paraphrase the President, we have an opportunity to shake things up, let's use it!
The smart way to get to work in style. #FuelScarcity #GallonFashion
#Repost @zaynabtyty ・・・ What better time to read this book by @ayosogunro than when #election is just hours away? This book was very fantastic, i enjoyed every article on it. After my dad read this book, he said "Nigeria is a Nation where the worst scenario never materialises and the best possibil
The only fences you see are of your own making. You can vote for your candidate without being partisan, fundamentalist or violent. The big picture is our common good, not the enthronement of any political party or politician. Time heals all electoral losses, but time cannot heal the wounds of electo
Here's pocket #poetry to keep you company as you warm up for Saturday's elections. #NigeriaDecides
Selfie with my "baby" sister. Who had to cut her hair and wear a shapeless shirt. Because she now studies in a boarding school. Then, later, she will be informed that, as a citizen of Nigeria, she is guaranteed a fundamental right of expression. And like lots of democratically self-aware Nigerians
Read both? What's your preference: my fiction or non-fiction? My future may depend on your response. 😆
This is one of those Questions for the Gods! RT @IamAyomiDotun: I can't even remember again... Why did @ayosogunro retire #IdleMindset blog?
@SheCrownLita is bae, boo, bee, baa, etc, etc.
"Everything in Nigeria is Going to Kill You" by Ayo Sogunro is now available in Lagos bookstores: Quintessence, TerraKulture, Patabah as well as online retailer:
Because you don't care...
There's more to being an author than just the writing.... My new book "Everything in Nigeria is Going to Kill You" launches next week and we are keeping a keen eye on the printers. We have to judge the book by its cover so that you don't have to. 😓 One more thing: my publisher, Shecrownlita Scribbl
#Repost @shecrownlita ・・・ Happy Birthday my significant other, my ride or die nigga, number one beliver and supporter of my dreams... Welcome to a new decade.. This is to many more books you will write and to ones you have written.. 🎂🎁🍷🍻🍷🍻🍻. I love you to Mars and back Ayo Sogunro
#Repost from @aaaborode with @repostapp — When work decides to be boring...I get my swag on with @ayosogunro's #SorryTales
Another @ayosogunro and @SheCrownLita faffing around moment...
This is our Nigeria today. Most Nigerians don't care about the events in the North East of the country. Of course, we sympathize with the victims. But, frankly, we have bigger things to worry about--like promotions, paying the bills, and the 2015 elections. This apathy is why we have not downed to
I hardly publicise praise of my work (except, of course, the twitter retweets), but these compliments from fellow--and more established--writers really gave me a warm glow. It's one thing for family and friends to tell me I write well, but it's a different level when strangers, who are also writers
How I explore my feminine side...
I see people doing wow at Ayo's piece. Guess you people weren't reading Idlemindset back then. Awon writer to gbayi.
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This portable fan and rechargeable lamp gizmo serves, in principle, the same function as aToyota Landcruiser owned by a Nigerian banker. They both offer temporary individual solutions to a permanent communal problem.
From above, you can't see the bad roads and the floods. Unless you've got a better camera.
On the positive side, Lagos traffic is an opportunity to take in the scenery.
These didn't just pop up from an ATM. They'd been saved by my colleague for some three years... ... as potential church offerings.
World first as 'telepathic' messages sent from brain to brain over Internet via @YahooNewsDigest.
Meanwhile, stay safe. Ebola has no cure, yet.
One fine Saturday afternoon in Lagos...
Coming Up... This Sunday

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