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Freddie Benson on iCarly CAN DO this card trick! Can YOU?
RT if you see the word 'Gibby', but you read it as 'GIBBEHHHHHH'!
YES! @HenryDanger is online! You can DOWNLOAD it HERE:…
Guess what! Due to popular demand, TONIGHT (Sunday), the #HenryDanger movie will be on NICK at 7:00 PM!!!
this makes me feel powerful for some reason #HenryDanger
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Birthday muffins, pickles...we're getting hungry over here. #HenryDanger
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Chew gum... blow bubble... fight crime. #HenryDanger
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Currently watching the new Nickelodeon movie Henry Danger #HenryDanger
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You MUST put hashtag #HenryDanger in your question for @DanWarp! Here's how it will work:…
ALERT! #HenryDanger starts in 12 minutes! During the show, @DanWarp will be on Twitter & he'll ANSWER 100 of YOUR QUESTIONS #TheDangerBegins
Chat with us tonight during the PREMIERE of #HenryDanger! You can tweet along by using the hashtag #HenryDanger!
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TOMORROW NIGHT during the @HenryDanger movie, iCarly creator @DanWarp will be on Twitter, ANSWERING 100 of YOUR QUESTIONS!!! 8PM (7c)
So, #HenryDanger premieres TOMORROW on Nick. Wanna be 1 of the 1st 100 fans @HenryDanger follows? Tweet them #HenryDanger for a #Follow! #FF
Take the oath: I, (YOUR NAME HERE), pledge to NOT MISS Henry Danger THIS SATURDAY at 8. #4DaysTilDanger
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The DANGEROUS, jam-packed #HenryDanger is FINALLY here! Follow the official @HenryDanger Twitter for all the action!
DANGER!!! Make sure to watch @SamAndCat tonight @ 8 for an EPIC 1st sneak peek of the NEW @HenryDanger MOVIE!!! Are you #ReadyForDanger?
DANGER ALERT! Catch the 1st EVER sneak peek of the Nick MOVIE #HenryDanger during @SamAndCat #WeStealARockStar tomorrow night @ 8!!!
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Happy Gibbypendence Day!
It's #ThrowbackThursday! @iCarly & @Victorious marathon starts at 2pm on Nick! If you don't want to see Gibby shirtless, back out now.
Stock up on spaghetti tacos. Tomorrow is #ThrowbackThursday on @NickelodeonTV! Watch your fave iCarly episodes ALL DAY!
Wanna visit the set of my new show, Henry Danger?! Bid now and support a great cause! Click HERE to find out how! :)
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NEW @SamAndCat TONIGHT! Episode title = #Knockout Watching it will cause crazy laughter AND cure most infections :)
LOOK! Lots of cool new iCarly stuff HERE:
TONIGHT! It's an ALL NEW @SamAndCat with guest stars from #AllThat and #Zoey101! Watch at 8PM! :)
PICS! These are photos from the original cast of #AllThat!!! Can't believe it's been 20 years!…
PICS! These are some of my own photos from the original cast of #AllThat. Can't believe it's been 20 years!…
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TODAY is the 20th Anniversary of Nickelodeon's hit show ALL THAT! To find out how the show got started, CLICK HERE:…
THANK YOU, Tina Fey!!! One of the nicest compliments EVER.…
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TONIGHT! BRAND NEW @SamAndCat episode at 8PM! Title: #DroneBabyDrone Sneak peek here:
Here's a trivia question for ya about Jerry Trainor. What's "Jerry" short for? Gerard, Jerome or Gerald. ANSWER HERE:
Which cast member plays electronic dance music under the name NoxiK? ANSWER HERE:
Which iCarly cast member was discovered in a restaurant at 3 years old?! ANSWER HERE:
iCarly Trivia!! How many times has Danielle Morrow played crazy Nora Dershlit on Nickelodeon? ANSWER HERE:
Go behind the scenes of #SuperPsycho & watch @iCarly's Gibby, Nora and Nevel destroy the Sam & Cat theme song!
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Yahoo! the new @SamAndCat special episode #SuperPsycho is now on iTunes! Click HERE to download it!
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It all starts now, West Coast! #SuperPsycho followed by #KCA!
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The casts of Drake & Josh, Victorious, iCarly, and Kenan & Kel reunited to honor Dan Schneider! #KCA #SoGood
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CONGRATS to @DanWarp and the WHOLE CAST, CREW, and STAFF of #SAMandCAT!!!!
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We're RANDOM DANCING!!! Congrats to @DanWarp (Dan Schneider) for his Lifetime Achievement Award!!!! #BestTVShowsEver
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Man, what's with the creep-tastic selfies today?! #SuperPsycho STARTS NOW!!!
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