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Chad Lowe
ICYMI: #Bengals to present check in excess of $1 million to @CincyChildrens on Nov. 6. Great story: #StillStrong
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Local Starbucks playing @lucyhale's "Nervous Girl"! I feel a deep sense of TV dad pride!
You sir @Dev_Still71 are true hero, not for what you do on Sundays, but for what you do everyday! #StillStrong #LeahStrong
.β€œ@Dev_Still71: Pre-surgery pep talk. I might be nervous and scared beyond words but I'll never let her see” Prayers!
Much love to the cast, crew and fans of "Bones." I grew up with you guys.
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!@kech99 I'm the lucky one! So happy we finally get to work together! Now let's all get ready for the #BonesPremiere tonight!
Happy Birthday @RealMatthewLowe !! Miss you and love you so much!!
I must have missed the press release where the @nfl bought @espn #FreeSimmons
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The Real Reason We Are Bombing Syria @HuffPostBlog @Dennis_Kucinich via @HuffPostPol Deja vu all over again...
Took Fiona to Mommy/Daddy & Me, Mabel to tap lessons. Tomorrow back directing at #Bones. #Blessed
VIDEO: ESPN's Ray Lewis on Ray Rice: "Some things you can cover up, and then there's some things you can't"
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#PeoplesClimate via @MotherJones: Next time someone says "no one gives a sh*t about climate change," show them this:
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The #PeoplesClimate March was the biggest climate action in history, with over 310,000 people in the streets of NYC !
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β€œ@ikimlowe: Yay @TimmyDaly This is awesome! Happy to be watching you on #MadamSecretary πŸ‘πŸ‘β€ Great work! Great show!
Rest in peace @EricTheActor. You will be missed...
Big win for @BigWhit77_fndn and the Bengals!! #WhoDey!!
I honestly believe that if I sit Tom Brady it will send a strong message to him about his play of late. #FantasyFootball
I think most NFL players-coaches-staff are hard-working, decent people
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β€œ@OnePerfectShot: THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY (1961) Director of Photography: Sven Nykvist | Director: Ingmar Bergman”4Joe
How is it that #RogerGoodell is still the commissioner of the #NFL? #RayRice #AdrianPeterson #etc
Guys, please check this out! Claire is amazing!! β€œ@clairewineland: I have my own @YouTube channel :) YEAH!…”
! @KevHooks a little Canadian bird mentioned that it's your birthday today... Happy, happy!
The NFL should lose its tax-exempt status, which it never should have had anyway:
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!β€œ@andylassner: Trump Entertainment Files for Bankruptcy…” #Trump2016!!
Congrats @RachaelEHarris & @christianhebel on your engagement! So happy for you guys!!
'Violence Is Violence': Adrian Peterson and the Science of Spanking…
Terrible move by the Vikings. Sunday afternoon was the only time we knew Adrian Peterson's kids were safe
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Hey @nfl if #AdrianPeterson plays this weekend, I'll refuse to watch any games & your advertisers won't have my attention. Who's with me?
Thank you @nest for your 2nd defective smoke alarm that terrorized my entire family last night at 3am! #FoolMeTwice #needanap
@ichadlowe @WilliamShatner I'm in for BOTNS. But you are right Chad, you don't want to go up against me....
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Hey @SethMacFarlane C H A A A A D L O O O O O W E...
Today the sun is passing within 600 feet of the Earth.
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Next the Vikings will release a statement saying Adrian Peterson's 4-yr old son is sorry for any role he had in the incident. #moneytrumps
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β€œ@richvasmc: @CNNOpinion @melrobbins sorry, I don't agree. A good open handed spanking is good for every kid once in a while.” Seriously?
#AdrianPeterson made his 4 yr old son strip naked, then stuffed leaves in his mouth & whipped him w/ a stick. But hey, we gotta win on Sun!
!β€œ@ikimlowe: β€œ@CNNOpinion: #spanking isn't parenting, it's child abuse, says @melrobbins” #AdrianPeterson
Why the outrage at @UrbanOutfitters… beside the fact that they steal from artists.
Please tell me you don't still shop at @UrbanOutfitters?
β€œ@ikimlowe: Let's do this!!! Go Niners! Only thing missing is my @ichadlowe Soon, baby!!!” Wish I coulda been there
Let's roar #Bengals! Go get it big man @BigWhit77_fndn !!
Scott Fujita: There are systemic issues in the league that are much bigger than Roger Goodell. To me that video tape was a game changer.
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"Look mom, a big airplane! In the sky!" "where do you think its going, Fiona?"(Pause). "Well, to the AIRPORT, mom!" Smart-ass 21 month old.
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Not sure which is worse, #Buckeyes losing last week to VT at home or beating Kent St today 66-0.
β€œ@Therealejgold: @BonzoBeckett So the Misogyny stuff, how did that manifest itself?" Miss a tackle & you played like a "fucking girl".
I love football. But, when I played Pop Warner as a 12 yr old, the grown men who coached me were vile, misogynistic, assholes.
I have been weeping w/ laughter at this for hours. @ichadlowe Star Wars Minus Williams - Throne Room: via @YouTube
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