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Chad Lowe
Next the Vikings will release a statement saying Adrian Peterson's 4-yr old son is sorry for any role he had in the incident. #moneytrumps
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@richvasmc: @CNNOpinion @melrobbins sorry, I don't agree. A good open handed spanking is good for every kid once in a while.” Seriously?
#AdrianPeterson made his 4 yr old son strip naked, then stuffed leaves in his mouth & whipped him w/ a stick. But hey, we gotta win on Sun!
Why the outrage at @UrbanOutfitters… beside the fact that they steal from artists.
Please tell me you don't still shop at @UrbanOutfitters?
@ikimlowe: Let's do this!!! Go Niners! Only thing missing is my @ichadlowe Soon, baby!!!” Wish I coulda been there
Let's roar #Bengals! Go get it big man @BigWhit77_fndn !!
Scott Fujita: There are systemic issues in the league that are much bigger than Roger Goodell. To me that video tape was a game changer.
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"Look mom, a big airplane! In the sky!" "where do you think its going, Fiona?"(Pause). "Well, to the AIRPORT, mom!" Smart-ass 21 month old.
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Not sure which is worse, #Buckeyes losing last week to VT at home or beating Kent St today 66-0.
@Therealejgold: @BonzoBeckett So the Misogyny stuff, how did that manifest itself?" Miss a tackle & you played like a "fucking girl".
I love football. But, when I played Pop Warner as a 12 yr old, the grown men who coached me were vile, misogynistic, assholes.
I have been weeping w/ laughter at this for hours. @ichadlowe Star Wars Minus Williams - Throne Room: via @YouTube
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Let me get this straight, Roger #Goodell gets to hand pick the "independent committee" that will investigate himself? Spinal Tap anyone?
!@kech99 a small token of my appreciation! There's no way I can sufficiently thank the #Bones family for their support and hard work!
While asking Goodell if he saw the video or not, ask the prosecutor, Jim McClain, who did see it, why he cut a deal
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My spelling is so bad even autocorrect has no idea what I'm trying to spell.
APOCALYPSE NOW (1979) Director of Photography: Vittorio Storaro | Director: Francis Ford Coppola
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VIDEO: Chris Berman tries to discuss Ray Rice with Trent Dilfer, and boy howdy that was a bad idea
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Chris #Berman and Trent Dilfer praised the NFL and the Ravens on the handling of the Ray Rice situation. Seriously, I'm not kidding.
Somebody is always on a potty, somebody is always wearing a fancy hat, & football is ALWAYS on. #sundaysattheLowes
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"Remember, Ray Rice was not cut because they saw that video. He is cut because you saw that video."
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Let's not forget this gem from the Baltimore Ravens re; #RayRice
Not to take attention away from Ray Rice, but Goodell and his suits saw the elevator video in July. They need to be held accountable as well
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Had fun commiserating with @ichadlowe on the set of Bones about how hard it is being the hot brother.
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Just found @PierceBrosnan here on the twitter. One of the greats! And a true gentleman. #FF
.“@HuffPostTV: Chris Pratt's first pitch at the Cubs game proves he can do no wrong” Besides rooting for the Cubs.
OUR HOUSE is saddened and joins friend and ambassador Melissa @MelRivers and her family as they mourn their beloved matriarch @JoanRivers
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Fifty years ago today, the Beatles came to Philly. My mom was a teen but determined to interview them. So she did.
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Sunset over Lake Michigan August 7th. The silhouette of Chicago inside the sun.
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@kestonjohn: Wrapped for the day. Be back soon. #bones” Great job today!
Centerplate's Des Hague should face tougher consequences for dog abuse scandal
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